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The further adventures in time and space of the alien adventurer known as the Doctor and their companions from planet Earth.

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Top 20 (Ranked)

June 9, 2007star9.8 19434 votesS3E10 Blink
November 28, 2015star9.6 10193 votesS9E11 Heaven Sent (1)
June 7, 2008star9.5 9010 votesS4E9 Forest of the Dead (2)
May 31, 2008star9.4 8706 votesS4E8 Silence in the Library (1)
May 6, 2006star9.3 10357 votesS2E4 The Girl in the Fireplace
June 5, 2010star9.3 10304 votesS5E10 Vincent and the Doctor
July 8, 2006star9.3 8393 votesS2E13 Doomsday (2)
May 21, 2005star9.2 8279 votesS1E9 The Empty Child (1)
June 2, 2007star9.2 8009 votesS3E9 The Family of Blood (2)
July 5, 2008star9.2 7731 votesS4E13 Journey's End (2)
May 28, 2005star9.2 7607 votesS1E10 The Doctor Dances (2)
June 24, 2017star9.2 4728 votesS10E11 World Enough and Time (1)
June 14, 2008star9.1 8000 votesS4E10 Midnight
June 18, 2005star9.1 7219 votesS1E13 The Parting of the Ways (2)
June 4, 2011star9.1 7022 votesS6E7 A Good Man Goes to War (1)
June 26, 2010star9.1 6909 votesS5E13 The Big Bang (2)
June 28, 2008star9.1 6757 votesS4E12 The Stolen Earth (1)
June 19, 2010star9.1 6704 votesS5E12 The Pandorica Opens (1)
September 29, 2012star9.0 7514 votesS7E5 The Angels Take Manhattan
May 14, 2011star9.0 7297 votesS6E4 The Doctor's Wife

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User Reviews

i_zombie-49981 5 March 2020

Dear BBC

Please contact security and have them escort Chris Chibnall off the premises immediately.

Sincerely An ex Doctor Who fan

theshriketh 6 October 2020

.. are NOT Doctor Who. I don't know what it is. The adventures of some random people.

verna-a 10 December 2018

I see I am not alone in deploring the decline in watchability of Doctor Who with the 2018 season. The series rose to absolute brilliance with many of the episodes of the David Tennant and Matt Smith incumbency. Although I loved both of them as Doctor Who, the real excellence was in the scripts, full of wit and whimsy allowing the characters to engage your interest, love even! Some of the stories were good too, but even if they were a bit feeble the ongoing stories of the Doctor and his companions carried you on. The enigma of the Doctor is the main interest together with the paradoxes of the time jumping. I just put up with the snarling monsters and special effects! The current series completely lacks the wit and whimsy. How can anyone criticise Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor when she is not given anything interesting to say? The stories are complex and the action convoluted. I can't and don't follow them to the end of the episodes, and only my long history as a Doctor Who fan keeps me watching at all. I don't say bring back Stephen Moffat as writer because despite his absolute brilliance at his best, I think he was losing interest. But please, please find a new writer who can put something in the mouths of the Doctor and his companions that is entertaining. A good story wouldn't hurt either! Failing these I'm afraid we may be looking at the last series of Doctor Who. I'm 68 so may not last long enough to see another revival.

LordBarrett-52262 11 February 2020

I am one of the millions that have stopped watching it, and I have no joy in saying that, but under Chris Chibnall's course this show has become a laughing stock. The first episode attracted 10+ million viewers, that number has now sunk to less than 4 million. If I lost 60% of my customers I would be out of business, why hasn't there been an announcement that Chris and Jodie are leaving?

I would class the Chibnall era as 1/10, the episodes are unwatchable, Resolution was enough for me. Prior to that we had Capaldi, not my favourite, but in comparison he was good. The Tennant and Smith years were the greatest, as a family we'd have pizza and make an evening of it, now we just enjoy the DVDs.

