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We Own This City (2022)

Biography | Drama 
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Rayting:   7.7/10 3.2K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Tells the story of the rise and fall of the Baltimore Police Department's Gun Trace Task Force and the corruption surrounding it.

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Season 1

May 30, 2022Episode 6 Part Six
May 23, 2022Episode 5 Part Five
May 16, 2022Episode 4 Part Four
May 2, 2022Episode 2 Part Two
April 25, 2022Episode 1 Part One

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April 25, 2022star8.0 662 votesS1E1 Part One
May 2, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E2 Part Two
May 9, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E3 Part Three
May 16, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E4 Part Four
May 23, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E5 Part Five
May 30, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E6 Part Six

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User Reviews

genious-35413 25 April 2022

View this show as its own entity - despite it being as ambitious and involved as The Wire. The writing is spectacularly good and thankfully avoids cliches and so many other pitfalls that are the standard of network 'cop shows', which has also been creeping into non-network shows of late. And the acting talent meets the quality of the writing and direction. Hopefully people can just sit back and enjoy the show for what it is and not politicize it - taking sides, etc. Just the fact that it tackles a specific subject in a way that hasn't been done in this style is such a breath of fresh air and this show is worth watching.

akplongmeadow 26 April 2022

Well, actually I live in a rural area in Baltimore County, but am very aware of the BCPD problems, corruption, and largely the lack of the SA (MM) input into the judicial system.

So far, (Epi 1) this is absolutely true what is being played in this 1st episode. Brutality and lack of; is the day to day 'exposed' problem that endures the lawlessness that occurs daily on the streets of Baltimore. Who REALLY owns the city? The criminals, the innocent, or the BCPD?

On top of this, you have a over zealous 'Gun Trace Task Force' that goes way beyond it's scope. Planting items, guns, drugs, to catch whoever is in their way.

You have good cops and bad cops. This has always been the case from the test of time. By in large we have police commissioners that are ineffective. How can they be? So many are here and gone before the sun sets. Heck, you can look at BC Mayor and that alone is enough to tell you that this city is ill. Just as many mayors have been corrupt, (Sheila Dixon, SRB, Catherine Pugh) gawd, the list goes on and on.

If you really want to see how Baltimore is, and other cities like NYC and Chicago, Philly, and Detroit look no further then this story. This is the story that needs to be told.

It's all there. Right in front of us.

jaimemedina-36288 27 April 2022

Sometimes you just know a show is going to be great. 5 minutes in, the dialogue rings clear, and you just know the cast has it. I had high expectations from this series and it did not disappoint.

harryumitchell 26 April 2022

For those wire fans out there I would say this seems like a very solid piece of work, based on 1 ep. Was a bit uncertain based on some early comments but luckily those can be ignored. This looks like it's going to hit the spot! Performances, the general set up and the differing points of view have been established that look like they will provide the basis of a great story. Let's see.

KOOLAIDBRO 27 April 2022

I don't know wtf is going on after the first episode, but Jon Bernthal is so dayum captivating that I still somehow enjoyed the first episode. If someone asks me what's it about? I'll say ummmmmmm...... Jon Bernthal is awesome.

bosporan 26 April 2022

Excellent introductory monologue from the sergeant at a lectern, sets the scene without being speechy preachy. The gritty, realistic style is appropriate and also present in the opening credits overlaid with saxophone and reportage.

The story runs on multiple strands, possibly too many, but the jumping around is like a kangaroo on heat, making it a huge effort to focus on what is going on. This might improve now characters and themes are established.

A decent first episode, it remains to be seen if this excels or tanks.

yvesdemaria 27 April 2022

When writing this review only the 1st episode is out , and waouh what a super cool wild ride. Extremely captivating , very interesting characters and story.

Totally recommend and hopefully the upcoming episodes will be as good as the first !!!


RKeenan200 26 April 2022

Huge fan of The Wire and it's cast I've been looking forward to this. It's obviously not connected to TW but looks like it is.

Loads going on in this first episode and I'll need to rewatch it before E02 but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hersl looks like the stereotypical bad cop which we will no doubt see much more of.

yespat 26 April 2022

This show is so "good" that I am unable to follow what is going on, I was afraid of that as I had a similar experience with the wire. I figured that was because of some of the unfamiliar slang. I'm hanging in though as I did with the wire, hoping at some point I will have enough comprehension of what is going on that I can appreciate the good writing. I just wish it were not so darn hard to follow.

Xavier_Stone 27 April 2022

This has nothing in common with the hit series The Wire, also done by HBO, except for a few familiar cast members that crossed over. First of all, it's all over the place, jumping from scene to scene before the audience gets a chance to figure out who's who.

The camera work is shoddy. High school film class shoddy. The music is poor, but that's minor. Most of the characters are forgettable, Jon Bernthal does his best but it's not going to keep my interest. Other characters have just boring lines or are just hand cuffed spouting a poor script.

This is done on a low budget and anyone can see it's not the usual top quality HBO production. It just feels off in every scene. About the only thing worth watching is waiting for corrupt cops to get caught, and the first episode doesn't even show how or why.

Just a whole lot of wondering how this passes the HBO quality control. Perhaps they fired the old guard and hired 19 year olds and this is their definition of good. It's not.

degrees-33365 28 April 2022

There are moments when I just had to stop and go back - 'was the acting really THAT terrible just now?' - and yes, it was. It is FULL of moments that completely takes you out of the show due to wooden talent-less attempts at reading lines. I had some hopes for this show but man, it is rough to listen to. Hard pass for me. 1/10!

collinsenosh 29 April 2022

Jamie Hector who played Marlo Stanfield in Wire is a cop now.

The show stays clear of cop show stereotypes. It rings true, a blank feeling created by the lack of music, just like the Wire.

Actors back the quality writing.

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