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Yasuke (2021)

Animation | Adventure 
Rayting:   6.3/10 4.2K votes
Country: Japan | USA
Language: English

He came from Africa and fought alongside a mighty feudal lord in brutal 16th century Japan. They called him the Black Samurai, and he became a legend.

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Season 1

April 29, 2021Episode 6 Balance
April 29, 2021Episode 5 Pain & Blood
April 29, 2021Episode 4 A Long Road
April 29, 2021Episode 3 Mortal Sins
April 29, 2021Episode 2 The Old Way
April 29, 2021Episode 1 Ronin

Best Yasuke Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

April 29, 2021star7.0 225 votesS1E1 Ronin
April 29, 2021star7.0 184 votesS1E2 The Old Way
April 29, 2021star6.8 158 votesS1E3 Mortal Sins
April 29, 2021star6.8 149 votesS1E4 A Long Road
April 29, 2021star6.7 149 votesS1E5 Pain & Blood
April 29, 2021star6.5 145 votesS1E6 Balance

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User Reviews

rileyiscool 30 April 2021

I thought oh wow, an historical anime about a story of the first black samari this should be awesome right? No. Within the first 5 seconds I knew they messed up. ROBOTS, MAGIC AND FANTASY!? Are you kidding me. Instead of being original and telling a deep story of struggle and war they give us this. And Instead of focusing on the "main" character who they try to show off in all marketing I feel like it's lacking we just get bits and pieces of his life but it's not the main focus. Which I feel like would have been way more interesting than this fantasy plot line. Just disappointed...

leon211-530-111150 1 May 2021

Netflix made sure to inform everbody that Grammy Award Winning producer Flying Lotus executive produced this series, and provided its entire OST.

Yet when the show released it took minutes to realize something is wrong.

Some of the shots, including stills, look beautiful, yet the animations are stiff and lifeless The english voice acting is not very enjoyable, gladly I could switch to German which is better in my opinion.

The trailers painted this as a grand epic with incredible Lo Fi beats, akin to cult classic Afro Samurai, great action and an interesting supernatural touch.

But the series itself goes nowhere. Episodes end at random, the pacing is not great and the production quality is all over the place.

I wanted to make this review to call Netflix out on this.

They went out of their way to advertise this with the FlyLo OST. Yet the trailer music isn't even in the series, nor on the album. They put all of the best action and shots in the trailers.

I expected to at least get some enjoyment from anime fights with a good soundtrack from this, sadly it doesn't provide anything of the above.

Stay clear of Yasuke. Just play the album on Spotify and watch something worth your time.

jdg-94922 29 April 2021

Was pretty excited for this because the trailer looked cool but it ended up being pretty bad. The animation is the only decent thing, the story and the characters are unintereating and it just gives off a weird vibe, it's like they were stuck inbetween wanting make an anime or an american cartoon.

nnspvp 1 May 2021

So disappointed with this one. There was no character development at all. It should have been about his journey to become a samurai leading up to the war depicted in the first episode. That would have been a lot more interesting than the fantasy elements they added. It had potential to be an experience but feels more like something they threw together with ideas everybody in the room had when it was being written. I wanted and expected to be submerged into Yasuke's journey as the only black samurai in Japan.

simouchemawas 10 May 2021

It could have been really great anime but the story just isn't there, there's no plot, it feels really empty. It's okay to add some fantasy and magic, I loved Doro, Castlevania, Blood Of Zeus, Basilisk, Ninja Scrolls or Afro Samurai, but this...

Furthermore this story could have work with any other characters than Yasuke the black samurai which means that there is either something wrong with him being in the story or with the story itself (who is just a big mess).

It would have been really great to follow the story of such a famous historical character, from his struggles as a slave from another continent to samurai.

After finishing the 5th episodes I had to create an IMBD account to write this.

To conclude : Wasted potential and it's a bit sad

PS : The animation is good and the sword fights are well made.

PSS : What the hell, there are robots but no gun powders and rifles ? I love some anachronies like in Afro Samurai but this was just useless honneslty. It doesn't serve any part of the plot it's just here for no reasons like a vibro in a restaurant.

neominka 30 April 2021

I was excited to see the historical story of Yasuke... But the first episode immediately started off with mechs and magic, which was not explained? Then there are parts which look historical, so when it cuts between the robots and historical stuff it feels like watching 2 animes accidentally run through a blender.

Can't watch this past ep 1, super wasted potential.

Only giving a 1 point extra because the main character is pretty cool, I just wish it was completely about him...

poinla37 30 April 2021

I was pretty excited to watch this show, especially after the intro scene with a Demon army, superpowers, mechanicals soldiers and good fights.

Then, I lost interest after 3 episodes. The story id really bland, uninteresting and predictable. You have nice character design and potential great character developpement, but eventually, it's just to show off and tick cases.

That's not the first "international" anime-like series from Netflix and they're all very disappointing. But I guess Netflix is more interested in mass producing easily watched-easily forgotten series, rather than quality and long-term series.

meeskamstra 29 April 2021

Okay so this anime sounded soo good when i forst heard about it. But it is the worst thing ive seen all year. There is no substance, no themes, no interesting chracters, nothing. And ot gives you a samurai story with pourly executed sci-fi elements and bad writing. The whole story is incredibly predictable and uninteresting. And the worst part is the ex-machina girl that saves the day whenever someone is in trouble with her unexplained magic powers.

There are a few things that are good. The soundtrack by flying lotus is incredible and the animation is good. The flashbacks are kinda interesting and thats about it. Very bad and dissapointing.

nacnud1978 4 May 2021

I decided to watch this with the hope it would hold me over until Castlevania S4 comes out in a couple of weeks. Despite its three-hour duration, I should have trusted my instincts and quit after the third episode instead of trudging my way through the second half just to see how it ends. It's so disjointed that it felt like there was an episode missing between the fourth and fifth instalment. Solid animation can't distract you from bland voice acting and lazy script.

k5ith 6 May 2021

This anime could've been a 7 or 8 out of 10 but I give it a 2. Literally nothing was REALLY about Yasuke BECOMING the legendary black samurai. It was already established. Why? Him becoming the LEGENDARY BLACK SAMURAI is wayyyyyyy more interesting than whatever the actual plot is. The themes they could've touched on with prejudice and so many serious tones this series could've had. Instead, it's just a generic fantasy story with magic that is never explained and robots. Why are there robots? His backstory was told every now and then as a flashback, but that was even more interesting than the actual plot.

The only good things this show had to offer was:

  • The animation
  • The score
MAPPA studio's and Flying Lotus really pulled through, but the story did nothing. It didn't even make sense. A waste of time, 2/10.

cameronscarlett 29 April 2021

Looked exciting from the trailer. The English voice acting for the main character is so bad you'll want to watch in Japanese with subtitles instead. The story is boring, not sure what else to say about it. There isn't anything interesting enough to dissect or interpret. Very cliche.

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