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Irma Vep (2022)

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Mira is an American movie star disillusioned by her career and recent breakup, who comes to France to star as Irma Vep in a remake of the French silent film classic, "Les Vampires."

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June 13, 2022star7.7 52 votesS1E2 The Ring That Kills
June 6, 2022star7.3 233 votesS1E1 The Severed Head
June 20, 2022star6.4 9 votesS1E3 Dead Man's Escape
June 27, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E4 The Poisoner
July 4, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E5 Hypnotic Eyes
July 11, 2022star0.0 0 votesS1E6 The Thunder Master
57mstar0.0 0 votesS1E7 The Spectre

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User Reviews

slak96u 10 June 2022

Essentially everything people hate about Hollywood and the pretentious individuals that populate awful celebrity culture, all wrapped up in a Television series. It's an arrogant series about narcissistic individuals, think a bad version of Succession with characters that are as compelling as a bottle of water. On top of all that it's poorly executed and barely watchable....

NullUnit 12 June 2022

Only 2 episodes . However, my take...

Created By, Directed By, Written By, Produced By.... never a really GOOD sign. But okay.... would be worse if "Starring" was also included.

This is NOT a "brainy" series as some reviewers would have you believe. Apparently in order to be "intellectual" and have "substance" a series must be rather boring and uninteresting. And apparently if you don't agree you must not be intellectual, patient or seek substantive entertainment. M'kay. Thanks for the insults.

It does NOT take an intellectual to understand the dynamics between characters, they are NOT complex, or to read the (over abundant) subtitles. (I find it humorous that some only use the "intellectual" descriptor when content is subtitled heavily.)


I don't really recognize Vikander, even though I've apparently seen at least a few films she's been in. She doesn't register as a recognizable face to me. And other than Carrie Brownstein (Portlandia) playing the agent, there's not a single actor in this I do happen to recognize. That's not a bad thing though.

I also have no familiarity with the creator/writer/director/producer (since apparently all, or most, of his work is French). My point is - I have no bias, no history, no "fan love" for anyone involved in this.

I'm not about to "fawn" over some director because I may have enjoyed something he did 10 years ago or some actor I enjoy watching. I watched the story as it unfolded without any sense of "loyalty" or "nostalgia" due to any previous work by anyone involved in this. Essentially "fresh eyes" and without any bias.


Yes, I watched the entirety of both episodes thus far --- mostly because I assumed something compelling in the storyline would unfold. It did not.

The problem I encountered was the monotone nature. Similar to having NPR on the radio while doing other things. After a while it simply becomes a dull hum of noise which doesn't beg for any direct attention.

That best describes the episodes for me.... a dull hum.

Nothing of real interest. Nothing "ground-breaking" in concept nor characters - lesbians, mental illness, sexual misconduct and/or proclivities, Hollywood overindulgence - all of it has been done a great deal over the last several years. None of it is unique in nature. And there was certainly NOTHING which is so compelling as to make sure I set it to record on the DVR.

While performances are all relatively good... seems the script may be the failing aspect. In fact, I found the writing in general to be rather sub-par and hackneyed. Dialog often seems formulaic and strained. In addition, any future episode plot points appear to be so glaringly obvious, there's a distinct lack of any "mystery" to the episodes.

I would not call this series a "master class" in anything.. except perhaps how to create a series which can be marketed to both English speaking and French speaking audiences (assuming they'll tolerate abundant subtitles.)

Perhaps the French creator/writer/director/producer is out of his depth with an American tv series (or this was created for a non-American audience from the start) and due to cultural differences this series needs a French audience to be percieved as interesting.

It certainly wasn't to

killercola 7 June 2022

I already see the only other review here and it makes absolutely no sense. That's what happens when you give up after twenty minutes. If you're that guy then you don't deserve this show. If you think Marvel movies are "masterpieces" then skip this. It's definitely not for you. This requires intellectual viewing and patience. It's a masterclass of filmmaking, top notch acting, directing, production value and writing. Stick with it and get to the end of the first episode. It spends the entire hour setting the characters and story and does so beautifully. I see lots of awards coming for this effort.

zorroaca 7 June 2022

Couldn't get through the first episode. Very catty stuff. When it came on that heavy so soon... it allowed me to realize I won't be visiting this again... and move on.

ablbodyed-2 13 June 2022

I had no expectations about this show. That it is on HBO is usually a good recommendation, though they have put on some parc ( The Time Travelers Wife is the most recent), but my cable description lists it as a drama, so I decided to try it. I read no reviews (I NEVER read reviews before watching something, so that I'm not prejudiced one way or another), I didn't look at RotTommies to get any info. So on it comes. First thing is the opening credits with the insipid cutesy music the belies the "drama" designation. Then the episode starts and it is even more insipid than the music would suggest (and I've LIKED the star!!!). It's a story about self-important egoists with muchMuchMUCH too much fame and adulation than they deserve.

So I did a first. I went to this site and read the reviews. The negative ones matched almost precisely my take on this: the authors of the positive ones seemed awfully smug. Went to RT and saw 100%!?!!?? Positive This is another example of group-think by an unaccountably lemming-like reviewers: not one (how can that be?) negative or even neutral comment. Why are these people given the platforms they are on? I watched the whole episode, an hour (plus the time spent here) that I will never get back. Do yourself a favor: Avoid this in all respects.

zac-68274 7 June 2022

Can't express how I admire this series already. So believable it feels like the viewer is watching a documentary at times from the supreme acting to the astonishing cinematography!

