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Walker (2021)

Action | Drama 
Rayting:   5.8/10 4034 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A widowed father returns to Austin after two years, attempting to reconnect with his children, navigate clashes with his family, and find common ground with his new partner, while growing increasingly suspicious of his wife's death.

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User Reviews

devalard 19 February 2021

HUGE Supernatural fan! Big Jared fan also...

Where the action? Why is Walter such a incompetent, bumbling, cry baby?? This feels like the Western version of This is Us 🙄 Really wanted to like it... Watched 3 episodes and I just can't take anymore.

imdb-773-34667 5 February 2021

Low quality everything: Script, plot, characters, visual effects, sound, dialogue and everything else.

hayleyb-70518 19 February 2021

Bad acting, bad storyline, bad everything. nothing new for a cw show

kevineaton58 17 February 2021

Watched one episode that was enough, the acting is terrible, unbelievable, will not watch another episode.

readonly-26204 19 February 2021

Alright, I tried, really really tried to like it but just couldn't. The stories are unimaginative and the general writing is lackluster and just really BLAH. They try but just don't have the chops. Overall: 1. The writing, they are not creative, they go to old boring typical CW type of story lines. Geared to young or someone who really doesn't want to be challenged. Very much a soap opera style. 2. Directing-well, there's only so much you can do with the story lines BUT some of the choices these directors are using is just plain awkward and off putting. 3. Actors: This is where is get complicated. Lindsey Morgan is a strong actress and usually hits it out of the park. She great and does the best she can with what's given. Keegan Allen, I know some like him but I find him boring and a little dull to watch, and it's not all on the writing. Mitch Peleggi and Molly Hagan, strong as expected. Coby Bell and Jeff Peirre-not great but not bad. The worst of the bunch is Genevieve Padalecki but not unexpected since she was cast through nepotism. 4. Jared Padalecki what can I say, I know it's a difficult transition from playing a dynamic character for 15 years to Walker. That being said, I am really surprised how uninspired his performances have been. Maybe being the executive producer and lead actor is much more work than anticipated and it going up so quickly after SPN may be the reason, he's still finding his feet. I wasn't expecting SPN and the amazing chemistry between the actors, but Jared doesn't even have chemistry with his own wife (he didn't when she was on SPN, either so that's not new).

I won't be watching anymore this season. I know that's its been renewed for another season, so maybe I'll try next season.

grlym-46849 23 January 2021

The pilot is choppy and forced. The flow is all o er the place like they are trying to get all the drama connections done in episode 1. Or some sort of new tv show where the drama is played out at 300% speed.

Show seems to dance all over raw edges of white cop privilege and the very one else hating cops. Lacks the finesse of shows like The Rookie.

The plot just just seemed so forcefully fast and all over the place.

The family dynamic is my least favorite part of show by far. I am really hoping that the show does not turn into Blue Bloods where one families dinner table rules a city.

And everyone seems to mumble. Almost to the point I need to turn on subtitles.

I think if the show settles down. Literally slows down and focuses better in the plot/script it might be a 6.5 show. And hopefully is less cliche in the family dynamics.

So far it feels like they took a New York cop show, doubled the show speed to a frenetic pace and made all the white people talk with a sock in their mouth, dressed up the stages like a southern farm to make it feel like Texas. Everyone else is clearly spoken and I almost wish they were the main cast. As they are more interesting characters

But I get that a cop show in the south can be a hard one to show in this day and age with current topics. So hopefully in the first half of the season or so they can find their pace and a good vision to work with

netflixdavidaaron 7 February 2021

I was really looking forward to Jared Padalecki's (Sam Winchester from Supernatural) new avatar as Walker. And boy!, this was a huge let down. Watched the first 3 episodes and cannot take anymore of it. Nothing like the awesome series starring Chuck Norris. Not going to waste my time on this. Ignore ths if you are expecting this to be anywhere close to the original series.

madmox2000-573-842593 6 February 2021

Walker without karate, is like MacGyver without gadgets made of whatever is lying around. It's not MacGyver and this is not Walker. Jared needs to find himself a dojo, or this will be a no go.

msgigi78 13 March 2021

I am in episode 7 of Walker and oh boy. I think maybe it was too soon for Jared to be a leading man, he clearly misses being in the 3 Musketeers of what was the g.o.a.t of Supernatural. He's uneasy, emotional and unsure where he belongs in Walker. Genevieve, does her best to be supportive on the show but it still falls flat. The stories,action and fighting are boring and predictable, nothing like the glory that is Chuck Norris. Why didn't Jared meet Chuck at the dojo and make him his Walker Sensei? What a missed opportunity! I appreciate the multicultural cast and I love Molly Hagan and Mitch Pileggi as Walkers parents and that cutie Matt Barr as his frenemy. This show needs to STEP IT UP if it's going to survive.

oliviaissherlocked 25 January 2021

Jared padalecki gets such high praise but frankly his acting in this was just awful. he doesn't sell the role at all and mumbles and grimaces his way through. the editing is strange and the music is too loud all the time. the writing is melodramatic and corny. all around an awful intro, will not be continuing

jackDee-56565 22 January 2021

First off I like Jared padalecki but he does not have the western tough guy look, he just looks like a male model playing cowboy, also its too cheesy and childish, these types of shows are done better with more convincing actor and much darker tonal writing, watering the crimes down makes for a mellodramitic TV show on the level of a daytime soap, also a dumb idea making social issues part of it sucks, it would be okay if its just go over the top with it, Yellowstone is much better as a western series with violence sex and interesting characters, walker has the pro typical cop family drama

Xavier_Stone 25 January 2021

Not a whole lot to like about this show. You will notice that the music is near constant and at times drowns out the actor's dialogue. Not that they are saying anything really intriguing at all. Simple show, simple characters and a simple story. Of course super heavily upvoted by 50% rating this a 10stars, and loads upon loads of fake reviews. That's expected as well for CW television. I'll pass.

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