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Veronica Mars (2004)

Crime | Mystery 
Rayting:   8.3/10 69K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

After her best friend is murdered, and her father is removed as county Sheriff, Veronica Mars dedicates her life to cracking the toughest mysteries in the affluent town of Neptune.

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Top 20 (Ranked)

May 10, 2005star9.2 1242 votesS1E22 Leave It to Beaver
May 9, 2006star9.0 1196 votesS2E22 Not Pictured
May 3, 2005star8.7 1036 votesS1E21 A Trip to the Dentist
November 28, 2006star8.7 897 votesS3E9 Spit & Eggs
May 22, 2007star8.7 841 votesS3E20 The Bitch Is Back
July 19, 2019star8.5 584 votesS4E7 Gods of War
April 12, 2005star8.3 1082 votesS1E18 Weapons of Class Destruction
December 14, 2004star8.3 1053 votesS1E10 An Echolls Family Christmas
January 25, 2006star8.3 917 votesS2E11 Donut Run
July 19, 2019star8.3 599 votesS4E4 Heads You Lose
July 19, 2019star8.3 583 votesS4E5 Losing Streak
July 19, 2019star8.3 568 votesS4E6 Entering a World of Pain
September 22, 2004star8.2 1512 votesS1E1 Pilot
February 15, 2005star8.2 986 votesS1E14 Mars vs. Mars
July 19, 2019star8.2 651 votesS4E2 Chino and the Man
July 19, 2019star8.2 628 votesS4E3 Keep Calm and Party On
November 23, 2004star8.1 992 votesS1E8 Like a Virgin
January 4, 2005star8.1 974 votesS1E11 Silence of the Lamb
February 22, 2005star8.1 936 votesS1E15 Ruskie Business

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User Reviews

klanco 26 March 2010

First time I've heard about this show was when I saw Kristen Bell in Heroes. I came here and saw VMars. It took me a long time before I decided to watch this show. I started to watch it for one reason and one reason only -> Kristen Bell. Stupid I know, but when I saw the pilot episode I knew that this show will be something new, something different, something worth watching and I was hooked. The is one of the best TV shows that my eyes have ever seen before. Smart and funny dialogs, beautiful and talented cast of the show, interesting twists,mysteries... This show has everything. This show is awesome but sadly it has been canceled for a long time now. I really wish that this show will return to screen as a new season or a movie.

peacexlovexand_harmonyba 13 June 2008

Veronica Mars is a dark and poignant tribute to teenage angst and isolation. As a sophomore, we find Veronica popular and happy. She is dating the most popular guy in school, Duncan, and is best friends with Duncan's sister- the wild Lily Kane. After Lily's brutal and highly publicized murder, Veronica loses her friends, her social status all because she choose to stick by her father who accused Lily Kane's own father, the rich and beloved Jake Kane.

Season 1 follows Veronica's life post Lily's violent murder. Veronica has become cynical and disheartened due to what she feels as betrayal by her closest friends. Overnight Veronica became the most hated girl in school. She formed a hard outer shell, cutting herself off from her emotions in order to handle all the events that occur after the murder, the taunts of classmates, and the current class war that's been waged through out her town.

Veronica Mars is homage to the noir film genre of the 1950s with our main character being a high school teenager. The uses of color in scenes are key to understanding the story. Every aspect of the show is used to tell parts of the story from lighting to background prop placement and it all comes together to tell a beautiful story about death, betrayal, love, revenge and redemption.

The best thing about Mars, besides the character develop, plot twist, and witty dialogue, are the issues that Veronica Mars faces on a daily bases. Including murder, rape, teen pregnancy, gang violence, reports on abuse, and drug trafficking. It also tackles the normal high school issues all teens face like peer pressure, cliques, and gossip but in a smart way. The story lines are tasteful and believable; the writers did a great job avoiding the normal camp and clichés found in a lot of teen shows.

Veronica Mars is hands down the best show ever to be featured on UPN/CW, and possible network TV in general. It is defiantly worth your time.

kmylml 27 September 2006

After reading quite a few comments from people who thought this show is "horrible," I was really surprised with their reasons. First of all, there are very few TV shows out there that are in every way true to life. Of course the situations aren't completely plausible! That's why we watch TV shows in the first place - we're entertained by things that we would not normally do or see. If I wanted to watch something "realistic" I'd just tape myself and watch it at the end of the day.

What's real in this show is that every character is complicated and has layers in their personality. The bad guy isn't all bad, and the good guy isn't so great either. There's just this gray area - just the way people are.

Then there's the complaint that Veronica Mars is "too smart." And that's a bad thing because...? I'm sick of mindless shows that give away the ending in the first minute and/or have the same tired plots. If witty is not your thing, that is sad and someone needs a good dose of "sense of humor." Maybe everything we watch on TV should be bland and predictable from now on? By the way, detective work is supposed to be logical - not flashy. When you want to look for someone, you'd automatically put a trace on things they own. What did you expect would happen? Some kind of laser tracking thingy?

The writing on this show is amazing, as are the actors and everything else. The artistic value is also incredible. If TV watchers can't appreciate that, then I really am worried about the population.

ljs00b 4 April 2006

I hate being sucked in. More than anything. I avoid anything that's popular just because I can't stand the herd mentality. It took me three years before I touched a Harry Potter book. I would not have watched this show willingly. My one uplifting, redeeming quality is that I'm a good friend. Always. Even at the sacrifice of my Wednesday evenings. I originally started watching VM because I was taping it for a friend who didn't get UPN in her new town. I was just going to tape it, but I thought it would be nice if I cut the commercials for her. Now, half a season later...I can't stop watching it. It's horrible. I actually rented the entire first season and watched it in one twenty-four hour sitting. If you start watching this show, be warned you WILL get hooked, no matter how hard you try to resist. It is a great mystery. Each episode has its own mystery that is self inclusive, but the overall season mystery is what keeps you speeding through traffic to get home in time on Wednesday nights. Kudos to the creators, they did a great job!

raindrop_chick 5 June 2006

Okay, I admit...when I first started watching VM, I didn't really expect much. However, one or two episodes in and I was totally hooked. I really enjoy the noir aspect of it, and the fact that is doesn't hold anything back in terms of "real" issues such as drugs, and sex. Of course, these issues are dealt with in a fictional way that makes them intriguing (as opposed to depressing) to watch.

The writing simply got better in the second season, and every time I watch an episode, I find myself relating more and more to a piece of each of the characters. Its this aspect that I feel makes VM a truly great show, and I look forward to the seasons to come.

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