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Crime Stories: India Detectives (2021)

Documentary | Mystery 
Rayting:   7.6/10 448 votes
Country: India
Language: English

Follows major criminal investigations from the time the crime is reported until the suspect gets captured.

Stars: , and

Full Cast: B.N. Lohith, Latha Mahesh, Gopala Nayak,


Episode Guide

Season 1

September 22, 2021Episode 4 The Stolen Baby
September 22, 2021Episode 2 Body In a Bag
September 22, 2021Episode 1 A Murdered Mother

Best Crime Stories: India Detectives Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

September 22, 2021star8.2 19 votesS1E2 Body In a Bag
September 22, 2021star8.1 14 votesS1E3 Dying For Protection
September 22, 2021star7.4 25 votesS1E1 A Murdered Mother
September 22, 2021star7.1 12 votesS1E4 The Stolen Baby

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User Reviews

saifulrazelbinzamre 24 September 2021

Watchseries; Its feel real! The flow of this series is calm and with suspense. The format, the graphics,the soundtrack all combine make this series 10/10. Well done. Wish season 2 next year.

saifulrazelbinzamre 24 September 2021

Its feel real! The flow of this series is calm and with suspense. The format, the graphics,the soundtrack all combine make this series 10/10. Well done. Wish season 2 next year.

kranjith-42820 23 September 2021

Crime Stories: India Detectives watchseries. One of the best series on Netflix, which portrays how the investigation is done. I think Netflix needs to produce more episodes on Bengaluru police. The team needs to meet BB Ashok, BK Shivram, Abdul Azeem, SK Umesh and more police from Karnataka and make more episodes.

mpmtcjvf 22 September 2021

Crime and the investigation is ok but way they are treating suspects that too during investigation is some to check.

fajarsantoso 28 September 2021

I love crime documentaries and I really enjoyed this documentary. Not because it' about crime, but it allows the viewer to see how things work in India and THAT was really interesting too see. This documentary pushes you to see things with an open mind, from a different perspective and accept that certain things don't go the way we are used to it in a developed democratic country which we all take for granted nowadays. This documentary is eye-opening and I wish they would make more of this documentaries in other, underdeveloped countries.

Sleepin_Dragon 1 October 2021

Four episodes, four crimes, one great series, we've all seen countless cop shows from The US, and for me UK based ones also, so it was fascinating to see how things are done in India.

It's a very gritty, incredibly well made series, with the focus very much on the crimes, and those involved, you will see very many cultural differences, but one thing that's very clear, these cops stop at nothing to get to the truth, and that they do.

The Detectives demand respect, and they get it, there is no messing around, they're direct, and straight to the point, although some of the tactics may be a little surprising.

It's very nicely produced, and very well made, at no point did I feel as though they had overdone things.

I loved the first three episodes, I didn't care for the fourth quite so much, I only hope we get to see more. 8/10.

lokesh-acm 22 September 2021

It definitely could have been done better. But overall, this is a good watch. Each episode is independent and reveals how humans kill for very little. Sad.

Along with the crime and the investigation, they show the officers and try get a peak into their lives. This feels forced upon the viewers and i did not like this part.

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