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The Witcher (2019)

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Geralt of Rivia, a solitary monster hunter, struggles to find his place in a world where people often prove more wicked than beasts.

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Season 2

December 17, 2021Episode 8 TBA
December 17, 2021Episode 7 Voleth Meir
December 17, 2021Episode 6 Dear Friend
December 17, 2021Episode 5 Turn Your Back
December 17, 2021Episode 3 What Is Lost
December 17, 2021Episode 2 Kaer Morhen
December 17, 2021Episode 1 A Grain of Truth

Season 1

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Top 20 (Ranked)

December 20, 2019star8.9 16663 votesS1E8 Much More
December 20, 2019star8.7 17499 votesS1E3 Betrayer Moon
December 20, 2019star8.6 16035 votesS1E4 Of Banquets, Bastards and Burials
December 20, 2019star8.5 14534 votesS1E7 Before a Fall
December 20, 2019star8.4 21013 votesS1E1 The End's Beginning
December 20, 2019star8.4 14945 votesS1E5 Bottled Appetites
December 20, 2019star8.3 14757 votesS1E6 Rare Species
December 20, 2019star7.9 17842 votesS1E2 Four Marks
December 17, 2021star0.0 0 votesS2E7 Voleth Meir
December 17, 2021star0.0 0 votesS2E6 Dear Friend
December 17, 2021star0.0 0 votesS2E5 Turn Your Back
December 17, 2021star0.0 0 votesS2E4 Redanian Intelligence
December 17, 2021star0.0 0 votesS2E3 What Is Lost
December 17, 2021star0.0 0 votesS2E2 Kaer Morhen
December 17, 2021star0.0 0 votesS2E1 A Grain of Truth
December 17, 2021star0.0 0 votesS2E8 TBA

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User Reviews

tovart30 23 December 2019

The one real issue i have with the show is that it doesn't do a great job of distinguishing between current and flashback scenes.

tacotruk 20 December 2019

Now in no way is this show as bad as people thought it would nor is it as good as some of the other reviewers here think it is either. First of, Henry Cavill as Geralt is the best part of this show 100%. No doubt about that. The show is worth watching just for his portrayal. He really cares about the character and it shows. Pros: -Henry Cavill as Geralt. Can't say this enough. -The fight Choreography is just insane. GOT could have really used some of the insane fight sequences from the witcher series. -The Really amazing moments between Jaskier(Dandelion) and Geralt. They did Jaskier perfectly in my opinion. -Roach Cons: -Really bad casting choices like Triss,Foltest and the Driads. Also they butchered an entire portion from the books which was one of my favorite parts from the Last Wish actually. -Nilfgaard Armour. Like who in the right mind actually thought that it looked even remotely good. I wanted to skip the parts where they came up in the screens. -Very unfriendly to people not familiar with the books or games. This is a fan-service. Not entirely a con but you get the point. -DESTINY THIS DESTINY THAT. GOD STFU. I know destiny is a main focal point in the books but it was over done even there. I just got so tired of that word after watching for a while.

All in all its worth the watch if you're a fan of the Witcher games/books. I can't praise Henry enough for his performance though. Seriously.

sgtdetritus-76648 29 January 2020

Some context: I have read all the books and stories - love them, for having a good story and being different than other LOTR clones and I have read more than a few of those. I have played all the games - love them, not all equally but they are good taken in historical context. I have seen most Fantasy shows worth watching and some not worth watching, my interest Started with Hercules and Xena and have been watching ever since.

Now this show: The main problem is that it feels like a fan fiction without understanding the source material. I get it that they have to change to suit the TV format and redo the story a bit but the main thing that should not change is the fell of the story. There is too many WTF moments and bad acting. I am no stranger to bad acting and can usually ignore it for an entertaining story as I have done with the Hercules and Xena shows but this show is not entertaining either.

The bare bones of the Witcher universe is that the characters should act more or less like real people in a less then friendly world with many injustices and where the protagonists usually get screwed in some way, either by "destiny" or by other people that are being petty and cruel or sometimes they get unusually lucky but very rarely.

What made Geralt an interesting protagonist is still there to some extent so that aspect is fine. Geralt is essentially a knight errant constrained by a personal moral code that contradicts with the Witcher code, which produces some less than ideal situations for him.

