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Young Sheldon (2017)

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Meet a child genius named Sheldon Cooper; (already seen as an adult in The Big Bang Theory (2007)) and his family. Some unique challenges face Sheldon who seems socially impaired.

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November 8, 2018star8.2 783 votesS2E8 An 8-Bit Princess and a Flat Tire Genius
February 20, 2020star8.2 648 votesS3E16 Pasadena
November 30, 2017star8.1 1171 votesS1E6 A Patch, a Modem, and a Zantac
October 17, 2019star8.1 679 votesS3E4 Hobbitses, Physicses and a Ball with Zip
November 5, 2020star8.1 630 votesS4E1 Graduation
May 6, 2021star8.1 445 votesS4E17 A Black Hole
October 4, 2018star8.0 856 votesS2E3 A Crisis of Faith and Octopus Aliens
November 7, 2019star8.0 657 votesS3E6 A Parasol and a Hell of an Arm
January 16, 2020star8.0 648 votesS3E12 Body Glitter and a Mall Safety Kit
December 21, 2017star7.8 1021 votesS1E9 Spock, Kirk, and Testicular Hernia

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User Reviews

heatherc6921 3 October 2017

I don't know what everyone else's problem is, but my husband and I watched the opener and loved it. It was cute and funny and I personally love the fact that Jim Parsons is narrating. We are both huge BBT fans and are especially fond of Sheldon, and we thought this was a great episode and can't wait to see more. The only thing I'm irritated with is that they're waiting a whole month to air the next episode. That is just ridiculous to me!

aledrien 2 October 2017

Not sure how people are crapping on this show,.. it is wholesome,charming and reminds me of a better version of Wonder Years..

how they made a better version of wonder years i have no idea,.. but here it is,..

maybe it's the influx of mindless remakes and zombie movies since early 2000s that have made people forget what good programming / writing and Casting look like!?

dino-141 23 March 2018

When I first read about plans for a TBBT spinoff, I did not think that it would work in a million years. Maybe the reason so many people are disappointed is the huge difference in tone - and the fact that young Sheldon is way too cute. While TBBT is more or less a nerdy version of Friends, Young Sheldon is more like a classic family comedy with typical family problems and the special task of raising an Asperger genius. The key ingredients are the same as in TBBT though - fresh humor, well defined characters and a brilliant cast. For me the best new show of the season.

munchere-260-598799 2 February 2018

I have a problem with the reviewers complaining about how Sheldon is such a brat and at the same time say they watch TBBT. If they watch that show then they must know Sheldon is a brat. In this show, though, we have a 9 year old version of a bratty Sheldon. In both cases he isn't bratty because he's spoiled or mean hearted. He's bratty because he's a genius and a social simpleton. That's the point. I Iiked the show right off but I can also say that it has improved as these brief, less than 30 minute, episodes are able to develop the characters and relationships more. One reviewer complained about the lack of character development after only watching the first show! I also think the actor playing young Sheldon is doing a great job. As with the adult Sheldon the young Sheldon is sincere, wants to be good, knows his own mind but also knows that he doesn't understand social norms and so listens to those close to him although he reserves the right to not accept those norms. I enjoy the family dynamic and the situations that arise because he's special. This family is much more realistic than the Malcom in the Middle family, a show one reviewer touted as being at a level this show couldn't come up to. The characters in MITM were ridiculously stupid. The characters in Young Sheldon each ha ve a unique personality and do things that you have seen others do or can imagine others doing, like Sheldon's brother trying chewing tobacco, repeatedly spitting it out in disgust then saying "I must be doing something wrong". The writing warms the heart as we watch a family moving past disagreements and difficulties caused by their special Sheldon - all realizing that they love him and he's family which is more important than those disagreements and difficulties.

jessicadavis-25909 21 January 2020

While I agree with the criticisms other reviewers have said about young Sheldon , I enjoy the supporting cast very much especially MeeMaw and Georgie . I'm guessing the creators couldn't manage to snag Laurie Metcalf for her iconic role as Mary Cooper , which makes for the very big shoes to fill (her real life daughter does however, do a good job) .... Anyway , good clean family viewing is very far and few in between so I'm grateful for this show .

victorlk-07636 13 February 2018

I like the original TBBT series, but Young Sheldon is a huge step forward from a comedy to a realistic documentally description of Sheldon's life, naturalistic pages of americans life in 80-th. One of the best series ever created. My congratulations to director and other guys which are involved in these series creation.

chrisalgar 16 October 2017

I thought it was a great first episode and a brilliant idea. There's so many ways this show can go if done correctly. Taken a character already loved and showing us all the bits we hear pieces from on The Big Bang Theory. I think it was a bit reckless using an actor from The Big Bang Theory to star in a different role in this spin off but can put that down to me being picky.

Overall I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to seeing where the series goes!

cherold 27 September 2017

I was surprised how many people dislike the pilot. I thought it was an interesting idea done well. And now that I've watched six episodes, I feel fully justified in saying this is terrific television.

The show centers on the childhood of The Big Bang Theory's high- functioning autistic genius Sheldon Cooper. Sheldon is a quirky savant in a very ordinary family with a religious mom and a puzzled dad. Too smart for his peers, the 9-year-old Sheldon is boosted to high school, where he promptly alienates everyone.

Some people complain that Sheldon is too annoying, but why would you want a series about a young Sheldon if you didn't want to see someone annoying? I find the kid version less irritating, primarily because he is powerless and thus is not, like his adult counterpart, bullying and browbeating and insulting his friends to get his way. Young Sheldon is just trying to survive and, more importantly, learn.

In fact, my main concern is that Sheldon seems a little too normal. He's got some funny habits and is a bit obsessive, but I would have expected someone far *more* obnoxious and weird. He really just seems precocious and socially clueless.

I wasn't surprised that Sheldon is socially inept or sometimes rude - if you are, then once again I have to ask why on earth you watched this show. I was surprised at the sweetness of the series. Sheldon's mom is wonderfully understanding and supportive, and even his dad has occasional moments of rough, loving insight.

Some people have said there aren't any jokes in this series, but it's actually very funny. No, there aren't any Catskills comics material, but if you think there are no jokes I think you just need the BBT's laugh track.

vincent-u16 14 May 2019

Young Sheldon will make your heart melt. It will make you smile, laugh, cry, ... but most of all it will make you feel so warm and full of love.

This show is so much more than a television series about the young version of Sheldon Cooper. This show is actually completely independent from The Big Bang Theory. It's so much more than the regular comedies.

If you haven't watched it yet, even if you have never seen The Big Bang, go watch this show right now and let yourself be overwhelmed with love.


technutt 25 July 2019

I was slow to try this one -- a show about Sheldon can be too much Sheldon. But it is very well done. Love that there's no laugh track!

Rashazemun 13 October 2017

Will be interesting to watch and to enjoy. That said, i have to mention other reviews that tells me more about people these days. So, basic human reaction according to these people on IMDb commenting this show is when you see someone smarter than you, is to kick him, shut him up, make him stop, tell him he is weird, etc. It scares them and makes them angry at the same time, even though it's an imaginary kid on a TV show. What did this world come to?

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