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Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan (2018)

Action | Thriller 
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Rayting:   8.1/10 100K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

An up and coming CIA analyst, Jack Ryan, is thrust into a dangerous field assignment as he uncovers a pattern in terrorist communication that launches him into the center of a dangerous gambit.

Episode Guide

Season 2

October 31, 2019Episode 8 Strongman
October 31, 2019Episode 5 Blue Gold
October 31, 2019Episode 4 Dressed to Kill
October 31, 2019Episode 3 Orinoco
October 31, 2019Episode 2 Tertia Optio
October 31, 2019Episode 1 Cargo

Season 1

Best Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

August 30, 2018star8.6 2826 votesS1E8 Inshallah
August 30, 2018star8.6 2824 votesS1E6 Sources and Methods
August 30, 2018star8.6 2747 votesS1E7 The Boy
August 30, 2018star8.4 4006 votesS1E1 Pilot
August 30, 2018star8.4 2730 votesS1E5 End of Honor
August 30, 2018star8.3 2847 votesS1E4 The Wolf
August 30, 2018star8.2 3252 votesS1E2 French Connection
August 30, 2018star8.1 3050 votesS1E3 Black 22
October 31, 2019star8.0 1962 votesS2E6 Persona Non Grata
October 31, 2019star7.8 2646 votesS2E1 Cargo
October 31, 2019star7.8 1993 votesS2E4 Dressed to Kill
October 31, 2019star7.8 1940 votesS2E7 Dios y Federación
October 31, 2019star7.7 2200 votesS2E2 Tertia Optio
October 31, 2019star7.7 2068 votesS2E3 Orinoco
October 31, 2019star7.6 1945 votesS2E5 Blue Gold
October 31, 2019star7.4 2373 votesS2E8 Strongman

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User Reviews

JJ99ABC 3 November 2019

Season 1 was great. It was suspensful, well-acted, briskly paced, and reasonably sophisticated as far as real world politics are concerned. The writers for Season 2 apparently scored a Groupon for lobotomies. I mean everything is just so dumb. Characters do things simply to advance the plot without any explanation or motivation. Noomi Rapace's character just magically materializes whenever the plot needs it. Worst of all, the writers managed to turn Jack Ryan into an uncharismatic idiot. The only reason he manages to solve the conspiracy is because Noomi's character inexplicably does him a favor off screen. Awful, just awful. I give it 4 stars because the footage shot in Colombia looks nice.

e_morgan 3 November 2019

Season 1 was amazing! Season 2 ruined it.............

chr-haugland 3 November 2019

I actually gave season 1 9 stars. I love Tom Clancy, and specially Jack Ryan. But season 2 wasn´t Jack Ryan at all. I don´t know where the insiration for the main character came from, but it was definetly not from the books of Clancy. Crazy bad script and also bad acting made this season worse than the final season of GoT. If you love mindnumming action and a story with no sense, by all means take a look. But if you are a fan of Clancys Ryan, I warn you, don´t see this season. Rubbish all the way.

johankarp 3 November 2019

Best thing about season 2 , the intro it's beautiful with music and all but the season is connect feeling unbelieveble stupid choices of trained military and storie...feels like a bad b grade series with a lot of money into it....too bad, tried for 5 episodes....

johnnieortega 16 November 2019

Season 1 was pretty good and entertaining, smart plot and most of the action was pretty good.

Season two is absolutely horrible. Action scenes make no sense whatsoever and the story line is bonkers. Dark, slow and boring. I watched the whole thing hoping the next episode would be better; but they only got worse.

stevevandermeer 4 November 2019

Season 1 plowed no new ground, doing its best to look like another season of Homeland. Season 2, however, was just simply preposterous. Inane storyline that doesn't hold together. Representations of "Diplomacy" that are absurd, even in the Trump era. Characters introduced who are never heard from again. Those characters who do reappear, you wish hadn't (I'm looking at you Imhotep). And John Krasinski? Great at comedy; awkward as the reluctant action hero. I can only hope that season 3 brings back a little of the intelligence that was a hallmark of Tom Clancy's books.

Lowcountry_Girl 1 November 2019

YIKES, where to start?? Season One was watchable enough, fast-paced internationally flavored eye candy, but so forgettable I needed the S1 recap to have any idea of what had occurred or where the first season had left off.

Season 2 is just plain bad. The first season's revisionist portrayal of major characters has been expanded to now include revisionism of entire nation states, lol! I found myself rolling my eyes a half dozen times in the first episode alone, which is never good. Season 2 is semi watchable, but beyond moronic.

davidbayjp 5 November 2019

Season 2 is poorly written and directed. There are some scenes that are so poorly written that the entire episode suddenly becomes a funny joke. Too bad because I did enjoy season 1.

Yet another Netflix-like example of the modern subscription based streaming content providers producing junk after a couple of good years that now seem long in the past. I think they think we won't cancel our subscriptions.

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