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Legacies (2018)

Adventure | Fantasy | Mystery
Rayting:   7.5/10 19279 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Hope Mikaelson, a tribrid daughter of a Vampire/Werewolf hybrid, makes her way in the world.

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ahmorris-58851 15 April 2020

Legacies isn't horrible but it's definitely for a younger audience. You might as well deal with the pain once you finish TVD and TO and move on rather than cling to this last ounce of hope (haha). This show had so much more potential that was pretty much ignored. It adds in tons of mythical creatures which could've been interesting only they made it so immature. It's honestly as if the writer became a middle schooler over night. Another thing is the acting. I'm sorry but other than (Obviously Rick) Josie, Lizzie, Landon, and Hope (who can be a stretch most times) , the actors and actresses either have little talent or are not given the platform to properly present their talent. I think we all had high expectations to which few were met. I'm so disappointed to be saying this and truly wish it were different, but don't waste your time unless you have nothing else to do.

skip-98756 30 November 2018

Im sure anyone who loved the Originals was eager to check out its spinoff, but this does Not carry on the Legacy, pun intended...The Originals was intense, adult, and superbly acted whereas the the spinoff comes across as a typical teen agnst,soapy,Harry potter meets xaviers school from xmen kind of vib..It is full of siliness, fantasy, monster of the week nonsense withe the shallowest of storylines and poor acting from the young ones...Granted,they Are kids, but THIS kid, Hope, could have been the center around which a serious,dark themed layered story could have been written... she has a dark past, dark parents and scarey levels of power that could be tapped in her and stories built around her dealing with the Legacy that her parents left her with..THATS what id like to see! Not this kidsy ,silly monster, harry potter themed stuff...im still watching becuz i love Anything with vampire,werewolf,mutant, witches or superpowered beings ,but this show needs to shift gears into seriousness, touch upon Hopes dark side, and make the show more about That ,otherwise its going down the toilet after 1 season..

tatiimansour 30 April 2020

I have watched TVD and TO like 5 times each.. i am IN LOOOVE with the story, the characters, the depths of everything as i am crazy about the cast! This legacies series have disappointed me and every one i know who were fans of TO and TVD.. I mean come on, we have lost the essence of werewolves, vampires and witches to mythical monsters without a background story! The villains are RIDICULOUS with terrible acting! and seriously.. they put a mascot to play a wolf ? what is this? Red riding hood volume 2 ?

Hope is the daughter of the greatest character of all three series.. Julie Plec ruined her and her character and this is not the legacy (pun intended) that the previous shows have left behind! Honestly i keep watching this in respect to the originals and the vampire diaries and in hope that the pas 11 years of addiction to these series might be worth continuing.

What a shame !

jessica-goetjes 26 November 2018

I think Tvd took off as a teen show, but developed as the character grew older. I hope that's what they intend with this show as well. And also would be nice if there is a developing red line in this show, as for now they are problem solving like a supernatural detective show. The originals was definitely not only for teens. So it wonders me a bit that we are back to high school drama. Anyway it is not a bad show, but there are some flaws. By example the behaviour of the Gemini twins. They could be stronger having less emotional teen drama. Maybe a little more evil in the show as well... it needs a character like Damon or Klaus I guess. Anyway it's nice entertainment. Let.s see how it develops.

mineyoursns 11 May 2020

Seriously? You give us TVD and TO and this is what we get left with? A disappointment.

formix7 14 May 2020


wilkehe 8 February 2020

I LOVE vampire diaries and really liked the Originals. I really really want to like this series but it's just not good. The characters seem too young and childish (unlike vampire diaries), I don't like any of the actors except Danielle who plays Hope. The monster plot is awful, I keep waiting for it to improve because I'm so invested in the vampire diaries world, which this spin off has unfortunately ruined. Maybe you'll like it if you're younger than 14, otherwise skip it.

memjohan 14 November 2019

This show legitimately sucks. I could make something better with "pretty people" on my mobile cam. Amateur hour, and they got rick too. I used to love the vampire diaries and the Originals. This show is waaaaaaay below in terms of entertainment value ("monsters with really bad cgi") dude just dont watch it, its for kids, not even teens.

alexiaistanboulian 1 February 2021

This show is terrible, especially when you compare it to The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. This show has so much potential but it's so disappointing that all that potential went to waste. Please get better writers!!

lysithea-11958 12 February 2019

Awful, just stupid series about school, more like a silly pardy on Vampire Diaries. This thing will never be as greate and as perfect as The Originals!

I still have a tiny hope that The Originals will rise again as a series. =)

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