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Lost in Space (2018)

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Rayting:   7.3/10 77K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

After crash landing on an alien planet, the Robinson family fight against all odds to survive and escape, but they're surrounded by hidden dangers.

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Season 3

December 1, 2021Episode 10 Episode 10
December 1, 2021Episode 9 Episode 9
December 1, 2021Episode 8 Trust
December 1, 2021Episode 5 Stuck
December 1, 2021Episode 3 The New Guy
December 1, 2021Episode 2 Contact

Season 2

Season 1

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Top 20 (Ranked)

December 24, 2019star8.5 1691 votesS2E10 Ninety-Seven
December 24, 2019star8.3 1348 votesS2E8 Unknown
April 13, 2018star8.2 2256 votesS1E10 Danger, Will Robinson
December 24, 2019star8.2 1352 votesS2E9 Shell Game
December 24, 2019star8.1 1380 votesS2E6 Severed
December 24, 2019star8.1 1327 votesS2E7 Evolution
December 24, 2019star8.0 1490 votesS2E5 Run
December 24, 2019star7.8 1788 votesS2E1 Shipwrecked
December 24, 2019star7.8 1556 votesS2E2 Precipice
December 24, 2019star7.8 1461 votesS2E3 Echoes
December 24, 2019star7.8 1403 votesS2E4 Scarecrow
April 13, 2018star7.7 1992 votesS1E8 Trajectory
April 13, 2018star7.6 2710 votesS1E2 Diamonds in the Sky
April 13, 2018star7.6 1927 votesS1E9 Resurrection
April 13, 2018star7.5 3475 votesS1E1 Impact
April 13, 2018star7.5 2394 votesS1E3 Infestation
April 13, 2018star7.5 2135 votesS1E6 Eulogy
April 13, 2018star7.4 2243 votesS1E4 The Robinsons Were Here
April 13, 2018star7.4 2138 votesS1E5 Transmission
April 13, 2018star7.4 2053 votesS1E7 Pressurized

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User Reviews

er_ouz 17 April 2018

Did you ever see a seemingly good show and then start asking yourself "Wait, why don't they just..." or "What? Why did they do that"? Well if not- search no further! this show will give you the chance to ask these questions dozens and dozens of times!

A good looking production and an interesting subject do start this show on a great path, but when characters start making the silliest mistakes that could *easily* be avoided- over and over and over again, or keep ignoring the most significant issues which can be resolved in seconds- this show starts to really annoy the viewer and his intelligence.

These glaring and repetitive script issues really mar what could had been a great show, but present as they are, they make it hard to suspend the disbelief and enjoy the show rather then being annoyed by it.

efd-10467 27 December 2019

The effects and sets on this show are really good, what makes it irritating at times is that the problems never stop, not for more than 3 minutes, forget about survival the Robinsons would be simply out of energy. Also enough with Dr Smith, someone just shoot her.

kimbrys 14 April 2018

I am a sucker for a good Sci-Fi. Preferably a type that sticks more to the Sci, and less to the Fi. This series is making an attempt at both, but it mostly relies on telenovella twists and unnecessary drama to drive the plot. Characters' motivation is unconvincing at best - they seem to be more preoccupied with their personal issues than the mission of colonisation - so much for selecting the best scientists for a brave new world...

Reminds me of "Lost". But in space. Pun intended.

frankdonovan-67922 14 April 2018

I love all things space, if done right. The writers have made their presence known every step of the way, not in how well things flow from scene to scene but in how many plot holes and idiotic plans the writers believe a villain can make without it seeming magical in how it all turns out. It feels and plays like the writers knew what had to happen but had no idea how to make it happen in a reboot so they hacked at a story and forced idiocy into the holes and hoped no-one noticed, except the viewers of course because they are not as stupid as the writers think they are.

5 out of 10 because it looks A+, but only 5 out of 10 because you do not get to enjoy it because of the poor plots.

leopoldo-dondena 17 April 2018

Amazing photography Amazing set design Amazing costumes Amazing CGI Good soundtrack But... unfortunately the dialogues are so poor, full of exposition and plot holes. The actors are constantly trying to pull out emotions without having enough background reasons to express them out so strongly. They jump from crying to laughing and being scared in matters of seconds. Consequently this compromises their performances and the overall picture of the series. In conclusion Lost in Space seems that wants to be a "Ridley Scott movie lookalike" when in the end it looks more like a Power Ranger and quirky teenagers movie... While watching it the only phrase I keep relegating to myself is: "what a shame it could have been much better!"

soyuzmir-26741 20 April 2018

I really want to give this thing a higher rating but the show forces me not to. I mean they have really good CGI and an interesting looking space ship along with spectacular scenery. I like the appearance of the robot. OK, it is a guy in a suit a lot but I can take that. The cast isn't stellar but neither was the cast on the original.

What gets me is that there is no real plot development. It's all one giant puzzle box. Something goes wrong with the ship's fuel so they have to resolve that. Then something goes wrong with the this and with that - stuck getting out of one trick after another. They aren't humans making decisions. They are forced along the way to every step.

I remember the original series well. It was sappy but they had far more true decision making than this - especially in the first year. This - yuck.