Please BBC listen to your viewers, give us back Doctor Who, before Chibnall wrecks nearly sixty years of history.

richyjwill 6 January 2020

Doctor who has gone from an entertaining show that appealed to all the family.. to a, diversity above talent, horrendously written and produced dumpster fire.

Chris Chibnall's social justice plot lines are not entertainment. Halving the viewing base in less than a season is a truly astonishing achievement.

Jodie Whittaker has been seriously miscast. Doesn't suit the character at all. The "fam" companions are also miscast. Just awful acting all around. They are let down by the writers but the show is just a mess.

I've watched doctor who for decades. Not wasting my time watching this mess.

loispierce 2 January 2019

I was ready to like Season 11 and the female Doctor. And in fact the actors aren't bad, but the writing has gotten increasingly bad. I've watched and loved the Doctor since I was a teenager in 1973. Now I'm considering not watching anymore. This season has lost the sense of whimsy and fun that Doctor Who has always had. In the past the Doctor sometimes tackled serious themes, but it never got preachy or beat you over the head with it's "message". I just got thru watching the last episode, "Resolution", and there were holes in the logic big enough to drive a car through. And I don't think Chibnall's ever watched an old episode of Doctor Who. If he had he'd know the original Daleks couldn't fly. I as willing to suspend disbelief as the next guy, but I can't suspend my reason. I really hope the rumors are true that he wants to leave. Maybe a new show runner would be able to write something original without forgetting about everything that went before.

jannjulie-07380 26 November 2018

I was hoping this would be a new chapter in the franchise that was fresh and exciting, but this is a terrible let down, I have tried to stick with it but it just doesn't work, the writing is leaden with dull stories, little excitement and too many assistants adding to the confusion. There is nothing wrong with the new doctor per se, but get rid of her team of companions, add some decent scripts and move it back to Saturday please please please

jerry6-1 30 March 2021

Until Chibnall comes along and destroys a franchise , i've watched for over 40 years , 20 of them with my children .Thanks for ruining a great show , you have done what nothing in the universe was capable of , maybe they should make a show about Chibnall the destroyer ?

jmp-26135 18 November 2018

The first episode was weak on plot, and quite derivative - did the writers think that no one saw Predators? OK, we'll give them a pass. Most Doctors need a few shows to get into a grove. But there is no excuse for the preachy crap that they're pretending it's a science fiction show. The plots are dull, there is no underlying plot arcs, and the companions are boring. Bring on more seasons of the Expanse.

Laight 25 October 2018

I was so looking forward to a female Dr. Who. But instead we got a nothing Dr. Who. And it probably isn't the actress' fault--in fact, she's done excellent work elsewhere. It's just that the scripts are atrocious. These new episodes are unimaginative, unsurprising, and unbearably dull. Some of them feel like after-school specials. Some of them feel as though they were rejected story ideas. Some of them don't feel like anything, they're so poorly created and produced. What a disappointment: creating a female Dr. Who and then not giving her anything to work with.

Such a shame. When Dr. Who has been good, it's been great. Now it's not even mediocre.

datafusion 30 December 2018

I've been watching since Jon Pertwee, and I really was looking forward to Jodie Whitaker. But season 11 is utter, utter garbage. I still have 3 episodes left on the DVR, and I just can't bring myself to watch them. There will always be ups and downs with this series, because it must always be trying new things. Some of Davies' ideas were a bit lame, and Capaldi struggled at first, but it was always worth sticking through the rough spots. This is quite different. It's not just a rough spot. It's not just a little wobbly. I can understand the thinking behind it - let's shake things up a little, let's freshen it up and give it some new life. Let's look at some actual history, and see what we can learn from it. I applaud that. But you have to actually deliver. Instead, the writing is leaden, the action superficial and boring. There is no wit, no charm, no cleverness. I feel bad for Whitaker and the rest of the cast. They have been given nothing to work with.

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