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Toast of Tinseltown (2022)

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Steven Toast is determined to win the recognition he mistakenly believes he deserves.

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Season 1

February 8, 2022Episode 6 Monster Mash
February 1, 2022Episode 5 Death Valley
January 25, 2022Episode 4 Doctor Grainger
January 18, 2022Episode 3 The Scorecard
January 11, 2022Episode 2 LA Story
January 4, 2022Episode 1 Anger Man

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Top 20 (Ranked)

January 25, 2022star8.6 69 votesS1E4 Doctor Grainger
February 8, 2022star8.6 54 votesS1E6 Monster Mash
January 18, 2022star8.5 76 votesS1E3 The Scorecard
January 11, 2022star8.3 95 votesS1E2 LA Story
February 1, 2022star8.3 61 votesS1E5 Death Valley
January 4, 2022star8.1 110 votesS1E1 Anger Man

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User Reviews

frukuk 13 January 2022

Toast of London (2012-) was wonderful, especially the remarkably inventive s1ep6 ("Bonus Ball") from 2013. But the writers have clearly lost their way and are content to throw this regurgitated rubbish at the TV screen.

The first episode, "Anger Man", had the same old characters from Toast of London, doing the same old things. But it simply wasn't funny anymore. The second episode had some new characters, but still no humour. I gave up watching after that.

If you've never seen Toast of London, then take a look at the excellent first season. But please don't waste your time on this.

the_nephilim71 12 January 2022

This show is not funny and is actually pretty stupid. I went in with an open mind but I was still majorly disappointed. Matt Berry should be embarrassed to be associated with a show this bad.

davidallenxyz 6 January 2022

So I've binged all six episodes and here's my conclusion.

Taking esteemed British actor Steven Toast to LA was clearly intended to generate a new angle for the jokes. But it's the American influence that is the series' greatest weakness.

You get the sense that the writers were so star-struck by the cameos they managed to secure - most of which are literally "phoning it in" - that the usual humour of Toast is completely disrupted. I won't spoil who appears in the show - but it's certainly impressive. Perhaps the producers have one eye on international sales?

Episode one is a waste, creating an un-Toast-like situation to force him to leave for the States.

Episode 2 is stuffed with American cameos and a complete failure.

However all is not lost.

Episode 3 loses the American cameos and is all the better because of it. Episode 4 and 5 return to the classic "Toast" format and are right up there with anything from London, while Episode 6 is a fitting climax to his adventure across the pond.

There may not have been any actual filming overseas because the two US stars that have more than a cameo only appear on one set. This is London masquerading as California, with a great cast of British actors and comedians masquerading as Americans.

Stick with it. It has some brilliant moments. But it doesn't reach the sustained peaks of Toast of London.

alexdmcintosh 12 January 2022

I, like so many, really love the original three seasons of ToL. They're consistently weird and creative, well-written, with great characters and memorable music, some tunes I still hum to myself today. However I think I laughed maybe once this entire series at something other than the main character, and that hurts. Here are some points to consider--

1. I think this show was made at the wrong time. Celebrity fans of the original are awkwardly skyped in on product-placed laptops and tablets, and it bears the dated stamp of something made during the pandemic. I know no one's getting any younger, but if faced with that choice, use some no-name American actors or just wait for this to pass. It's hard to feel like Toast is in Tinseltown when all of Tinseltown just seems to phone it in.

2. No songs. The songs in ToL were like beautiful little pathos bombs, giving humorous and truthful insights into Toast and others to show an understanding that he isn't just a clown, but an insecure, genuine human. None of that carries over to ToT and it is sorely missed.

3. Watching Fred Armisen is like listening to comedy on its death bed while he holds the pillow over its face. Why he was cast in a major supporting role I'll never understand.

4. The only American celebrity who didn't make me cringe when onscreen was Rashida Jones. She plays a real human being who acts as Toast's confidant. Ed, though a creepy old pervert, always lends an ear or has Toast's back (quite literally in the stage fright episode). A character like Steven needs that, and she provides the other leg for him to stand on.

5. The only reason I give it the score it has is because of Toast himself. Matt Berry is as effortlessly funny and appealing as ever, and a pitiful loser like him only gets funnier the older he gets. It was a pleasure to see him and his world again.

It is a very disappointing follow-up to a show I truly love. But, as the Man himself sings, "all men somehow pay for love".

francesredmond 5 January 2022

I loved Toast of London and could not wait to see this. It wasn't worth the wait. The writing is poor and boring. Toast is cruelly humiliated at every turn and it's just sad, not funny. The only redeeming performance is Robert Bathurst, who is a reminder of just how great the London show was. The ending is just horrible.

leovincent-12940 7 January 2022

Moving the location of the show was a mistake. They move Toast to Hollywood but then because they still want some of the regular series' characters in the show, they have to find dumb ways to have them show up. There was no point in changing location.

Also, you would think the guest stars would really bring something great to the show. They don't.

Toast's new agent who works out of her car is incredibly annoying. It was as if she was from another show... a horribly unfunny show.

Overall, this series was really disappointing. It just wasn't the same funny series it used to be.

jasonlrhiggins 13 January 2022

It is just awful... a load of cameos phoned in over zoom... cheesy rubbish. I don't know how this has an 8/10 rating a solid 3 or 4.

ToL was dumb, and that's why it was popular... I feel this is trying to hard - but the characterisation is terrible... just watch the first ep and never continue.

cairobug-89339 13 January 2022

This was truly awful. I didn't laugh once, it was actually painful to watch. What has happened to our Matt? Quite surprised to see Aidan Turner accept the gig and it done his CV no favours at all. Dire, unfunny and you would do well to miss it entirely.

andyk-70846 12 January 2022

This show is like a sine wave in that it's up then down. But being a big Matt Berry fan I'll ignore the downs. I have only watched through episode 2. Crazy amount of cameos as well as some of Berry's former collaborators. But I was most happy when I got to hear again, "Hello Steven, this is Clem Fandango. Can you hear me?"

DanTorrance 13 January 2022

When I heard Toast was headed to Hollywood, I said to myself, "Where do I sign up?!" 😜

Enjoyable, bizarre, but fun season. One definitely can tell it touches on some of the shady sides of 1960's -70's-esque L. A., but in a fun way. This is evident too in the retro title cards, and even the intro is a spoof on the BBC's 1970's Shadows program intro.

Less over the top, and less songs since TOL moved from Channel 4, and the first two episodes are almost table setting with cameos. The rest become more typical style episodes. All of the supporting cast returns. Different, as it is intended to be, but still classic Matthews/ Berry humor. 👍

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