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Vincenzo (2021)

Comedy | Romance 
Rayting:   8.6/10 9.7K votes
Country: South Korea
Language: English

During a visit to his motherland, a Korean Italian mafia lawyer gives an unrivaled conglomerate a taste of its own medicine with a side of justice.

Episode Guide

Season 1

April 25, 2021Episode 18 Episode 18
April 24, 2021Episode 17 Episode 17
April 11, 2021Episode 16 Episode 16
April 10, 2021Episode 15 Episode 15
April 4, 2021Episode 14 Episode 14
April 3, 2021Episode 13 Episode 13
March 28, 2021Episode 12 Episode 12
March 27, 2021Episode 11 Episode 11
March 21, 2021Episode 10 Episode 10
March 20, 2021Episode 9 Episode 9
March 14, 2021Episode 8 Episode 8
March 13, 2021Episode 7 Episode 7
March 7, 2021Episode 6 Episode 6
March 6, 2021Episode 5 Episode 5
February 28, 2021Episode 4 Episode 4
February 27, 2021Episode 3 Episode 3
February 21, 2021Episode 2 Episode 2
February 20, 2021Episode 1 Episode 1

Best Vincenzo Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

April 11, 2021star9.5 357 votesS1E16 Episode 16
April 24, 2021star9.3 258 votesS1E17 Episode 17
March 27, 2021star9.2 285 votesS1E11 Episode 11
April 25, 2021star9.2 242 votesS1E18 Episode 18
March 21, 2021star9.1 272 votesS1E10 Episode 10
February 28, 2021star9.0 344 votesS1E4 Episode 4
April 4, 2021star9.0 254 votesS1E14 Episode 14
May 2, 2021star9.0 251 votesS1E20 Episode 20
April 3, 2021star9.0 249 votesS1E13 Episode 13
March 20, 2021star8.9 259 votesS1E9 Episode 9
March 28, 2021star8.9 250 votesS1E12 Episode 12
April 10, 2021star8.9 235 votesS1E15 Episode 15
March 14, 2021star8.8 284 votesS1E8 Episode 8
March 6, 2021star8.7 285 votesS1E5 Episode 5
March 7, 2021star8.7 276 votesS1E6 Episode 6
May 1, 2021star8.7 221 votesS1E19 Episode 19
March 13, 2021star8.6 263 votesS1E7 Episode 7
February 27, 2021star8.5 318 votesS1E3 Episode 3
February 20, 2021star8.2 396 votesS1E1 Episode 1
February 21, 2021star8.2 337 votesS1E2 Episode 2

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User Reviews

ysmoon-87467 28 February 2021

Just finished watching the episode 4. Wow, it was so good. Well made mixture of thriller and comedy.

I saw a few negative reviews here written after eps 1 or 2. I recommend watching at least up to eps 3 and 4. The real story starts from eps 3. Eps 4 is like a complete well made movie. You will surely enjoy it.

refordgarry 9 March 2021

You can see the cast had a lot of fun making this Italian/Korean would-be mafia thriller, the sort of fun NOT experienced in Hollywood since the days of Burt Reynolds. Vincenzo contains a very absorbing plot, a cast star-struck by designer clothes, interspersed with Italian (and other) Classical music excerpts to set in relief some well written suspense and intrigue. The plot centers on, if we really are to believe it, the endemically CORRUPT upper echelons of S. Korean society. Is it a coincidence that many of the systemic abuses of power and institutional vice that constitute Vincenzo's Main Plot are now also going on, this very moment in the USA? It is certainly food for thought. A clear advantage this Korean drama has over mediocre US shows, however is a much softer-handed use of violence, resorting more often to satire to keep the plot moving as opposed to gratuitous savagery now so common in so-called "hit" US shows. So far, so good, Binjenzo!

zk-82518 7 March 2021

It is the best drama I have ever seen after descendants of the joong ki looks fabulous....jeon yeo bin's acting is also mind is a full fun package... really worth watching...I will give it a 10/10...

luckyg-65765 1 March 2021

Slow start but it's getting much better. Episode 4 was really good! A shocking surprise I did not expect at the end. I'm truly looking forward to the next episode.

courtneyhwang 19 March 2021

To the people claiming that the characters are overacting; this is a COMEDY. And an excellent slapstick one at that. The show really picks up pace after episode 4, and it doesn't stop - the twists and turns are endless. Not a lot of kdramas can keep my attention for the whole run, but this definitely takes the cake for suspense, drama and the laughs. Take it for what it is, a slick and gloriously over the top kdrama.

zmtpwk 5 April 2021

I love Vincenzo. Best Korean show made. And, I watch many Korean shows and I'm American. Please, Pease make a second season and more. I'm hooked. It's funny, yet the story line keeps you on your toes awaiting the next show. I see this as an alternative to American James Bond. Love the characters. The two main characters love connection is very spot on. Romantic, funny, comical, yet real. Just all around great story line. Love it love it. I could see many seasons of their quirky show and relationship solving crimes for many seasons to come..

carmencitavargas 14 March 2021

Great actors. Today, watching episode 8 I laugh like crack. It's really a great new kind of plot and has a lot of funny moments!!! Love it. I'm anxious to see the final episode but at the same time I will not want it to end!😳 Happened to me before with some dramas, recently, specially StarUp and Hospital Playlist. But this one is over the edge as of now.

mehedihasanshohan 7 March 2021

OMG!!! The way episode 4 ended. If they can continue this pace, action and thrill, it'd be one of the best thriller K-Drama ever made...

kwckzcf 18 April 2021

It's such an amazing show and I don't understand why most people are criticizing it without giving it a chance. Maybe if you have the patience and watch past episode 3 then you will fully understand what the show is about. Trust, I was turned off with the first 3 episodes but once episode 4 started, I was literally glued to it. Just give it a chance. This is one of the best Kdrama's I've watched (coming from someone who is a kdrama fanatic). If you're not used to kdrama's and their comedy then I don't think it's for you. But don't leave a bad review without even giving it chance. If you watch past episode 3 then you will fall in love trust me.

seruwaiamoce 27 February 2021

It's quite an interesting show with dark comedy. Definetly not stupid like someone commented. If you don't like it don't watch it or bother commenting.

sarawon 15 April 2021

You'll be enrage to be a mafia too. It super excellent and very promising actors and actresses too.

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