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The Wheel of Time (2021)

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Set in a high fantasy world where magic exists, but only some can access it, a woman named Moiraine crosses paths with five young men and women. This sparks a dangerous, world spanning journey. Based on the book series by Robert Jordan.

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Season 1

November 25, 2021Episode 4 The Dragon Reborn
November 18, 2021Episode 3 A Place of Safety
November 18, 2021Episode 2 Shadow's Waiting
November 18, 2021Episode 1 Leavetaking

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Top 20 (Ranked)

November 18, 2021star8.2 3373 votesS1E2 Shadow's Waiting
November 18, 2021star8.1 3045 votesS1E3 A Place of Safety
November 18, 2021star7.5 4375 votesS1E1 Leavetaking
December 9, 2021star0.0 0 votesS1E6 The Flame of Tar Valon
December 16, 2021star0.0 0 votesS1E7 The Dark Along the Ways
December 23, 2021star0.0 0 votesS1E8 The Eye of the World
November 25, 2021star0.0 0 votesS1E4 The Dragon Reborn
December 2, 2021star0.0 0 votesS1E5 Blood Calls Blood

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User Reviews

TxMike 20 November 2021

This came available streaming on Amazon this week. I watched the first three episodes, the only ones released so far.

From reading comments I learned that this show is based on (or inspired by) a set of books with a very avid fan base. I am not at all familiar with those so I just take the show for what I see. One student of the genre wrote an analysis and decided LOTR and GOT represent extremes and this show, WOT, fits somewhere between those two.

The main character is played by Rosamund Pike, I've seen her in other things and I like her. Here her character is described by some as a female Gandalf with magical, mystical powers. They are searching for someone about 20, to be the Dragon Reborn, who they think will repair their "broken" world.

Theirs looks like a Medieval type of world, people ride horses and their ammunition is arrows. Plus they fight with swords and axes. But it is a fictional world or maybe an alternate universe.

The scenery and cinematography are outstanding. At first I thought it might be New Zealand but it is in fact Eastern Europe. I've never been there but I wish I had. It is gorgeous.

While I enjoyed the viewing in truth this is not my favorite type of show. I enjoy the characters but I don't get into the mystical, fantastical parts of it. That and the story overall just don't interest me that much. I will likely continue to watch additional episodes as they are released but as a time-killer. More than anything I enjoy the visuals.

Tweetienator 21 November 2021

The massive amount of rates of 10s smells like fake. The Wheel of Time is a rather cheaply made, generic mess, a fast produced mass product. The dialogues are terrible, acting skills mostly rather questionable. All creativity and expertise looks like to be spend into the effort to pour all possible diversity into the cast. I do not know the books but the show is no recommendation to read them. Rosamund Pike deserved a better show.

digitalbeachbum 21 November 2021

The opening scene seals the deal for me, but the rest of the scenes are just as bad. Overacting, boring dialog. This is supposed to be an amazing set of books? What was lost in translation?

The cinematography is good. The casting seems OK. The show is slow and boring. I can't believe you spend so much time in the opening episode with sex and kissing. It takes 37 minutes before some action kicks in.

I don't find the story interesting. I don't like how they allowed magic to function. The creatures are cool. Trolloc's look like a minitour. There is this "One Power" phrase they keep using which is ambiguous. The characters are a mixed bag. Some actors are great at their part, others are bland.

qui_j 21 November 2021

This series suffers from poor acting, seriously terrible dialog and a script that is so bad, it needs to be shredded! It is yet another example of wasted money in the scramble to produce "content" for the streaming sites. All this does is result in "Digital Bloat"! Hopefully, the show is better than the books (never heard of them). The series is really terrible, so there's not much else to say about it!

nancyldraper 19 November 2021

This was a great series of books, that, in many ways, established a genre. I think it will be a great series, as well. It has the feel of an epic. Amazon has given it a healthy budget and Robert Jordan's canon is extensive. These first three episodes had to cover a great deal of ground in a very short amount of time but, unlike other commentators, I feel it was done successfully. The characters are engaging. The cast is excellent and their performances are solid. The venues outside of Prague are spectacularly beautiful. Now, we just have to wait for the series to drop episode by episode (my least favourite way to stream). If it keeps this up the ratings should just climb. I give these first three episodes an 8 (great) out of 10. {Fantasy Adventure}

aboalhyjaa 19 November 2021

I watched the first episode and that made me understand why Amazon streamed the first 3. Because obviously one episode is not enough for this kind of shows. But after watching the second and the third i cant say they're enough either.