I also am horrified how the whole show is politically correct Hollywood pap. They are LOST IN SPACE on an alien planet with who knows what kind of horrors and oh so Hollyweird politically correct Maureen Robinson won't even let John Robinson have a weapon to defend themselves against whatever kind of creature or monster or alien or whatever is out there. Anyone that unable to accept real life and death on an alien world would never have been allowed in space.

emmagreenmtl 2 January 2020

Personally, I really enjoyed this show. I watched both seasons in full and I really hoping it's renewed for a third season. But I've seen so many negative reviews...I get that the logic in the show doesn't always make perfect sense but no show really ever gets that right so why bother dwelling on it? The acting is decent, the CGI is amazing and the storyline never gets old. I really hope whoever reads this agrees with me i'm not like the only person on here that actually liked it because season 2 ended on the biggest cliff hanger and i just want to know what happens! please don't get cancelled

mikexx 30 May 2019

From the first four episodes....

1. A sizable body of water can freeze solid before a swimmer inches from the surface gets out, while characters above in an arctic environment headed toward -60 that night are conversing without their helmets on in temperatures warm enough that their breath isn't fogging.

2. A forest will grow thirty feet from the face of a glacier. This delicate vegetation is untouched by the tornadic gravel-cane that imperils our intrepid cast elsewhere.

3. Forests, glaciers, and scrub-desert can be found within two miles of each other.

4. Alien robots understand English, but will speak only three words.

5. In a mere thirty years, we will have interstellar-capable spacecraft whose furnishings and electronics remain intact and operational despite a day's immersion in water flooding the inside of the ship.

6. In these 2050s, chip-implants are the basis of security access, but fingerprint- and facial-recognition redundancy has been forgotten.

7. Flare gun kits come with only three flares despite room for a dozen more in the case, and flares costing like a dollar apiece, tops.

8. The airlock you're trapped inside will audibly count down the ten seconds until the outer door opens, evacuating you into a space (and a grisly death if you're not suited up), giving you plenty of time to abort...if only you could reach the controls on the other side of the door. Because there aren't controls on your side. Because space-station designers are thoroughgoing sadists who know these sorts of things are going to happen.

9. Precocious teenage girls know that a handful of salt will annoy the alien, fuel-eating eels swimming around in a flooded ship's hold. (The eels are eating a delicious hydrocarbon fuel because we're apparently still using those in spaceships. And because the hole in the hull that let the eels into the fuel doesn't just let all the fuel leak out of the ship.)

10. The mechanic will keep a pet chicken, because the producers have foreseen the need for someone in the cast to possess a smidgeon of charisma.

11. Oreos bind dysfunctional families together. Until they're gone, which is quickly.

12. Toby Stephens was so desperate for work after the conclusion of "Black Sails" that he agreed to a part whose script called for him to portray a cucked moron subservient to his domineering almost-ex and disobedient children. He gets less respect than Rodney Dangerfield.

13. If your wife slept with the MADtv UBS delivery-guy, you'll raise his kid as your own.

14. Communications employ old-style corded-wire hand-sets because those looked so cool in the "Battlestar Galactica" reboot, which had them for rational reasons as the Cylons could eavesdrop on WiFi.

15. When what you really should have on hand is a big, strong male to do a man's job shoving that heavy metal cylinder home in the engine-bay, it's a good thing there's another girl available when you need her there to demonstrate that you don't need no man after all. Estrogen-bonding FTW!

16. Jupiter landing craft share the same quality suspension parts as a 1999 Chrysler minivan.

17. A planet whose orbiting satellite is either so close or so large that its diameter is about twenty times Earth's moon won't be constantly subjected to magnitude-11 earthquakes and ocean tides oversweeping its continents.

18. Will Robinson is the only teenage b

mike-9-669998 15 April 2018

Wow, what a dysfunctional family. They're all supposedly the best the world can offer, highly trained, etc. not a single one of them can follow an order. They seem to dislike each other. And Dr Smith has no redeeming qualities.

The father is a US Marine officer combat veteran. Yet soccer mom is in charge? She hates guns so even though they're in an extremely hostile environment she refuses to let Dad (former Marine, remember, so no danger of him not knowing how to use one) print a weapon.

Others have already noted the horrible science. I can suspend disbelief some because it's science fiction, but failing at basic physics or scientific principles is ridiculous in the internet age where a simple search for information is so easy.

The plots are magical. Literally. The cast can always pull a rabbit out of their hat. They fail at a basic premise of good science fiction - you never resolve issues by new magic tech, you rely on logic and on the pre-established rules of the fictional world. So far in this show the rules seem to be made up along the way to fix plot holes.

As for the 'PC' issues, I don't care about it much, I assumed that Judy was from a previous relationship or something. As for Smith being a woman, I hate that the character is so vile more than the gender.

I really had high hopes, but so far this reboot has been a real disservice to fans of the original as well as just science fiction fans in general.

mumooshka 14 April 2018

Special effects were outstanding but as the story goes, the travelers were selected on criteria which apparently included intelligence.

I saw very little of this supposed intelligence in the first season with incredibly dumb decisions made by all members of the Robinson family.

By now, any intelligent decisions would have included throwing Dr Smith out into space, to stop anymore selfish and life threatening acts made by her (yes, as you should know, by now Dr Smith in this version is a she)

The robot is the best part of this show as long as you just accept that this alien robot learns English and sentiment very quickly, no explanations as to how, or why.

I could list many of the stupid decisions which were made but watch the series and try not to roll your eyes ... just enjoy the special effects.

aevaughn-77305 23 April 2018

Honestly - the robot and the chicken were THE most interesting out of this whole series! The family dysfunction is stupidly played out, the mom is ridiculously arrogant and a know-it-all. the dad has NO backbone. And don't get me started on the kids...all 3 of them are just ultra smart and dumb at the same time. The acting is B movie level, and Parker Posey...my God...she needs to stick to Indie films - please. Not sure if this is a kids movie or not, but it sucks either way. I made it through the first 4 episodes and I'm done, I can't take anymore!

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