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Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist (2020)

Comedy | Musical 
Rayting:   8.2/10 14K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A young woman discovers she has the ability to hear the innermost thoughts of people around her as songs and musical numbers.

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May 3, 2020star9.6 1148 votesS1E12 Zoey's Extraordinary Dad
March 29, 2020star9.2 940 votesS1E8 Zoey's Extraordinary Glitch
May 16, 2021star9.1 336 votesS2E13 Zoey's Extraordinary Goodbye
April 11, 2021star9.0 382 votesS2E9 Zoey's Extraordinary Mystery
May 9, 2021star8.9 296 votesS2E12 Zoey's Extraordinary Session
April 5, 2020star8.7 675 votesS1E9 Zoey's Extraordinary Silence
March 15, 2020star8.7 671 votesS1E6 Zoey's Extraordinary Night Out
January 7, 2020star8.5 1265 votesS1E1 Pilot
April 18, 2021star8.5 257 votesS2E10 Zoey's Extraordinary Girls' Night
February 16, 2020star8.4 761 votesS1E2 Zoey's Extraordinary Best Friend
April 26, 2020star8.3 548 votesS1E11 Zoey's Extraordinary Mother
January 5, 2021star8.3 461 votesS2E1 Zoey's Extraordinary Return
March 1, 2020star8.2 695 votesS1E4 Zoey's Extraordinary Neighbor
February 23, 2020star8.2 683 votesS1E3 Zoey's Extraordinary Boss
March 8, 2020star8.2 612 votesS1E5 Zoey's Extraordinary Failure
March 22, 2020star8.2 584 votesS1E7 Zoey's Extraordinary Confession
April 19, 2020star8.2 565 votesS1E10 Zoey's Extraordinary Outburst
March 28, 2021star8.2 308 votesS2E7 Zoey's Extraordinary Memory
April 4, 2021star8.2 285 votesS2E8 Zoey's Extraordinary Birthday

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User Reviews

DarkVulcan29 8 January 2020

A fun weird interesting premise, just watched the premire episode, and I actually was entertained, not sure on how long it will keep continuing as a series. The musical numbers just kind of jump out at you, and when it comes you really love watching it. Jane Levy brings an enjoyable girlish charm to her role as Zoey, and the rest of the cast are also good.

Zoey(Jane Levy) has a M.R.I., and when a little accident come with it, And after Zoey discovers that she can hear what people are thinking through musical numbers. Zoey is creeped out and at the same time intrigued.

erikanewell 18 February 2020

I am in love with this show. The feelings are so real and I love that unlike Soundtrack this cast actually sings with their own vocals and doesn't lip sync. I'm really glad someone brought this to life.

Ed-Shullivan 9 January 2020

I knew this was going to be a big hit when Mrs. Shullivan stopped hitting her keyboard and started wiping her tear ducts. It takes about 20 minutes into this series pilot episode to understand where this comedy/drama /musical/dance series journey is taking us but what a pleasant ride we are taken on.

Kudos to the team of creative writers and to the choreographers who made me forget how great West Side Story was, and hey, who doesn't like a few Beatles song dropped into Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist?

Jane Levy was so good in her previous TV series, Suburgatory, and she is fantastic in this her new series. The supporting cast is top notch and I see a bright future for this TV series. Stay tuned for some more great musical and dance numbers with top notch story lines. We have a new hit on our hands!

puffin-49843 8 January 2020

Laughed out loud 3 times in the first ten minutes. Then they tug heavily on your heart strings more than one in the next 50 minutes. Laughed several more times.

Good character development for a pilot episode. Looking forward to February 16 for the rest of the season.

ahmedgorshy 23 October 2020

Why not make the great series that deserve a place in the top 250 in imdb ? This show is called love, it has all kinds of feelings and energies, in the moment you find me crying and in the moment I laugh and in the moment I dance and sing this show What we need precisely this period This show is one of these very endreamed shows and it will remain endeared if he does not get the support he deserves A perfect show and Jane Levy and Skyler are the best. Rating: perfect

roadranger 8 January 2020

Only a few minutes in but reminds me of Eli Stone which I loved. Even started out with a Wham tune so I'm guessing it's not a coincidence?

nancyldraper 8 January 2020

{Initial Impression} I think I'm really going to enjoy this series. It is one of the new mid-season replacements, with a quirky fantasy premise that musical theatre people are going to love. The cast is a great mix of established talent (Mary Steenburgen, Lauren Graham) and great young talent. Jane Levy shines and perfectly creates a fully articulate, emotionally full, Zoey. Although this is on the NBC lineup, it is filmed in Canada🇨🇦, therefore, is filled with Canadian support talent🇨🇦. The music is great, performances are great and the premise is fresh and hopeful. Based on the first episode, I rate this series, you guessed it, an 8, (great) out of 10. {Fantasy Drama}

edblackham 9 July 2021

Season One. Fun and edgy. Season Two. Right down the Hollywood playbook. If it was the same writers, maybe they will learn. I doubt it. TV shows that make it, entertain. When they get preachy, the audience finds a better use of their time.

roseybpoetry 11 January 2020

Love this show already. Fun, emotional, colorful and fresh. And yes, the first episode made me cry twice.

BigGuy 8 January 2020

I watched the pilot episode last night and laughed quite a bit. The show is obviously going to be quirky, based on the premise. It will be a few more episodes before we'll see if the musical number concept will hold up, but so far it's working and fun.

The casting has a lot of familiar faces. In particular, I love seeing Mary Steenburgen as Zoey's mother (there is a moment when Zoey and her mom look at her father, and they really look like mother and daughter). Peter Gallagher does a great job as Zoey's locked-in father, especially making the transition from singing back to locked-in. Lauren Graham is also doing a fine job as Zoey's boss, even if the character is a bit too cliched.

Actually, the biggest deficit in the show, based on the pilot, is that many of the characters and situations are too cliched. From the big brassy black woman living next door who dispenses wisdom and insight, to the unrequited love angle, to the boss who sends emails while not really listening. Even the basic arc of Zoey's character is too easy, shy/socially clumsy girl has an unusual thing happen and is suddenly bursting with self-esteem.

I think this show has a lot of potential for fun. It'll be interesting to see how Zoey deals with her ability in the longer term (the pilot covers a week of time). If you like quirky comedies with a healthy does of drama, then this is likely the show for you.

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