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Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (1999)

Crime | Mystery 
Rayting:   8.0/10 91K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

This series follows the Special Victims Unit, a specially trained squad of detectives in the N.Y.P.D., who investigate sexually related crimes.

Episode Guide

Season 24

April 27, 2023Episode 19 Bend the Law
April 6, 2023Episode 18 Bubble Wrap
March 30, 2023Episode 17 Lime Chaser
February 23, 2023Episode 15 King of the Moon
February 16, 2023Episode 14 Dutch Tears
February 2, 2023Episode 13 Intersection
January 26, 2023Episode 12 Blood Out
January 12, 2023Episode 11 Soldier Up
January 5, 2023Episode 10 Jumped In
November 17, 2022Episode 8 A Better Person
November 10, 2022Episode 7 Dead Ball
November 3, 2022Episode 6 Controlled Burn
October 27, 2022Episode 5 Breakwater
October 6, 2022Episode 3 Mirror Effect
September 29, 2022Episode 2 The One You Feed
September 22, 2022Episode 1 Gimme Shelter (II)

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Best Law and Order: Special Victims Unit Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

October 4, 2005star9.3 1805 votesS7E3 911
November 9, 2004star9.2 1153 votesS6E6 Conscience
October 14, 2003star9.2 1079 votesS5E4 Loss
October 19, 2004star9.2 1064 votesS6E4 Scavenger
April 29, 2008star9.1 1541 votesS9E17 Authority
April 15, 2008star9.1 1242 votesS9E15 Undercover
September 29, 2010star9.1 1216 votesS12E3 Behave
September 25, 2007star9.1 1189 votesS9E1 Alternate
June 2, 2009star9.1 1148 votesS10E22 Zebras
January 13, 2010star9.1 1055 votesS11E12 Shadow
April 4, 2003star9.1 1046 votesS4E20 Dominance
May 25, 2016star9.1 1032 votesS17E23 Heartfelt Passages (2)
April 4, 2006star9.1 1009 votesS7E19 Fault
November 1, 2005star9.0 1245 votesS7E6 Raw
January 18, 2005star9.0 1127 votesS6E12 Identity
May 22, 2007star9.0 1081 votesS8E22 Screwed
November 27, 2007star9.0 1070 votesS9E9 Paternity
October 14, 2008star9.0 1064 votesS10E3 Swing
November 16, 2004star9.0 1048 votesS6E7 Charisma
January 8, 2008star9.0 1043 votesS9E12 Signature

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User Reviews

jacmat-59205 15 October 2018

Watchseries; Another crime show that is being ruined by propagandistic infiltration.

jacmat-59205 15 October 2018

Another crime show that is being ruined by propagandistic infiltration.

jwtaylor-04293 16 October 2018

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit watchseries. Leave the left partinship out of it. I want to be entertained when I turn off the news, not watch a scripted make-believe version of an op-ed.

jiggler-88714 20 February 2020

Law and Order SVU was a staple show the wife and I looked forward to each week. The key work here is "was". Now it's 2019/2020 and the same thing is happening to this once great TV show as to so many other shows and movies.

We have been watching this show out of inertia from the many previous years we had spent watching it. 15mins in to the last several episodes the wife is napping, and I'm trying not to cringe/laugh at this serious drama. The wife wakes up once in awhile to ask what is happening, I grunt "show said, all men not good, stupid", she drifts off back to sleep.

Go watch the earlier seasons, stay away from this new tripe

We now have a new slot available for a different tv show in our limited tv time.

QueenMakeda84 22 April 2004

I hear on tv that apparently America's favorite Law and Order is the original. I personally think this is the best one out of all of them. It tackles some pretty intersting sides of society and humanity within an hour. I've been watching it for awhile and fell in love with the cast. They all have that hard edge that comes from doing a job like their's. Marishka is great and Ice-T is amusing. The storylines are very interesting and groundbreaking. In my classes, I've heard about the Down-Low phenomenon amongst black males in the U.S. This is the first show, aside from Oprah, that dealt with this issue. I was amazed and pleased that they'll take on any topic within their framework. Their guest cast should be praised as well. They have a great casting director. I don't know about their history with Emmy nominations, but they should definitely be in the running. The show has a very easy going nature despite the hardness of the cast that works well and acted beautifully. It gives a real look at society's imperfections and discriminatory ideologies. Nobody on the show is perfect and even the lawyers manipulate the law beyond the usual scope people think they do. Instead, they are manipulating it to see justice done and not avoided. I would urge anyone to watch this show. Give it a look.

leokeeley 17 April 2021

It's tough to say whether this once great series has become more woke than preachy or more preachy than woke. Like many former viewers, I'm out on this drivel.

knowlesy82 2 February 2018

Ok let's start by saying I use to love this show. However this new season that has come out 2017/2018 is absolutely ridiculous. It has so many political views and bs left/right motivation in it that it has lost me as a viewer. I don't even live in America, I'm Australian, I enjoyed it for what it was. "Law" and "Order" I enjoyed seeing the crime and then the person hopefully being punished for it. Now though, well according to the last episode I watched. 2/2/18. It would appear it has gone all political. I understand keeping with the times but its a law and order show, none of that stuff needs to be in it. Show some sort of rape/abuse etc and then the investigation and court proceedings like you have been doing since 1999, why bring all this alt left, alt right bs into now??? Personally I recommend skip anything new from this show and just go back to the original episodes where it was about the crime and solving it, not trying to push an agenda into your minds that in reality no one really cares about.

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