Adamanthe 7 June 2022

If you're into shows were the whole premise is an actor walking around, going to movie sets and having behind the scenes interactions with cast, crew and assistants then maybe you'll like this show. The plot is not interesting and if this was happening in front of me in real life I wouldn't even look twice.

mathiashornshojhansen 7 June 2022

The first word that comes to mind after watching the first episode of "Irma Vep" is boring. Not only that but also lazy in the way it's edited, shot and directed.

Every action in the series is unmotivated and pointless. It's fails to engage the audience in what goes on in front of us. Even Vikander doesn't manage to impress as there seems to have been some lack of direction for her character. She doesn't even seem to know what her character feels and thinks.

Without a director of photography you end up getting beautifully lit frames, but exceptionally boring shots. Not ONE single establishing shot was done. The whole first episode was shot with ONE focal length. You have to be extremely lazy to not have imagination to try something else.

Overall a painfully empty series which fails to be anything else but pretentious.

MaggieQ-public 8 June 2022

The Horror in this show is not vampires! It's the overpaid, self important vanity of actors in todays show business!

So, let's try this again. The review committee seems to have rejected my original review. Hmmm? Wonder why? Could it be that I railed against every tasteless thing, that was jam packed just even in the firs 15 minutes? Such as: 1.) an absolutely annoying, monotone, cloying, hipster nerd, assistant (every word out of her mouth makes you do an EYE ROLL). Or....2.) the true to our times, woeful, lesbian romantic triangle? And the... 3.) true to life depiction of how silly and outlandish, celebrity obsessive fans behave? Or how... 4.) the main movie star is constantly being told how great she is, just like in real life, surrounded by photo shoots, photo ops and even more obsessive, cloying fans? 5.) All of this stuffed inside a smug wrapping of the "movie business," like one big, nasty, nauseating, superficial burrito.

Ironic how the writer, director lampoons all of this superficial nonsense as sideshow excess but, yet, he himself is as complicit to its implications and very much a part of it.

On a positive note: This mini series does give insight into how absolutely hollow and bloated the entertainment business can be as well as showing the overly indulged, exorbitant lifestyle of the people in the business who get paid an ASTRONOMICAL fee for relatively little, other than looking a certain way. Billions of dollars are spent to support these manufactured narcissists, called actors, who's only contribution in the world is in pretending to be someone else and playing make believe for a living. So much for the real artists out there who get lost in America's obsession with vapid celebrity and their lifestyles.

This series is more a conviction against the public than the bloated, valueless entertainment business that the public blindly support.

rkeilitz-19-537915 14 June 2022

I was interested in watching this as I enjoyed the movie many years ago which was directed by Olivier Assayas and starring his then-wife Maggie Cheung. Olivier Assayas also directed this 8 mini-series and after the first chapter and half of the second chapter, I was bored. Alicia Vikander is as bland as oatmeal and just seems to sleepwalk through her lines. The rest of the cast mostly French overact as though they were in La Comédie Française.

donovanwon 8 June 2022

It is very slow, but not in a good way. The characters are not charming nor convincing, the plot is so blend and uninteresting. One episode in and I almost fell asleep at the very end of it.

philip-00197 8 June 2022

WARNING: This review is written by a contributor that HASN'T viewed the whole series.

Films about making films tend to have the odds stacked against them. The concept, aside from being grossly over represented, is pathed with potholes - the biggest one being that all involved find the subject way more interesting than the audience.

Another obvious risk is that it will be perceived as an egotistic indulgence and that the end product ends up more of a show off than a show. There will also be a perceived amount of laziness, after reviewing thousands of possible topics - the decision was; to make a show about "themselves". In short; the execution must be spot on for there to be any praise worthy merit.

So... plenty of risk taken here - how has the end product turned out? After the first episode - rather much as feared. Despite some good acting; pretty boring and rather self-indulgent. That's not saying it's worse than a lot of other stuff out there. It is, however, a bumpy ride over the potholes - of which few have been avoided.

Irma Vep has started out painfully predictable - resulting in a recommendation that may seem obvious; if you have enjoyed other films/shows along the theme of making a ditto - chances are you will enjoy this. If not - chances are that you will feel the urge to utter something along the lines of "pretentious rubbish".

After two episodes the issues of main concern, apart from the above mentioned, has to do with rhythm and pacing - the overall impression is beginning to feel choppy and bouts of boredom are showing up. It is stil hard to look past the aspect of self-indulgence. However... intricate threads of complexity are being woven in and they may come into play at a later stage (if not it would be further added indulgence). The best advice, possibly, is avoid at this stage; to wait until the whole series has aired, and then read the reviews.

Irma Vep could go in two very different directions from here: The most likely being that it is a cul-de-sac of self indulgence. But t could also "come together" in a way that makes the, relatively painful, first episodes pay off at a later stage.

It's not a great idea to write a review after a couple of episode and this is a first impression - if any greatness develops as the series progresses; this review will be altered or taken down.

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