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When Calls the Heart (2014)

Drama | Romance 
Rayting:   8.1/10 12K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Elizabeth Thatcher, a young school teacher from a wealthy Eastern family, migrates from the big city to teach school in a small coal mining town in the west.

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March 29, 2014star9.1 660 votesS1E12 Prelude to a Kiss
February 21, 2016star9.1 490 votesS3E2 Troubled Hearts
April 10, 2016star9.1 415 votesS3E9 Prayers from the Heart
March 18, 2018star9.1 354 votesS5E5 My Heart Is Yours
April 2, 2017star9.1 319 votesS4E7 Healing Heart
February 22, 2014star9.0 624 votesS1E7 Second Chances
March 8, 2014star9.0 621 votesS1E9 Change of Heart
March 22, 2014star9.0 609 votesS1E11 Rules of Engagement
March 6, 2016star9.0 514 votesS3E4 Heart of a Hero
February 28, 2016star9.0 457 votesS3E3 A Time to Speak
March 27, 2016star9.0 453 votesS3E7 Heartbreak
March 13, 2016star9.0 451 votesS3E5 A Gentle Heart
May 30, 2015star9.0 445 votesS2E5 Heart and Home
February 26, 2017star9.0 409 votesS4E2 Heart of Truth
March 12, 2017star9.0 402 votesS4E4 Change of Heart
March 26, 2017star9.0 386 votesS4E6 My Heart Will Go On
February 8, 2014star8.9 648 votesS1E5 The Dance
February 15, 2014star8.9 632 votesS1E6 These Games
March 1, 2014star8.9 621 votesS1E8 Perils of the Soloists
March 15, 2014star8.9 606 votesS1E10 Love Comes First

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User Reviews

maryanne111 6 March 2017

I really loved the first season of this show. It was very atmospheric, costumes were great and all the faces were naturally beautiful. Then suddenly all the women look like they're just out of a beauty salon. Lots of makeup, crispy clean and new clothes, fancy Hollywood hairstyles. There's no way pioneer women looked like that. It's so disappointing they ruined the atmosphere of the frontier town.

LovesMyGarden 7 May 2019

PLEASE do something about the characters' hair and makeup. It's distracting to watch a period piece (100 years ago?) with 2019 hair, makeup and wardrobe. You can do better.

sdw61 22 February 2014

I was beginning to think family type series were truly a thing of the past, but when the series, "When Calls the Heart" finally began, I found a show that resembles the type of shows from the past that I still love! Thank you, Hallmark for bringing a a show to the 21st century with values of the past. It is decent, heart-warming, and one you look forward to seeing on a weekly basis, just like shows from the 70's and 80's. My family and I have gotten to the point that the only television series we enjoy watching is by purchasing DVD's of shows from the past like the "Waltons", "Little House on the Prarie", or "Anne of Green Gables" and watching them for hour long entertainment.

Hallmark, I appreciate you bringing a wonderful series with a thoughtful script and great actors/actresses to television. You are wise to acknowledge a market of weekly series that are family friendly, which has been greatly lacking for quite some time!

adnil-2 9 March 2014

It is so refreshing to see a wholesome, quality show on the air. This show is reminiscent of the "Little House On The Prairie" days - not surprising given who's involved in bringing it to us!

This is one of those shows that appeals to all age groups; it's one that the family can sit down and watch together. It's great to finally have one of those again.

The cast and crew of this show is superb. The show is very well done and is set in a gorgeous location.

I cannot recommend this show enough and hope that its success in Season One means that more Seasons are coming.

This is one of those shows that I will be purchasing when it comes out on DVD/Blueray. It's one that I want in my collection.

ronalamont-91472 30 May 2019

As I now read that others have had the same problems with the staging of this series as I have, I feel compelled to give it a low rating. I love "family values" programming and I am so disappointed not to be able to get behind this series I've come to very late.... but I can't. Even the dialogue and some action by some characters are too modern so it completely ruins it for me. I'm a costume designer and make-up artist for TV and commercials and it's truly unforgivable in my opinion. The producers need to visit the set of "Murdoch Mysteries" for a bit of "movie" authenticity.

janet2 10 November 2015

I came across this when scrolling through channels and was confused which time period it was set in. Not until I saw the cars did I realise it was set in the early 1900s.

