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Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan (2021)

Documentary | Adventure 
Rayting:   7.5/10 3.5K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

An exploration of the warring kingdoms of feudal Japan when several powerful warlords fought to become absolute ruler.

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February 24, 2021star7.6 178 votesS1E3 The Demon King
February 24, 2021star7.4 225 votesS1E1 The Rise of Oda Nobunaga
February 24, 2021star7.4 187 votesS1E2 Seize Power/Retain Power
February 24, 2021star7.4 168 votesS1E4 Enter the One-Eyed Dragon
February 24, 2021star7.4 152 votesS1E5 Catastrophe and Annihilation
February 24, 2021star7.4 145 votesS1E6 End of Days

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User Reviews

arteternal 28 February 2021

Watchseries; Call me crazy but for a documentary about Japanese history in the year 2021 it might be a good idea to have more than one Japanese historian as an expert.

Might also help to have the one or two women get more than 30 seconds screen time.

Who made this, The History Channel?

arteternal 28 February 2021

Call me crazy but for a documentary about Japanese history in the year 2021 it might be a good idea to have more than one Japanese historian as an expert.

Might also help to have the one or two women get more than 30 seconds screen time.

Who made this, The History Channel?

shj_1119 26 February 2021

Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan watchseries. Yeah sure, it's a documentary. But this is one of the worst portrayals of Japanese culture and history. Almost no effort to make an accurate portrayals. Movement, hair, battle, style, props, dialogue, pretty much everything about it is incorrect. And one of the historian pronouncing samurai as samyuurai triggers me(also the fact that the score is at 7.6)

ariane-boisvert 2 March 2021

So i went through the reviews and people are offended by the white historians and the dramatic acting/scenes in this series. (Lol)

None of it bothered me, but i know nothing of Japanese history and i enjoy content over presentation. I don't mind a bit of dramatic flair in a scene at all despite it being a historical inaccuracy, i think it broadens the audience to keep more people interested. Plus the series is not going in the details, it's just giving an overview of complex events and politics. At this point acting inaccuracy is not on my mind.

I loved the way this was edited and split into episodes, i watched the series in one sitting it kept me interested! I was delighted to learn more about Japan history, especially since i went to japan not too long ago.

I found it super informative although i couldn't say if it was accurate because i have no prior knowledge. I thought the historians presented it well and since im guessing this is made for a non-Japanese audience it doesn't bother me at all that the historians were Occidental. But to be fair, having more diversity would've been great! I would've loved a Korean or Chinese historian.

The acting was fine in my opinion and so were the sets considering this is made on a documentary budget. The blood added in post looks like they used the little budget they had left but so what, this isnt the point of this documentary.

Honestly watching this made me want to learn more about Japanese history and that's a win in my book!

Calicodreamin 25 February 2021

Well made re-enactments and relevant interviews. The episodes had good flow and kept an even pace. The subject matter was interesting and easy to digest. Interesting to learn about an era of samurai.

Sandalls_51 9 March 2021

Clumsy, inaccurate documentary is a sham. It is an insult to Japans extraordinary history and to Japanese. It's junk, and misleading history. A real shame, as it would have been so easy to do it right.

martinmelladog 1 March 2021

All Japanese history is new to me so everything exposed sounds truthful, as a starting point it was an interesting show and a more dramatic approach, mainly focused on iconic people and their motivations. Context and culture are underdeveloped in my opinion and just linked to war and conquests. It doesn't go deep on samurais persona. It could be any other soldier executing the same wars and it would be irrelevant to the show. When they faced japanese an chinese armies it felt the same, they were just more experienced warriors.

Considering there are big differences in the strategic approach of some japanese clan leaders it also doesn't go deep on why they took their approaches. It is reduced to something like "there is an opportunity to take control, i want to take control to be the lord of Japan". I think one of the things that make the show feel flat is that, the motivation is kind of always the same, and even when there is a more stable approach, it doesn't explain how that specific warlord came up with his view and his strategies. There's a few times where education is mentioned but not a lot on what are their principles or logic. In the China's invation campaign, some other great warlords/emperors of other continents were mentioned, but not if the japanese warlords had some prior knowledge about their history or if they were some motivated by them. It was an open reference, and the only concrete one was that China was always a big goal. So i would say the show is a review of wars and control shifts monstly in the XVI century. The biggest principle to feel connected to the characters is the general sence of constant war, as a defensive nature, so they eat to not be eaten. It might be that way, so that is not something i consider so much to base this rewiew.

I enjoyed the show mostly (as a war documentary I think), however I didn't like how many times battles, decisions or anything important is stated as the "ultimate", "greatest", "biggest" and a lot of other flashy words. At some point we started joking about this with my wife because we actually got confused, to the point we couldn't compare turning points or battles. Is not a history class but as an informative piece it kind of takes away the importance of some historical moments trying to expose everything as epic.

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