However what made Yennefer interesting is now completely gone and what replaced her is an idiot instead of a mature and powerful sorceress, we get a petty child that is angry at the world she asked for.

Then there is the casting of this show that is done purely for political correctness to fill some diversity quota and ruin immersion. I care little if they are not the right color but when they suck at acting too then I will call it what it is: a diversity hire.

The writing is probably the weakest part of the show with modern colloquialisms and bad story telling, it is an attempt at a less linear story telling that ultimately fails and just confuses people because there are no markers and events to give you a hint of what story tread you are following.

The directors and show runners simply suck in most aspects and were also probably hired to fill a diversity quota instead of merit. Something to the effect of we need a woman to direct this instead of someone that understands the Witcher universe and what makes it unique. Bad is bad I don't care who you are, your work sucks.

The cinematography is weak and the production values suck, you have a party in medieval times that looks like a pretentious modern party with bricks partially exposed and cheap lighting. The best that can be said about the CGI is that they are equal to the Hercules and Xena CGI.

This show is objectively bad and I think people are defending it out of pure fandom for the other material.

imdbusernumba1 9 February 2020

A jumbled, incoherent and confusing mess of a show. We're dropped into the middle of a story with no context, back story or explanation of plot. The story randomly jumps timelines without warning and 5 episodes in I still have no clue who anyone is, what they're doing or why I should care. I was hoping to like it but as others have said it's basically a boring version of Xena with shiny Netflix production.

shreet-shreet 1 January 2020

I have played Witcher 3 and read some of the books, I'd say I love W3, they did an excellent job with the characters, the world and the overall writing, and the books are brilliant as well. Now coming to the show, starting with what I liked - Cavill's Geralt is absolutely spot on, he nails it. The production value is also decent and some of the side characters like Tissaia and Jaskier are done well. Fight scenes are top notch, Cavill brings the physicality to them that was required.

Now to the bad. Everything is rushed, the pacing is terrible and it's full of awkward timeline jumps that are done so badly that it will confuse even the avid fans of the series. Dialogue at some instances are horrific and the majority of the jokes did not land. The storytelling suffers because of the terrible pacing and the timeline jumps. There is no room for character development, if you do not already know these characters, the show doesn't make any efforts to make you relate to them or care for them(except for Geralt). Infact some of the character and their arcs are changed for the worse in the show. For example, in the books and in W3, Yennefer is sometimes arrogant but she's also genuinely intelligent and cares for people she loves. In the show she does nothing smart, we are just forced to believe that she's intelligent and she throws everyone around her in a dustbin. Yennefer's character segments are all either her whining about what she didn't get from life or acting smart(instead of doing anything smart). She's a complete fool in the show. Other characters like Calanthe, Vilgefortz and Eyck of Denesle are also portrayed horribly.

The casting is bad as well. Except for a few actors, none of them seemed like they belong in a Slavic/East European medieval fantasy setting. Beauty is subjective but some people look better than other in general, Triss looks nowhere near as good as she's supposed to, and infact the minor female character(Renfri) that we meet in the first episode looks better than almost the entirety of the rest of the major female cast whom we know are supposed to look beautiful.

And talking about Slavic roots, well, there doesn't seem to be any here. There is no hint of the Slavic folklore and culture present in the show. W3 did the adaptation of the folklore so brilliantly with all the different East European(and Scandinavian) dresses and costumes, the various folk monster/beast designs and lore, the stories and superstitions of the land, the little intricate details within the accents and the language and the different cultures, and the rituals and customs of the local people. These are the things that differentiated the witcher series from other medieval fantasy stories. There's none of that here. It feels like a generic 2019 superficially diversified medieval show with high fantasy elements. This ain't witcher.

To sum this up, it's not a straight up bad show, but a painfully mediocre one. Though if not for Cavill's brilliant portrayal of Geralt and the very obvious high production value of the show, maybe I would give this a 3. What they needed to do was to take it slow and do what they did in the first episode(which was the best of the season imo) i.e. Start with Geralt's adventures and stories and build up the main narrative(a shorter, more focused one than what this show had) towards a longer season of 13 or 24 episodes. That gives us more time with the characters, and gives the writers more room for exposition and world building,

