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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (2014)

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Former Daily Show host and correspondent John Oliver brings his persona to this weekly news satire program.

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Flattered_Flatulated 15 May 2014

No great offense meant to U.S TV, but most of its shows with hosts trying to make some fun of the recent affairs, politicians and all that jazz are usually crappy and saved by the "bring a funny and/or weird celebrity" bell. Of course, "The Colbert Report" and a few bits of the "Daily Show" are exceptions, but overall one must admit that even these don't really dwell too long in deep waters (meaning grave issues of major concern) like "Last Week Tonight" does.

A couple of examples of serious satire from the first episodes are the death penalty, the hypocritical stance of politicians towards people like the Sultan of Brunei or even the fun'n'serious interview of the ex-chief of the NSA. The fact alone that such significant and highly debatable subjects are discussed is a huge win for the show. The end result airing on HBO, comes as no surprise to me. Their only commitment I have seen so far show-wise, is quality and creativity, two traits this show seems to possess.

I am taken in by the first three episodes and honestly believe that this show has the potential to stimulate the brain and instigate belly-aching laughs at the same time. Hopefully, the creators will not take steps back, when possible pressure to "lighten" their material may arise - if and when a lot of people start watching the show.

{Quick note to those who may feel offended by the approach John Oliver has on the ignorance of some people from the States, when it comes to the rest of the world: If you know your way around a world map and have an idea of what is happening elsewhere in this vast place called Earth, lay back and enjoy the sarcasm. If you can't do that, take the bitter pill.}

blowfly13 4 June 2014

Loved John Oliver on Community and love him on this show. He's intelligent and sarcastic, and somehow manages to make topics that are completely horrific (e.g., the U.S. government's actions) not thoroughly depressing. I love how he will make fun of ANY political party; so many shows just spend their time panning Republicans, losing half the country as a result. Oliver must be a libertarian, because he very fairly simply makes fun of anyone who is doing something stupid, regardless of political affiliation. This is something that cannot be said of the unbearable John Stewart, or SNL, for example, but can be said of the awesome Lewis Black as well.

I also like his way of poking fun at the U.S. - it's not condescending or rude, it's just good humored teasing. The segment in which he shows the globe with countries marked as Not the U.S. is priceless.

Oliver's topics are well chosen, and his take on them is unique. I greatly hope HBO will continue this show as it's the best comedy late night hosted whatever genre you call this currently on TV.

meltinzone 12 May 2014

The insane level of awesome energy John Oliver feeds the viewer can almost be felt! John cuts through the bullshit and touches on real news.

There's something about this show that I really genuinely like (and I'm an Australian). Perhaps it's the way most of us would like to already live in a world that does good and makes fun of the stupid and absurd, a bit like Japan perhaps!? Well John Oliver has us covered. Each week a much needed hit of vitality and rejuvenation gets subtly unveiled, then straight up sucker punched to us.

The views on issues are sublime, as though John has been on our planet in a future time of peace, then come back to help lube us all through the hole we're already headed for, the peace hole. The energy and views on the show are just like a pick me up to make us go a tiny bit faster.

I've just watched episode 3 and that episode alone sums up the type of people, media and just the general positive peaceful way I'd like to see humanity head.

10/10 for the sole fact we need to take a look at ourselves in a mirror and thankfully John Oliver's right there, holding up the mirror for us! If you enjoyed Chasers War On Everything, Newsroom, Real Time with Bill Maher or a slew of other 'younger trend news~ish' shows, I'd say this is well worth a look!

asjad_imran 30 June 2014

John Oliver is involved in one of the most tasteful shows I have come across which is currently in production. John pulls through with a very unique flavor which leaves the viewer thinking about the show long after it is over. His insightful outlook and commentary on a wide variety of issues is well worth the half hour (plus internet content). In my opinion, John doesn't, or at least attempts not to alienate any viewership the show may achieve but the show is perhaps designed to engage those with an open mind. The humorously named "Last Week Tonight" is a lot more than cheap laughs, and then some. In the few episodes that have aired so far, John has proved, at least to me personally, that him and his staff are capable of having very sophisticated opinions on some very deep issues. Honestly, I hope I can hear a lot more from John Oliver and the writers/staff involved!

aelso 25 April 2020

Had I rated this show in 2015 I might have scored it at least a 9. John Oliver's delivery of jokes whilst raising awareness of well-researched issues and fighting for the little guy was to be commended; It was a breath of fresh air and helped make the world just a little bit better. As a result I would "binge" on these YouTube clips.

Unfortunately the same can't be said today. His segments and certain jokes are now more often cringe, with a lot of lazy jokes and clips taken out of context. I don't know if I'm leaning more towards the right these days or he's just moving more and more towards the left on the political spectrum but this strong bias is becoming ridiculous. The constant Donald Trump bashing is getting quite old now and the show is staring to feel like liberal propaganda, which as a liberal myself I feel quite ashamed of.

It's not too late for the show to turn things around, but as it stands, John Oliver, someone who I regarded as a hero is now just plain annoying.