The Wheel Of Time is a -book based- tv series with a slow pacing and a bit of drama, with a hurry to explore the world and to but 3 books only in 1 season, you might sometimes feel its a bit rushed, but its not.

Cinematography and soundtracks are amazing, not in the first episode though.

Hope to see better episodes that -as the readers of the books said- live up to the same potentials of the novels.

stevelomas-69401 20 November 2021

Can't rate it as a adaptation but I can say it's better than 'Letters to the King' or 'Smoke and Bone'. Having said there's over use of sometimes shoddy cgi and the clichés come thick and fast.

namstonk 21 November 2021

So a book series is deemed viable for TV because after all the book sales are fantastic, so why does TV keep changing virtually everything. Embarrassing acting and just crap, I'm sorry for fans of the books. Another failure but not as bad as Foundation.

svader 21 November 2021

Ms Pike surely cannot be hard up for business.

What is she doing in this dross?

So a bunch of people drink all day everyday . . .34 minutes of ep 1 before anything happens. Then all of the action is centred on Pike shifting the smoke about and destroying people's homes?

A bit of barble talking at the end and that's ep1 finished.

Must be me but one of the main characters needs to open his mouth as all I hear when he speaks is mumbling.

O hope it picks up and will give it a chance but if it is all like ep1 then it will be rubbish.

baunacholi-86159 22 November 2021

To the mother of all... The Lord of the rings, 1-3 and Hobbit 4-6: impeccable acting, stunning scenery, profound story, wonderful CGI, haunting score, to die for Orginal Songs, nuanced dialogues, exquisite costumes and flawless make up.

PS: 1 star for the landscape / scenery, there're very good.

efd-10467 20 November 2021

An attempt to put a big story onto the small screen, with great scenery but clumsy editing and dialogue. The women are smart (many beautiful) the men are all dumb fools. The bit that really Irritated ted me was the 'look' Rosamund Pike gives as she enters a scene, dialogue stops, all characters look at her, the stars arrived ! All a bit cliche.

TheVictoriousV 20 November 2021

Though I was extremely worried the Amazon adaptation of the Wheel of Time series -- now streaming in Ultra HD -- would prove far too rushed to do the size and scope of its world justice, it's about time we got a reimagining of something where very little needs to be changed to appease modish attitudes and political narratives. Was this so hard, guys? We finally have a situation where the social studies majors AND the metathesiophobic nerds get to be happy!

You don't need to change the characters' appearance for the mere sake of "diversity"; the world of the novels is already a varied realm, from the olive-complexion inhabitants of The Two Rivers, sans the likes of ginger Rand Al'Thor, to the Japan-inspired kingdom of Sheinar. You don't need to pretend that this was always a place where women are stronger than men and that the men who even attempt to use the One Power are caged and lobotomized; that's already the in-universe consequence of the Dark One's tainting of "saidin" (the "male half" of the True Source, which now turns its "channelers" insane). There's also the concept of "pillow friends", which I implore you to Google on your own.

The rest of my worries subsided when I began to see images. Just looking at a photograph of the Season 1 main cast, I could tell exactly who each one was supposed to be, and I could also pinpoint locations like Shadar Logoth. As someone who grew up with the PC game (an adaptation so obscure me and my brothers are likely its entire fanbase) and would later listen to the books, I was delighted. Fantasy experts know this series well, but modern viewers may not realize how much their J. K. Rowlings and George R. R. Martins owe to Robert Jordan.

Despite a few pacing issues and the sidelining of certain characters, the show works well for me so far and displays an adroit understanding of Jordan's world (there are about as many women crossing their arms as in the narrations of the books and even the soundtrack is reminiscent of Robert Berry's 2001 tribute album). Things like architecture and costuming are as awesome and intricate as in Jordan's text.

And again, I feel like there is actual thought behind the casting, even when it's actually "more diverse" than what was implied in the text. I always imagined the Whitecloaks as Aryan white supremacist types, but maybe I've been playing the PC game for too long. Anyhow, I feel like there is some modicum of love behind the project; a bit of pandering, but also love. I walk in the light with cautious optimism and am ready for more. I wonder if the FXX pilot is still canon.

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