SparkleeUnicorn 17 January 2020

I think this is my first review. This series is so bad I had to write one. I don't understand the good score. I have tried on 2 separate occasions to watch this show. Haven't even gotten past the 2nd episode because it is SO BORING. I played the games and enjoyed them so I really thought I would like this series. Henry Caville is gorgeous and a perfect cast for this role. That is the only redeeming quality and why I gave a 4 instead of a 1. Perhaps this show takes a long time to become interesting. But first you must entertain and grip people. Game of thrones started off slow too but you knew if you hung around it would get good. This, I cannot. The dialogue is also awful. You don't care for any of the characters. The story just starts.. doesn't lead into things correctly. The forced diversity... I mean do they think we are stupid? I honestly do not know who is doing these reviews.

ahmetkozan 20 December 2019

Production has an incredibly important place to shoot a series or film. Sometimes even a very minimalist story can reach an incredibly successful point after the right production stages. The Witcher series is far from minimalist. The Witcher is one of the best Middle-earth works in the world. Production quality is essential if you want to handle such a topic successfully.

The world that The Witcher goes through is a world with its own rules, races, characters, creatures, beliefs, even if it does not seem too strange to those familiar with fantastic narratives. In particular, the first two chapters carry the risk of being too confusing while reflecting the details of this world to the audience. After the chapters where it is difficult to fully understand which character serves whom and why, the story becomes more beautiful as the other characters gradually increase in the narrative. There are two main characters in the narrative except Geralt. One of them is Ciri, who was advised to find Geralt when her lands were taken over by the enemies. The other is Yennefer, a kind of witch whose aim is to gain as much power as possible. While the goal of these two characters is evident, the fact that Geralt at the center of the narrative does not have a significant motivation due to the character's characteristics causes the story to be thrown from one place to another. However, the story deepens as the characteristics of this character become evident and the dynamics of the world in which events take place gradually emerge. It is the primary factor that gives the dark tone of The Witcher's world that people use their power and material resources to seize land. The dark narrative that expresses the evil within man is supported by the visual language of the series. The visual language, dominated by darkness and shadows, brings The Witcher closer to a gothic horror narrative from time to time when combined with the characteristics of the characters it contains. This dark atmosphere also gains a realistic tone with the violence of the series. The Witcher, one of Netflix's most courageous works to date, relentlessly conveys the mess of the world it tells. It creates a consistent and dark atmosphere thanks to well-captured battle and combat scenes and technical details such as image management and music usage. 9/10

WineryDog 1 January 2020

The Witcher could have been an epic fantasy and I had high hopes as it seemed like Netflix put a lot of work in to make the series good. What I ended up witnessing was some cheesy show that reminded me of a bad fantasy you'd see in the 90s.

The Witcher is based off a series of books, the first being The Last Wish. I've only read the first book but am by no means a purist. Changes can be made to the source material and still work, as seen with LOTR. It's just that everything else has to be good and that's where the Witcher fails.

The overall production of the show is garbage despite the fact that it had a large budget of $70-$80 million. Where did all that money go? Many of the costumes are akin to something you'd find in a bargain Halloween store (looking at you, elves). CGI is also noticeably poor. The world doesn't feel real and it's hard to get immersed when so many things look fake. It's rather impressive that the show looks this awful with such a big budget.

The script could definitely use some work. The dialogue at times is hilariously bad, often making a scene that should be exciting turn into something more like a parody. And even the non-dialogue actions ruin battles, like someone taking their helmet off during war to make a cringe scream while being immune to enemies for 30 seconds, or kissing mid battle to unleash a powerful spell.

The show is structured in an odd way with different timelines. For me it wasn't too hard to follow but I have seen many others wondering what the hell is going on. The problem with the timelines is that they throw the pacing off. I think the show would've been better if it focused mostly on Geralt and his adventures as those were by far the best parts. For example, Geralt has a battle but then they show Yennefer's story in a strange attempt to parallel the two, despite the events not even being in the same timeline or connected in any way.

It looks like the show runners are listening to criticism and they said that season 2 will have a tighter story. I hope the show can utilize the budget to improve effects and that the writers can fix some of the bad dialogue. There's potential here, but unfortunately this first season falls short.

AdmiralAnxiety 7 January 2020

Absolutely mediocre. I couldn't believe the high rating for The Witcher on here, so I've come to tip the scale in the proper direction. The writing, timeline(s), dialogue; all of it is a sloppy mess. I feel as though I'm watching a parody.

markogruicic 20 December 2019

Amazing first season, Henry is Geralt no doubt about it

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