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Welcome to Eden (2022)

Rayting:   5.3/10 2.3K votes
Country: Spain
Language: English

A group of young adults attend a party on a remote island, but the tempting paradise they find waiting for them holds dangerous secrets and entrapments.

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May 6, 2022star7.4 91 votesS1E8 The Trip Back
May 6, 2022star7.0 85 votesS1E4 The Other Shore
May 6, 2022star6.9 77 votesS1E7 Lilith
May 6, 2022star6.5 86 votesS1E3 Farewell Party
May 6, 2022star6.5 79 votesS1E5 Storm
May 6, 2022star6.4 78 votesS1E6 Rebellion
May 6, 2022star6.3 91 votesS1E2 Evaluation
May 6, 2022star6.2 107 votesS1E1 The Trip of Your Life

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User Reviews

eve_dolluk 8 May 2022

Well I'll start with the review by saying this series contains Lesbian sex, Gay sex, straight sex and sex between a guy and a Transgender female.

Its less graphic however than say Game of Thrones or other TV shows containing sex and much of it is kissing and implied sex.

I guess they were trying to show the hedonistic side of the island and its inhabitants although there are also emotions at the core.

Now thats out of the way is it any good ??

I can say its beautifully shot at a great location, however the pacing and storytelling falls short and by the end we are no nearer to a resolution, so avoid if this may Irk you.

It feels like they are setting up for a second season but i felt there was too much of very little and not enough depth.

The ideology of manipulation within Cults was well done albeit slow and meandering, however, by the end you could see the holes and cracks in the veneer. This was just careless writing and a weak structure.

The scope for a good show was there but it ultimately falls down. Its a Spanish show and like many spanish shows they do like a good cliffhanger at the end of every episode. It does get tiring...

I think without the fantastic cinematography, landscape and some decent performances from the cast it would be a 4 or 5.

You could easily cut this series in half and still feature the entire story and character plots.

I have a feeling the final 2 episodes were cut so they could lead into a series 2 which is infuriating in my mind.

Ive given it a generous 6.

walterico 8 May 2022

Years ago they made a brilliant series called The Prisoner, with obscure but dark forces at work and strange events keeping things interesting.

Welcome to Eden starts out out like that, on a lovely Island and happy people, but it soon degenerates into a meaningless babble of eco-banalities and counseling-type encounters that leave your eyelids drooping.

There is a lot of Botox evident, and some pretty ladies and boys, but the prudish and timid story-lines suggests the producers realised halfway through that their target audience had dropped to around 13-14 years old. Weirdly boring.

bollywood-india 7 May 2022

Bots fuelled the ratings up and forced me to waste 2 hrs on this illogical and utterly stupid series with bad actors and no storyline whatsoever.

You have been warned, don't waste your time on this.

I somehow watched till the 3rd episode, never watching any more of it.

Sleepin_Dragon 12 May 2022

A group of young people head to the trip of a lifetime, on the beautiful island of Eden, when the party's over it becomes apparent that they're there for a reason.

Overall I enjoyed it, it's a beautiful looking show, well made and well acted, there is definitely a degree of intrigued and at times it's very imaginative.

It suffers a little jet lag at times, sometimes it just seems a little dull, possibly a little repetitive, I thought the first few, and episode seven in particular were great. I'll applaud them for being bold with the characters, they're not afraid to write the big players out.

It's full of beautiful people, more washboard stomachs than you can imagine, so expect plenty of antics, nothing is off limits on Eden.

There must be a beauty salon on that island somewhere, Eden beauty perhaps, as every cast member looks incredible in each scene, particularly Astrid.

I'd be surprised if there wasn't a second season, there's definitely enough mileage here, 7/10.

staciarose20 11 May 2022

Is there nothing else to watch on Netflix?! It's ranked #2, but has horrible ratings. Maybe it's their way of trying to fool people. Netflix has been struggling hard for good content lately.

Muvilava 8 May 2022

Yes I watched all episodes in one go. I almost abandoned it on episode 3. Because there are so many characters, they look and sound the same. I persevered because...curiosity.

I wish I hadn't.

This show reminded of SEVERED. SEVERED pulled the same trick.

This is a new annoying trend in series land.

Create a mysterious setting. Create a mysterious motive. Have the viewer out of breath anticipating the big reveal...and then don't answer even one question .



themadcamel 10 May 2022

It actually felt as though the script was written by one of those AI bots that don't fully understand human logic.

Very attractive people are invited to an mysterious island party.

Some are randomly chosen and forced to stay.

Some are murderd. Some just casually go home. (why is unexlained)

There are no guards, or any muscle of any kind. Just a girl with a cattle prod.

Meanwhile the main characters plot to escape like it's Château d'If, despite the fact it would be easier to escape a high school during recess.

Not a single motive, reaction or decisions by any character is explained or even logical in any way shape or form.

Add in Gay, lesbian, transgender relationships and mild male nudity and you've got yourself a Netflix show.

Almost_Soldout 6 May 2022

Before trusting the shown rating, have a look at how many people voted for Lowest scores. Netflix as it's best activated bots here(as always). The show itself is really poor scripted, badly acted, dreadful and truly painful to watch. Save your time and watch ANYTHING else.

HappyChildOfGod 7 May 2022

Interesting premise, bad development, terrible and lazy writing. Stupid characters, stupid decisions, one after another. Entertaining at some times but not worth your time. Predictable ending. Waste of a season, 8 episodes and you still don't know where the story is going or what's the point of all of it. Full of open questions. Definitely do not recommend.

Kamil_An 6 May 2022

Before I jump right into it, I gotta admit that I'm just on episode 3 which doesn't fully justify my rating. I will either increase or decrease the rating when I'm done with this season.

Anyway, the first episode kicked off with a big bang, very promising and wild-looking. It gave awesome vibes, kind of like Agatha Christie's "and then there were none". Unfortunately, episode 2 and episode 3 didn't really bring anything new to the table, in other words, there is absolutely nothing "plot-worthy" within these 80 minutes.

Episode 1 is more or less like an 8.5 and episode 2 and 3 are more like a low 5. Let's see how it progresses from here onward. I'll be back with a proper rating once I'm done with the remaining chunk :)

Edit: Okay, I am done with the remaining 5 episodes of this season and there's not really much I can add to my what I wrote after watching the first 3 episodes, this show definitely lacks plot build-up and a certain climax. So, in other words it's like a not seasoned steak. Bland. Or a straight line. A very huge shame. 5/10.

miro-6 8 May 2022

This title gets a lot of bad reviews but most of the reviews on IMDB come from Americans and I often noticed that they always give bad reviews to what is not an American production, while they give a lot of stars to those stupid, childish, horrible super heros movies like Captain America, a real garbage. American movies have become unwatchable and I'm happy that on Netflix I can watch a lot of cool movies. Most of them from Spain, some from France and a few from other countries. Anyway, let's go back to Eden: Beautiful picture, nice costume, nice cast, not a bad acting at all, intriguing plot. Probably if you are young, a party goer or loving exotic islands or also loving psychedelic, you will enjoy it even more. Keep in mind that I'm 75 and I loved it anyway. If you are a close mind family person, living in some small conservative town, maybe this movie is not for you.

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