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Younger (2015)

Rayting:   7.8/10 18633 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

After being mistaken for younger than she really is, a single mother decides to take the chance to reboot her career and her love life as a 26 year old.

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loveovel 25 July 2015

I'm not sure if this is true for others, but the first review that comes up for me describes the show as unrealistic and promoting sleeping around, lying, and other debauchery- the main complaints I've seen about this show seem to be that it promotes sex, lying, sleeping around etc. or is ageist and sexist. What these reviewers seem to believe is that the show is either a guide to life that must teach morals directly, or that it is apparently not a tongue-in- cheek comedy using stereotypes to make social commentary in a humorous way. It is not a how-to guide on being a woman in today's world, and since it isn't a children's show, I don't see why anyone would be concerned that the characters are not all traditionally moral, conservative individuals. I, personally, prefer characters that make mistakes, grow, learn, and change, and have diverse viewpoints. This show has that, and for what it's worth, the main protagonist is neither 'slutty' nor wildly amoral and evil, but is instead rather 'normal' and sympathetic.

I would say that the show is witty, humorous, and at times thought- provoking. The characters are, in fact, more complex than the stereotypes they portray, and anything seemingly sexist or ageist is done deliberately and self-deprecatingly. Yes, it IS unrealistic that a woman over 40 would have to pretend to be in her 20s to get a job. That's the point. Would anyone really go into watching a show with the premise that a 40 year old divorcée is successfully passing as a 25 year old college grad in order to get a job and expect realism?

The show takes little kernels of reality and makes them more absurd, extreme, and unrealistic in order to present a charming, funny show that still provides some insight into social perceptions.

Also note that I managed to watch and enjoy the entire season without feeling the need to sleep around, lie pathologically, or mock anyone over the age of 40.

perrymartin7 28 July 2018

I am. 50 year old male Truck Driver who watches a lot of Hulu. I found the first four seasons of Younger and have binged them all. I am recording season 5 on my DVR now so I don't moss a thing. The first 2 seasons were amazing season 3 was slow but picked up at the end. This is a guilty pleasure. I only wish I could see more of their lives. There is so much content that they are missing. This is one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. Why did I never hear about this show. EW where was the cover??? Great show. Everything is what I expect in a fantasy based in reality. My question is when do these people sleep. And half their checks must go on taxi and Uber/Lyft. Amazing and full of cliffhangers.

dica-55222 9 June 2015

I find it refreshing to watch a show where the main cast is not overly made up, naked and dramatic, chasing men and talking about fantasy love from fairy tales. It is just a really well made story with a nice cast and plot where women can reflect on our new stance in society and the realities we tend to deny. I love how each role has a normal type and depicts the average life and human desires without going over the top with drama and grotesque scenes. I like how fresh, amusing, casually, and simple the story and its characters just show us a good time and the ironies of being a woman in today's world. The young and older woman with its perks and difficulties,goods and bads. Thumbs up!

Jac23443 10 May 2021

When good things fail, they fail on massive levels; I remember how happy this show would make me when it would announce its upcoming seasons. I loved its quick-wit, big-laughs, and quirky characters. However, the series has really fallen apart, the seventh season is extremely inconsistent, annoying, over-the-top (Fupoo Gruncrapper climate change girl), and makes me so glad the show is over. Its consistency lies in its decline in quality, conflict, and introduction of millennial writers (which were sometimes a little bit too much, or extremely vapid). I am certain after watching this trash-heap, that the show was supposed to end earlier than this... but that is just my opinion. New season is a serious pass... finished it cause I was a fan. Emphasis on WAS.

mylifeuncut 18 May 2015

This show is fun and touches on the challenges of getting older while reminding us to stay young at heart. The main character is a women going through a mid life crisis who is forced to reinvent herself after going thru a divorce to a world that sees her as being washed up, out of touch, and unattractive to the job market and dating scene. Instead of accepting peoples'stereotypes she does a makeover of her life and re brands herself as a energetic highly skilled 26 year old. Too many people as they get older become plagued with responsibility and this show reminds people to get out and live life. We all have a lot of life left to live. We are only as old as we let ourselves be. This show reminds us to live life to the fullest. We cannot let stereotypes tell us what we can and cannot do. Love this show as it is well written and gives people the confidence to make changes and take chances. Highly recommended feel good show.

