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Who Killed Sara? (2021)

Rayting:   6.6/10 11K votes
Country: Mexico
Language: English

Hell bent on exacting revenge and proving he was framed for his sister's murder, Álex sets out to unearth much more than the crime's real culprit.

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March 24, 2021star8.1 263 votesS1E8 Where Dreams Become Reality
March 24, 2021star7.7 258 votesS1E10 Two Graves
March 24, 2021star7.5 242 votesS1E6 Hunting
March 24, 2021star7.5 228 votesS1E9 Watch the World Burn
March 24, 2021star7.4 274 votesS1E3 Love, Sara
March 24, 2021star7.4 256 votesS1E5 Life Insurance
March 24, 2021star7.4 255 votesS1E4 The Monster in the Family
March 24, 2021star7.3 299 votesS1E2 Bad People
March 24, 2021star7.3 235 votesS1E7 Fear and Guilt
March 24, 2021star7.0 375 votesS1E1 It Wasn't a Mistake
May 19, 2021star6.8 197 votesS2E1 The Two Faces of Sara
May 19, 2021star6.7 158 votesS2E4 It's All on You
May 19, 2021star6.7 152 votesS2E6 This Is Personal
May 19, 2021star6.6 166 votesS2E2 Blood on Their Hands
May 19, 2021star6.6 158 votesS2E3 Collapse
May 19, 2021star6.6 156 votesS2E5 The Dead Speak
May 19, 2021star6.5 150 votesS2E7 We Were Never Friends
May 19, 2021star5.8 211 votesS2E8 I Killed Sara

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User Reviews

tommyrizzuto 3 April 2021

I think some other reviewers who were quick to call this series awful are unfamiliar with the undying influence of the telenovela on dramas from Latin America. This show isn't going to win any Golden Globes because it's not meant to be Peak TV. It's meant to be entertaining, juicy TV! I enjoyed it quite a bit because once you accept it for what it is, you can navigate the twists and turns of the mystery without overanalyzing. I've definitely seen worse and had lots of fun while watching!

amitesh-jasrotia 12 April 2021

A fast-paced show where most characters are deplorable and hide heinous secrets.

Even with all the unnecessary, b-grade sleaze thrown in, the show manages to keep you hooked. But just when you think you are nearer to the big revelation, the director moves the goalposts, leaving you with a tantalizing feeling.

The show has its fair share of plot-holes and absurdities, too. Would you ever expect a person to turn into a computer genius - capable of designing cloning apps, hacking into CCTV camers - after they have spent 18 years in a Mexican prison? No? This show makes it all possible.

A discernible viewer will likely switch over after one or two episodes. A large majority like me, will go on for the sake of cheap thrills.

eleester 29 March 2021

I had high hopes after reading the synopsis to this series. It had quite an interesting plot. But by the 3rd episode I realised that this was an absolute trashy of a show. The narrative tried to create a sense of unpredictable plot turns, but it ended up not making any cohesive sense. It was starting to show how cheap the script was and how shallow the characters motivation were. Throw in senseless sex scenes, clearly to boost viewership, which also goes to show the shallow production mindset too. In a nutshell, this is a 'polished' telenovela with bad plots and lacking any real conviction as a murder mystery. Skip i!

jiballini64 4 April 2021

Lots of sex for the sake of it and not really for any part of the story with many a naked buttock thrown in. The story is a bit all over the shop with really bad baddies, some terrible acting (especially the Radolpho character), a dopey "goodie", a gay couple (of course), a curious teenager and an evil mother. It's rubbish but can fill a few hours.

qui_j 28 March 2021

This is your usual Mexican Telenovela masquerading as a murder mystery. The usual Tele characters are present e.g wealthy but evil and ruthless "Patron", his scheming wife, useless Scion son, and a few poor friends and relatives. The acting is insufferably bad, and the wigs and toupees even worse! This is standard telenovela fare where there's a lot of crying in every scene....it's just mandatory! The newer telenovelas like this one have also started to use Gay characters but they are not usually portrayed in a good light. The editing is choppy and makes no sense, as do many of the plot twists which require the viewers to suspend every bit of logic and intelligence! One has to wonder where Netflix finds these really silly series....and even worse, decides to stream them globally!

fateswebb 28 March 2021

The show is about a guy who spent the last 18 years in prison..

And he is now an elite hacker that can hack cellphones and computers and type at 140 wpm..

Except when he went into prison computers and cellphones were not even really a thing. Computers were very basic and computer hacking wasn't even invented yet, there was no internet etc.. and cellphones also you would have had NO reason to hack someone cellphone.

But somehow the guys is an expert. Complete nonsense. And laughable.

So it makes absolutely NO sense at all.

But if you can look past that glaring stupidity of the plot.. it's actually a really good show.

jjntavares 2 April 2021

Very bad plot. No realistic characters and poor dialogues. Lots of clichés and stereotypes.

And above all, terrible acting.

Summing up: bad, very bad.

AudioFileZ 31 March 2021

A lot is missing here. It's not budget particularly, but substance. This story is stupid and the amateur acting is even worse. I did not think I could watch the entire first episode. I did however because it was approaching the morbid curiosity level. I suffered another episode just to see how bad this would go. I wasn't disappointed in it's downward spin. I'd look at dirt about as enthusiastically as this movie.

performancehuntershow 31 March 2021

The guy starts his all out revenge from his old family house that his entire enemies know, gave it one episode, that's it moved on.

chiaraa 26 March 2021

This Mexican - and not Spanish as someone said - production could be the usual crime/family saga story, nothing new but ok to spend a few hours without thinking too much.

But... some unbelievable elements (how the main character had access to evidence and information on his own case while in prison?) and a lot, I mean, LOT , of useless sex scenes, not even remotely interesting under an aesthetic or erotic point of view, ruin everything and make you rush to reach the end, have the guilty revealed and turn the tv off.

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