The hair and makeup of the women and even the hair of the men, are not of this period. The women's hairstyles are very much of the current era and their makeup/eyeshadow too.

This series had great potential but I find these basic errors completely off-putting.

Even the language/slang used are too modern.

Poor show!

Joziesjewelry 9 March 2014

I am officially a When Calls the Heart addict! I can't get enough. I watch nearly everything on the Hallmark Channel, so last fall when they showed the movie that starred Stephen Amell and Maggie Grace I, of course, watched it & fell in love! I then got all of the books by Janette Oke & read them practically without putting them down! (Yes, I do work & it really interfered! LOL) I eagerly anticipated the series as they advertised it for what seemed like forever. This is a series that has struck a chord in my heart that's long been unfulfilled. I have always been a fan of Little House on the Prairie, The Walton's and the Love Comes Softly series. I wish I lived in those times when life was much more simple and people really did love their neighbor. This new series, When Calls the Heart, is what I've been wanting for a long time - good family programming that I don't have to censor or watch it when others aren't around because I'm ashamed of it's content. This is a time when men were chivalrous, women were strong and children did as they were told out of respect for their elders. It's such a nice change from what we see on other programs that are on right now. I'm praying that Hallmark & other channels realize that there are people out there longing for this kind of programming. I'll be so heartbroken if this doesn't get a second season. So, for now, I'm loving me some clean romance between the pretty schoolteacher Elizabeth & the handsome gentleman, Jack. Love that smile & the red Mountie jacket! Loving Lori Laughlin too - she's always been great!

jojobajess 4 June 2018

I used to love Jeanette Oke's books. I love historical fiction. But I hate cheap movies and shallow acting. I got into the series for Season 1, but Season 2 is driving me crazy. Their loose wavy hair and highlights that suddenly everyone wears is inaccurate and awfully inconvenient- you can't cook or do chores with hair in your face. The clothing went wrong as well. The fake eyelashes. The makeup. The shallow stories. All causing me to fast-forward through most of the show to see what happens. Why doesn't Jack ever wear his Mounty uniform anymore? Rosemary is annoying as hell, I do hope she leaves. The fake love interests that are supposed to be conflicting but are not convincing at all just need to go away. As usual, I need to learn to turn off the TV and go back to reading.

cjcoxpro 3 March 2019

I enjoy the characters and the enjoyable stories. And I look forward to watching it!


Its view of "family values" is a thinly veiled pitch for strong Christian messaging. Lots of prayer vigils and "God has a plan". This has kicked into overdrive in the past 2-3 seasons. I respect people of all faiths but don't like being preached at. Isn't it possible to have family values irrespective of religion?

Although Season 1 talked about challenges of outhouses and presumably lack of plumbing, all the ladies walk around with gorgeous highlighted hair (worn down rather than put up as per ladies of that era). I guess they wash their hair in the pond or spend time every day hauling and heating water for a bath, lol. They also have full modern and overdone makeup, and gorgeous clothes in a presumably small and simple town. Even one of the men who is clearly over 50 has dyed hair. It reminds me of the old Bonanza and Gunsmoke days where the women were dolled up in 60s hairstyles lol.

Lots of staging issues too. For instance, in the small mining cabins of Season 1, today they have a Harry Potter-like magical morph of a large interior in the tiny little exterior. Seems like a 1500 sqft interior in a 400 sqft shell.

Look, it's a sweet storyline and I'm not seeking gritty reality in this show. But SOME attempt at minor realism would be nice.

crystal-trigg 19 March 2014

FINALLY!!!!!!! This is filled with something for everyone in the family, love, drama, suspense, comedy. My family is hooked! It is safe for littles to watch and that is what I love most, We won't watch a show our children cannot watch, so our viewing is limited a lot. This is an amazing show and our whole family loves it. Our children learn some history in it along the way as well. How many children 7 and under do you hear playing using the term "Constable"????? Oh yes our children use that term regularly now! Our children even desired to write by the light of the lantern only just like Miss Thatcher....they wanted to experience "the old days"! Thank you Hallmark for your family friendly viewing! You have a family of new fans!

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