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Them (2021)

Drama | Thriller 
Rayting:   7.2/10 10890 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A Black family moves to an all white Los Angeles neighborhood where malevolent forces, next door and otherworldly, threaten to taunt, ravage and destroy them.

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Season 1

April 9, 2021Episode 10 DAY 10
April 9, 2021Episode 9 COVENANT II.
April 9, 2021Episode 8 DAY 9
April 9, 2021Episode 7 DAY 7: NIGHT
April 9, 2021Episode 5 COVENANT I.
April 9, 2021Episode 4 DAY 6
April 9, 2021Episode 3 DAY 4
April 9, 2021Episode 2 DAY 3
April 9, 2021Episode 1 DAY 1

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User Reviews

billindalex 9 April 2021

After having watched the first three episodes I find this series horrifying. It makes me feel terrible and sad and scared while at the same time hopeful that somehow things will work out for the family, though I have a desperate dread that it won't. Some reviews say the producers took racism too far. Unfortunately, I think, in actuality, it was much much worse.

tidymuso49 9 April 2021

Didn't know anything about this TV series but I thought I would watch something before my Prime subscription ended. I sat watching from beginning to end on the edge of my couch. It was disturbing, menacing, emotional and beautiful. All the actors were just incredible the soundtrack was amazing the storyline was a breath of fresh air. Them was visually stunning and thought provoking to watch, I didn't want it to end.

johnsudduth1 10 April 2021

The fact of the matter is that if you liked Jordan Peele's "Get Out" or "Us", you will most likely enjoy this series as it has many stylistic similarities. The show has interesting characters, good directing, good acting and is genuinely creepy at times.

That being said, it's not perfect (10/10) or a waste of time (1/10) like some users are suggesting. It's simply decent. If you're looking for a creepy show to binge on a weekend, I highly recommend giving this a watch.

JShaft33 9 April 2021

Imagine my surprise when after 5 episodes in I realized that this was not a Jordan Peele show/production. The cinematography, acting, angels, score, etc. Are right off the cutting room floor of Get Out & Us. I thought there were some creepy moments and the costumes were quite good. This is also for fans of Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story) or even some Tales from the Crypt/Twilight Zone.

CJXzoic1970 11 April 2021

For me definitely it's deep and thought provoking. Very relevant dealing with racism, trauma, mental health, systematic equalities, so much more all wrapped into a tv series. At times its over the top but overall highly recommended! Some say it's regurgitated racist stereotypes that we need to move on from but personally I feel they aren't talked about enough. Real slavery and Jim Crow was worse. This series after Jordan Peele's rise and Spike Lee's legacy are just the tipping point in bringing these stories to the forefront.

turtleloverules 9 April 2021

I hope amazon/sony makes more programming about strong black families. The movie is a great history lesson and still relevant today.

nativextisc 9 April 2021

Im truly surprised by the low ratings but then i read their comments. I guess the truth hurts. Seems to also strike a nerve in the nonbelievers of racism, and the effects it has psychologically on those who have suffered generations of trauma. I dont know about you but this series made me want to jump in my TV and legitimately ring necks lol. Im suggesting it to everyone. You guys did an amazing job with this.

nishil-patel1 8 May 2021

This series starts off so well - the storyline was very real and the story-telling was carefully planned and executed but.. by the time you reach episode 6-7 the story heads in a very odd direction. The illusions take over the plot, to the extent that it sometimes becomes difficult to differentiate what's real from the illusion.

By the time you get to the end it all becomes a bit of a disappointment. This could have been so much better..

dwestlow 11 April 2021

There is a lot happening in this show. It starts well and is easy to follow....but as it moves forward it is very difficult to make sense of what is actually happening. By the end of it we found ourselves asking "what did it all mean"? One scene can be broken up into 2 or 3 timelines or universes. It's extremely choppy which makes it difficult to assess and make any sense of. It extremely disappointing as the trailer looked fantastic. Watch it and make up your own mind. Ultimately it was a massive let down after such high expectations.

khairorobinson 11 April 2021

This is a sad attempt at a Peele-esque horror movie yet it has absolutely none of the depth and 1/5th of the writing talent. The actors are amazing. They make the best of what they're given to work with but god this show was awful. I'm a black woman. I appreciate so stories that can depict what black life was really like, while blending that into a supernatural or horror element. When it's done well (like Episode 9 of Lovecraft Country), it's *chef's kiss* but this seems like a failed attempt at a copy of Get Out. It lacks the symbolism, the complex dialogue and authenticity. I think they really tried to make an overall point with the way this show is written but honestly it just feels like the writers tried their hardest to send a message but it was overshadowed by the terrible dialogue, random plot devices and pointless trauma p0rn. It fails to teach a lesson and only serves to agitate you.

And FYI if you're gonna try and portray stories about black life with black characters without it looking like a cheep knock off of Peele, please have more than 1 black director and 2 fully black writers for the entire series. Seriously. Idk what they expected with a mostly white crew writing for a show about a black family experiencing racism.

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