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Westworld (2016)

Drama | SciFi 
Rayting:   8.6/10 428465 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Set at the intersection of the near future and the reimagined past, explore a world in which every human appetite can be indulged without consequence.

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Season 3

April 26, 2020Episode 7 Passed Pawn
April 19, 2020Episode 6 Decoherence
April 12, 2020Episode 5 Genre
March 15, 2020Episode 1 Parce Domine

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User Reviews

1Shane_ab1 7 May 2020

This show went from being the most complicated si-fi of the decade to just another action thriller with nothing else

e_s_reyne 7 May 2020

Season 1 was one of the best seasons I've ever seen on television. Ever. Season 2 was forgettable. And season 3 is complete trash. I want to keep liking this show so badly. I love the addition of Aaron Paul and some of the other characters are still interesting, but it seems the show lost all direction just a couple episodes into season 2 and could never find its bearings again. This is not "Westworld" anymore.

TruthSeeker82 12 November 2020

I really liked the first season. Second was fine but the third was quite over dramatic. So my rating is for the first season.

dcarroll74 8 April 2020

Having read the original book (script) and seen the original films, I knew that a televised seried would be different, especially giving the time between both, nearly 40 years. Series 1 and 2 I accepted and actually enjoyed. Series 3, not a hope. It became so convoluted I couldn't understand what was going on, even within a single episode, nevermind over a complete series. I will not be watching the rest, which is a pity considering, I admire Thandie Newton and Ed Harris. Those involved in this production, have done the same as J. Abrahams did to the current Star Trek franchise. Destroyed the original concept, and ruined the current ideal. Welcome to the 21st Century, where dreams are crushed.

floridajeff-73691 5 May 2020

What a miserable letdown. A rambling piece of garbage. Westworld started out great with the actual reason the book was written for. Fantasmical worlds for the rich. It ended up being car chases in LA somewhere. I was waiting for Vin Deisel to drop in. Nothing special at all. Season 3 summary: Intro music and graphics are by far the best part.

tueezslp 25 April 2020

Always thought it cannot get worse - but this predictable, over-constructed, overemotional pile of trash by JJ Abrams is not worth watching!

ANIMEBOI47 27 April 2020

Season one is simply a masterpiece. Season two is pretty bad but not unwatchable and...... season 3.... oh my. It is actually unwatchable. I tried to force my self through it but it was impossible after 5 episodes. It's a shame that a show can go downhill like that and with such good actors and that budget... I guess we all were overhyped for garbage in the end.

SevennDeuce 5 May 2020

Season 1 was the only real good season of this show as many agree. Season 3 is a predictable Hollywood joke, where only Storm Troopers of Star Wars have worse aim than everyone in the show (with the exception of Delores who can hit every target first try with eyes closed). Delores can never be killed, never lose and just speak into her headset to pay enemies off right away. Cringeworthy plot and writing. A sad end to a show that had excellent potential in the first season.

christinafisher-18669 6 May 2020

Season 1 was amazing. Season 2 lost a little luster but still good so for those who hated season 2 oh just wait... season 3 isn't even the same show. All new characters, episodes are all over the place making no progress to whatever point and plot the writers are going for. I feel like I'm watching Terminator and a bad Black Mirror episode. Why all this focus on military and the real world? Get back to the fantasy and sci fi of Westworld!

letshaveagoodtm 29 October 2016

Pay attention, this series explores some very subtle story lines. I was extremely impressed when they introduced the bicameral mind concept when considering consciousness. That is one of the more important concepts when considering the origins of consciousness. I hope they explore this idea in greater detail and especially its implications related to physics. It is rare indeed to have a fictional work undertake such a complex topic without trivializing it. I definitely have to compliment the writers for undertaking such a complex topic and I hope they continue to explore the implications.

Again, IMDb thinks I should add additional lines to my review which is ridiculous. I have offered a clear and concise review and they want an arbitrary number of lines, what kind of idiot makes this a requirement?

vedangsonawane 11 January 2021

9 for S1 & S2 and 6 for S3. S3 seems lost from the original story

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