CarmaChan 12 June 2014

After the season finale of Game of Thrones, Veep, and Silicon Valley (whichever comes last), I was going to cancel my subscription to HBO. Now comes Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and I'm in a quandary. The history of television and big belly laughs for me is a rare combination. The best sitcoms every have mostly merely amused me. Laughing out loud so hard I can't stop and I have to get online and tell my friends to add this to their watch list is more rare than a lamb chop in Hell's Kitchen. John Oliver made The Daily Show funnier. It's great to see talent like that finally get its due share of hate mail.

So now, what to do... cancel HBO and pay $1.99 per episode to watch it on Roku? Yeah, that's how frugal I can be. But can I wait 24 hours for that kind of laughter? Therein lies the quandary.

I must take a moment to thank John Oliver and his creative team. Laughter is the best medicine. You're saving the planet--perhaps the multiverse. Boredom is hell. Torture is preferable to boredom. At least torture is something. So thank Fox for 24 hours of torture. But boredom will kill you to death. I didn't know what I was going to do after Dexter ended. Being Human relieves me for a few months, then it's agony. Hannibal comes along and I'm mesmerized for a few months, then I have to wait like a pregnant woman for the next amazing moment. OK, I admit, Wednesday nights in the summer are delicious because of the people who think they can dance. But you, sir, you are the kind of jester who comes along once in the history of an empire, and where would we be without you? Perish the thought.

warren4326 23 May 2021

I could listen to John Oliver daily. He tells the truth and backs it up! Love him.

sese19 18 April 2021

This show is a rare gem; it talks about problems of the world - not necessarily the biggest problems, although sometimes it tells commonly known issues that affect so many people -, it's sarcastic and very funny. John Oliver is a great comedian and an amazing presenter, he performed very well during the pandemic as well although he had to do the show from his 'void' without audience or staff members. Although I'm not from US, I find the presentation of topics related to US issues interesting as well, but my favorites are the episodes dealing with international problems. I also respect the producers and John Oliver because of crazy things they do to respond to corrupt people or authoritarians. It deserves all Emmys it got.

Flyingblackswan 29 September 2014

Well first of all, I have always liked John Oliver. He is yet another talented comedian in a line of many others bred at the talent breeding grounds known as the Daily Show. For people who don't know, Oliver lured away the talented Tim Carvell, former head writer for the daily show, away from Jon Stewart. This was clearly a brilliant move and Stewart was nice enough to part with Carvell. Now that both Oliver and Carvell have a show on HBO with pretty much unlimited creative freedom, they are tackling the most important issues with a fearless tenacity that most comedians/hosts/shows can't afford to have. The reporting is concise and brilliantly edited, the delivery is sharp and witty, and the fact that the show is only 30 minutes long is long enough to hold most people's attention. Good job HBO on creating this gem!

johnyboyj 18 September 2020

When it first came out, the show was very good. John Oliver is funny, it's on par to the golden years of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. However, its no longer got that free-spirited witty fun to it, its malicious, rude, and stretches the most absurd accusations to the point of not being funny. It's too preachy now but still calls attention to important issues no one knows about, yet is disingenuous with issues that are already localized and know about. Bias and now I miss the 2000s when Fox News was the most absurd thing, now its basically the entire media.

breeanalaine 17 May 2021

John Oliver is consistently the best in his field. If I had one complaint it's that he takes a lot of weeks off, but you know what, he deserves it.

Aylmer 2 September 2020

I used to love John Oliver and found his show at first as the most worthy successor to The Daily Show, which splintered apart shortly after the departure of Jon Stewart into several similar, lesser shows. Each show has a similar formula with a lot of news stories read off and comedic commentary offered as well. Jon's show would often revolve around a major highlight expose which would serve to educate us audience members about some sort of major problem in society, be it recycling, pollution, corruption, politics, etc.

Recently he's lost his studio audience so no longer playing to literal laughs and just preaches, Keith Olberman-style, in front of an empty grey wall. I am sure this minimalist approach is making some political statement about how much they've pared back in solidarity with the lockdown, etc. but it just serves to reveal how heinously un-funny this show has gradually become. Not only do I catch myself not laughing at all, but often switching off in sheer frustration in favor of someone more sensible like Tim Pool, Tucker Carlson or David Ruben. They're not exactly comedians, but I find myself at least chuckling here and there.

Oliver's staff has obviously gone "full woke" to push a fully Leftist and anti-Trump agenda that would make even Bernie Sanders blush. Literally anything Trump or the Republicans do, Oliver pounces on them and I think with a lot of dangerous results because he's quick to report opinions on unfolding events as though they were facts. Sources get cherry-picked and inconvenient facts go ignored in favor of sensationalizing issues and stirring the audience up even further. I wonder if people watch this to get angry, get educated, or be entertained by the jokes? The humor of the show relies on targeting conservatives for their assumed idiocy and leans heavily on tired sexualized gimmicks which present Oliver as being attracted to everything. It's gotten very old quick.

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