jlmunoz1 16 June 2015

Generally, the previews interested me. Contemporary, fun, includes the older and younger generation? Very cool! Being a woman, I can see how this would appeal to my gender, but anyone can enjoy it really. I couldn't stop watching after the first episode. It's a bit liberal for my taste, I haven't seen other shows besides Hot in Cleveland on TV Land, but even with the "adult-situations" it's easy to watch, and there's a charm to it that sets it apart from new shows these days. Great actors and actresses for the main roles, Hilary Duff was what drew me in in the first place, but a good show wouldn't be good without who's in it! Just watch, be free, and enjoy it!

shil0500 2 April 2015

Oh come on get a life nay sayers! Show is adorable and shot for 25-60 year old male or females. Very cute premise and spot on casting. If you don't like chick flicks or rom-coms this is not for you!! Sutton Foster is truly a 40 year old who looks 26 & is smoking hot! She pulls off the part perfectly and kicks in enough spice to definitely heat this up a remind you just how sexy a 40 year old can be. Debi Mazar is the perfect sidekick & Hillary Duff kicks in just the right amount of naiveté to her role. I think this show will really start to gel as everyone grows into their rolls. It should have been written as an hour show. Just as the episode starts to hit stride, poof, see ya next week.

UPDATE; 3 Shows & "Rockin" What a fun show! It is gelling & non stop FUN! UPDATE #2 5 SEASON I sure love this show just wish the would they would make it an hour show. OR join the real world & release all so we can binge, lol.

Tell your friends, spread the word. They deserve to be entertained by a well written & witty comedy!

sarahkostadinovska 18 July 2018

Omg!!! I found about this show the other day and literally watched all 5 seasons in 2 days!! The show is amazing. Love everything bout it! Definitely must see.

phynesse72 17 February 2020

I would give 4.5/10 stars if possible. You have to set your expectations low to get anything out of this show. The story lines are predictable and the characters are the stereotypical women you see in these types of shows: the WASP, the zany lesbian, etc...the main character looks so obviously well past 26.

marco-47826 10 March 2021

But I'm getting used to it with these « current » TV shows. Where The Bold Type failed at being Sex and The City 2.0. With its literal way at tackling modern social commentaries. This one did it in a smart and fun way, because it's seen through the eyes of someone from the previous generation, on its early seasons. It's kind of a sitcom, only the writing tries not to be too typical of the genre. Just like SATC was back in the day, on its early episodes. It's no surprise it was released by the same people then. The cast is great, even Hilary Duff, who could look weird for the show (using her songs in some episodes, adds to that impression). But none of them live up to Miriam Shor's comedic timing. She is the real comedy monster of the show. But maybe that's just me. I wasn't too annoyed with the way millennials are depicted and introduced throughout each episodes. Which is a big plus... It's not without flaws, the heroine is a bit annoying sometimes, but the show is nicely written and very entertaining. Until season 4. Season 5 onward is a different story. Let's just say, they couldn't help it, and lost one star from me...

ntuitive 25 April 2015

When I was 40 I looked and felt younger than Sutton Foster and never for one minute felt technologically and culturally challenged next to my 20 something friends. Is that what it's coming down to today that even 40 year old women feel like dinosaurs? Or maybe the message here is that we should. To me, Sex and the City felt empowering. This show is depressing. I am 56 and even at my age I don't want to be told I am out of it for being older. In my own mind I am much younger. It's what you feel, anyway. This character acts and feels older than I do. It's unrealistic. I can't imagine how 40 year old women would feel about someone their age who doesn't know how to set up a Twitter account. Isn't that insulting? Even I know how to do that! This is just a show that confirms age-ist stereotypes. I suppose we're supposed to think it's cute but I just find it depressing.

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