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With Love (2021)

Rayting:   7.5/10 1.2K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Follows the Diaz siblings, Lily and Jorge, who are on a mission to find love and purpose. The Diaz siblings cross paths with seemingly unrelated residents during some of the most heightened days of the year the holidays.

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Season 1

December 16, 2021Episode 4 Independence Day
December 16, 2021Episode 3 Valentine's Day
December 16, 2021Episode 2 New Year's Eve
December 16, 2021Episode 1 Nochebuena

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Top 20 (Ranked)

December 16, 2021star8.9 51 votesS1E5 Día De Los Muertos
December 16, 2021star8.7 47 votesS1E2 New Year's Eve
December 16, 2021star8.7 41 votesS1E4 Independence Day
December 16, 2021star8.5 62 votesS1E1 Nochebuena
December 16, 2021star8.3 46 votesS1E3 Valentine's Day

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User Reviews

arod_85 20 December 2021

I agree with another reviewer that the actors are what make this show. The storylines have all been done before in other shows and probably have even been done better, but this show is just so endearing. I like every character in their own right. It is "woke" and ignores some complications and conversations that would probably come up in real life, but the show doesn't go overboard about cramming it down your throat and I actually think it is LBTQ friendly, but can still be easily enjoyed by a straight person, because I enjoyed it. I hope for a season 2.

Avidviewer-02847 23 December 2021

Five episodes on the Diaz family as they celebrate the major holidays in one year. Unlike many Latino series it's not set in LA or Miami or NYC, this is set in Portland, OR. Parts of it get soap opera-ish but for the most part the writing and acting are ok.

It's not about drugs or gangs or any of the other Latino stereotypes that are portrayed on TV, it's about a family. I enjoyed the "Baker and the Beauty" more, but tragically ABC didn't renew it. Glad this series is on Netflix, it has a better chance of getting renewed.

lineart-12973 23 December 2021

Great potential but you are constantly assaulted with many of the characters self-centered, narcissistic drama. Super uptight family. Not even close to being a comedy when, so far, none of it made me actually laugh. I'm most of the way thru the first episode and calling it quits.

ronterry55 18 December 2021

I am enjoying this Latinx series. Each episode takes place on a holiday throughout a year. We are introduced to the Latin Diaz family through gay son Jorge, Jr and his sister, Lily. They traverse through finding love while surrounded by interwoven stories about their relatives. It is predictable, but fun to watch during this holiday season. Five episodes fly by. It is well acted and I am happy to see gay and trans characters played by out gay and trans actors.

rayberny-30677 27 December 2021

Another success for Gloria Kellett. She has a fantastic way of depicting the Latin community, so much so that I see myself and my family in this show. She's accurate and sensitive with these characters, who like the rest of us, are navigating relationships. I didn't want it to end as I was so invested in all the characters and their storylines. Binge worthy.

tqlrse-956-221500 18 December 2021

The cast is awesome and the writing is great I can actually see myself in the older married couple and it is great to see the struggle they are going through and the whole family dynamics. I just want more episodes.

gjw-17823 31 December 2021

This is the series we all need. Love. So much anger and hatred today for no reason. This show celebrates life and love across gender, sexual orientation, race, and age! Must watch for the whole family. I hope it gets a second season.

mfonsecamalavasi 19 December 2021

I'm halfway through the first episode. The dialogue feels stereotypical (in terms of sexuality-the way the gay character is represented, gender-women's main concern is getting a man and even in its portrayal of Latinx culture). The story is therefore very commonplace except with Latinx characters using Spanish words here and there in a way that will very conveniently be understandable to a mainstream audience (I'm Latina myself). Not on the level of rawness and realness of One Day at a Time, which I was expecting.

As another reviewer said, if this had been sold to me as a Hallmark-type movie with Latinx characters I think I would be much more pleased as my expectations would have been better adjusted.

It reminds me a lot of Mindy Kaling's Four Weddings... in the sense that it's a visually stunning tv show with a very conventionally attractive characters, an extremely conventional plot structure and a weird timing that feels slow and doesn't favor the jokes. Both shows are trying hard to be contemporary but lack any real-world authenticity in the portrayal of the characters.

Again, feel free to watch, expecting a hallmark or abc family (it does have some drama) type of tv show with very pretty people all looking for love. I might even continue watching with that mindset.

dootor 2 January 2022

I really wanted to love this but the more I watch, the more it felt like I was moving away from reality! Nothing about this show portrays actuality. Too much meaningless drama and talk about nothing, felt like I was watching a bunch of narcissist talk about themselves. Also, season one, episode one is the worst acting I have ever seen.

scmartin-20198 20 December 2021

This is a wonderful series to watch! Perfect for the holidays. I binged in one night and enjoyed every episode. Thanks for representing everyone! Your series is "real." This Cuban American princess gives With Love a perfect 10!

stephskelton-06146 1 January 2022

If you're looking for big drama this is not the show for you. If you want a warm and hygge type hug - give it a watch. The characters are all likeable and relatable even if some of the storylines are cliche. Who cares! I still loved it.

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