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You (2018)

Crime | Romance 
Popularity 8
Rayting:   7.7/10 165K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A dangerously charming, intensely obsessive young man goes to extreme measures to insert himself into the lives of those he is transfixed by.

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December 26, 2019star9.1 3368 votesS2E9 P.I. Joe
December 26, 2019star8.9 3135 votesS2E8 Fear and Loathing in Beverly Hills
December 26, 2019star8.7 3435 votesS2E10 Love, Actually
November 11, 2018star8.7 3358 votesS1E10 Bluebeard's Castle
November 4, 2018star8.7 3096 votesS1E9 Candace
December 26, 2019star8.4 2432 votesS2E7 Ex-istential Crisis
September 9, 2018star8.3 4190 votesS1E1 Pilot
December 26, 2019star8.3 3077 votesS2E1 A Fresh Start
October 14, 2018star8.2 2954 votesS1E6 Amour Fou
December 26, 2019star8.2 2436 votesS2E4 The Good, the Bad, & the Hendy
September 16, 2018star8.1 3424 votesS1E2 The Last Nice Guy in New York
October 7, 2018star8.1 2943 votesS1E5 Living with the Enemy
December 26, 2019star8.1 2366 votesS2E6 Farewell, My Bunny
December 26, 2019star8.0 2599 votesS2E2 Just the Tip
December 26, 2019star8.0 2372 votesS2E5 Have a Good Wellkend, Joe!
September 23, 2018star7.9 3195 votesS1E3 Maybe
October 28, 2018star7.8 2757 votesS1E8 You Got Me Babe
December 26, 2019star7.8 2471 votesS2E3 What Are Friends For?
October 21, 2018star7.7 2802 votesS1E7 Everythingship
September 30, 2018star7.5 3030 votesS1E4 The Captain

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User Reviews

divyacutie 13 October 2018

I love this! It's dark but yet sexy at the same time. Penn does an amazing job narrating and he makes creepy seem alluring. I can't think of any other actor who'd do a better job.

dina_bosma 28 December 2019

Main characters were much more convincing than the ones in the first season. Thrilling again and hoping for a next season.

nevynh 11 September 2018

I watched this without expectation. I hadn't heard of the book. I hadn't seen any previews or descriptions. What i found was a pleasantly dark show. It's uncomfortable and unpredictable and has what is hopefully an amazing story to tell from a unique perspective.

We're put into the head of a stalker who seems to be a hair's width away from violence. The tension is held well.

But what REALLY made it feel uncomfortable for me was a rather odd choice from the network. Swearing is censored out. There are these conspicuous blanks in the dialogue. It had me obsessing. When you've got a show this dark, who the hell do they think they're going to offend with a little swearing? Are they expecting kids to be up watching it? It's content is far more offensive than swearing could ever be.

Apart from that one VERY annoying point, it's a brilliantly put together show. I'm looking forward to watching more (though I'll probably find myself swearing at the TV about the missing dialogue).

miriklein2003 27 December 2019

Season 1 was okay, entertainable. Didn't like Beck at all though.

Season 2 is more mature and Love is a great character (great actress). The season is more thrilling and the story isn't that cheesy. Really enjoyed it!

sam-braco 11 September 2018

Great acting. Inventive storytelling. Truly unsettling and underlyinglg creepy. I can't wait to see where this show goes.

cc0077 10 February 2021

I personally liked season 1 much better than season 2, because in season 1, Joe's character was just so new and unique, I was just so invested in finishing the season. I'm not saying I didn't enjoy season 2, however I was able to expect some of Joe's actions, and I was just able to see some sort of pattern in his actions. But I still would like to watch season 3, and I am very excited for it!!

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