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Truth Be Told (2019)

Crime | Mystery 
Rayting:   7.1/10 8000 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A true crime podcaster tries to solve the mystery surrounding a family patriarch's death.

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October 8, 2021Episode 8 Episode 8
October 1, 2021Episode 7 Episode 7
September 24, 2021Episode 6 Episode 6
September 17, 2021Episode 5 Episode 5
September 10, 2021Episode 4 In Another Life

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User Reviews

fuljah 11 January 2020

It starts really big.. Scenario is initially very engaging, you want to binge it..

But after 3rd - 4th episode, it starts to introduce all the cliches that were ever produced on TV.

Also, I am not sure if law works that way. A podcast producer playing with incriminating evidence and acting as a one woman police force? People getting into prison with testimonies etc?

These facts damage the plausibility of the series. The writer of the work that the series is based on is a lawyer, I can understand playing with itsy bitsy legal details for the sake of story telling but all in all, the method damages the quality.

aadams 2 February 2020

It's not so much the acting by Octavia, it's the contrast of her commitment to the case which is dramatic and yet shallow at the same time. For a journalist, she is constantly jumping to conclusions and seeming to derive deep insight from superficial efforts. Her lack of real regard for everyone around her -- especially her husband -- makes her unlikeable.

There is too much hand-wringing drama. The constantly furrowed brows on the twins, played by Lizzy Caplan, start to become distracting.

Overall, the script was just poor. The story felt like it meandered for 8 episodes and the dialogue made cringe. I stuck with it to the end, but it wasn't worth it.

errant-52785 20 December 2019

Plot is good, scripts are not. Great cast squandered.

Thought it was passable to start. I just find myself being less and less engaged each episode. It's getting more and more ridiculous as it goes on, and not in an entertaining way.

riverqueen16 21 December 2019

I don't understand the negative reviews. I find the acting by Octavia Spencer and Aaron Paul (who I love) to be superb. My attention span is not what it used to be so I cannot watch slow moving shows. This one has kept my attention and I don't find myself wandering off because the story line is not just about the plot but also about the characters.

jackiee1970 5 January 2020

... in order to see where it goes. But it's difficult. Poppy is extremely unlikeable and I'm not a great fan of Octavia's acting here. I also find her relationships with the two men (husband and ex) very mismatched - I cant see either of them being in a relationship with her to be honest. Aaron Paul is great but he isn't seen as often as needed to hold this cast up. The Lanie/Josie characters are a bit of a caricature and over-acted. I'm hoping they will pull something out for the last few episodes that surprises us and redeems the series.

menny-73865 6 December 2019

1.Script and dialogs are not too exagerated and cliched.

2. Acting of both Octavia and Aaron is well suited for characters.

3. Finally a series about a Journalist at a Crime Show and not a Lawyer, Persecutor or a Detective.

4.Really solid storyline. Yes, the race issue is there, but i would say it deals with it a lot maturely then other shows around and not making it the only layer of the story.

Hopefully, I won't change my mind until the season ends.

So far so good.

CocoBehave 16 January 2020

Sorry, this show is so bad. So many good actors, and an interesting premise but the scripting. Good lord. Who wrote this???? And how did these top actors agree with it. It's so over scripted. Nothing left to subtlety. Incredibly predictable and goodness gracious, Poppy is the worst. Basically the show is all about how Poppy is an expert at ruining everyone's life. She's a terrible person and this character is doing Octavia dirty. I watched to the end out of respect for Aaron and Octavia.

foomagna 8 December 2019

How do good actors get into these bad shows? When you're reading the script it seems to me that you might just have to say "well that doesn't make sense" or "that's now how the real world works". I get that this is just a show but it's based is reality, right? I had to stop watching after 3 episodes because there was no improvement and it kept getting more cartoonishly ridiculous.

mdonlan-55940 15 December 2019

Absolutely unbelievable on just about every front. Beautifully shot and edited. Not poorly acted. A mildly interesting storyline. But the writing is abominable. Characters are paper thin. Motivations are ridiculous. I really feel bad (well not really) for Octavia Spencer and Aaron Paul. So. Much. Potential.

sensorshot 13 January 2020

This is a shame. Apple are arguably the best poised to come up with original drama of all the big players. The writing is as bad as others have been saying. The actors are excellent and actually disprove Harrison Ford's alleged slur to George Lucas that, "You might be able to write this s++t but you can't say it." They do well with some utter crap lines and I can almost Imagine them wrapping their head round them. Watch it with subtitles, which I do with my non-native English speaking girlfriend and you end up wanting to applaud Mekhi Phifer for delivering utter drivel so well. Aaron Paul just does what he does and Ocatvia Spencer is excellent, too. But even with this talent.. which lifts it from a 1 to a 4/10 - I would steer clear unless you are an actor who just got a gig on a dull daytime soap and you want to see how grade A actors work with E grade scripts.

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