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Your Honor (2020-2021)

Crime | Thriller 
Rayting:   8.1/10 22804 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A judge confronts his convictions when his son is involved in a hit and run that embroils an organized crime family. Facing impossible choices, he discovers how far a father will go to save his son's life.

Episode Guide

Season 1

February 14, 2021Episode 10 Part Ten
February 7, 2021Episode 9 Part Nine
January 31, 2021Episode 8 Part Eight
January 17, 2021Episode 7 Part Seven
January 10, 2021Episode 6 Part Six
January 3, 2021Episode 5 Part Five
December 27, 2020Episode 4 Part Four
December 20, 2020Episode 3 Part Three
December 13, 2020Episode 2 Part Two
December 6, 2020Episode 1 Part One

User Reviews

linzstr 22 January 2021

He ruins the show. What an idiot. And what is it with the pets being killed, injured, dying? Kill the kid, not the animals!

mrc303 30 December 2020

I don't blame the actor playing Adam (the kid), but man is this kid an annoying, unstable, reckless, overly-emotional, scrambled piece of horrible writing. I am 4 episodes in, and I hate this kid as much as any character I have ever seen, but not because he is evil, but because he is the most annoying, icky, poorly written character I have endured for a while. I am still giving the show a 6 at this point, but to be honest, every time this kid comes on screen I start to dislike the show.

This kid is, I think, the person you are supposed to be rooting for, but honestly, I can't wait until the bad guys catch him and he gets written off the show in an unpleasant and satisfying scene.

There are other actors I normally enjoy, who are wildly irritating, and after 4 episodes, I cannot list one character I like at all or even find interesting. At this point, the only thinking keeping me going is the lack of viewable content at the end of 2020, the promise of the actually good concept, and the hope that at least one of these actors will save the abysmally bad writing and boring directing.

I am really hoping for this kid to be written off the show. But, to be honest, the longer I watch this, the more the actions of all the characters are irrational and the scenes are boring. It is increasingly poorly written, and I am losing my patience with it, and I don't think I can recommend this to anyone.

strattonsmith18 6 January 2021

This show is single-handedly ruined by the main kid, Cranston's "son". Literally making one horrible decision after another. Trying my best not to blame the actor for terrible writing, but even his acting is lacking. I know that's harsh, but...damn. Really let down 5 episodes into the first Season. Will update rating higher if anything happens to change my mind...but the show is no greater than a 5 right now. And that's being relatively generous.

sumtim3s00n 28 December 2020

I actually really liked the premise and that it had potential. But it all gets muddled between somewhat silly actions of the father trying to help his son but much much more than that, the absolutely id1otic son, who acts like he is living in a Disney fairyland where he talks to bambi and every morning skips through dew covered meadows with unicorns. On top of that he is dumb as a doorknob and annoying/goes against his father just for the sake of being annoying and stup1d. I understand the shock, the guilt and things like that but they overwrote this kid's innocense beyond belief. , All in all, quality idea, couldve been a good show but its not above average, often drops far below that, mostly due to the kid Adam.

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