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Language: English

The staff of an Army hospital in the Korean War find that laughter is the best way to deal with their situation.

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Season 11

February 21, 1983Episode 15 As Time Goes By
February 14, 1983Episode 14 Give and Take
January 24, 1983Episode 12 Say No More
December 20, 1982Episode 9 Run For the Money
December 6, 1982Episode 7 Settling Debts
November 28, 1982Episode 6 Bombshells
November 22, 1982Episode 5 Who Knew?
November 15, 1982Episode 4 The Joker is Wild
November 8, 1982Episode 3 Foreign Affairs

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Season 9

Season 8

Season 7

Season 6

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Best M*A*S*H Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

March 18, 1975star9.5 982 votesS3E24 Abyssinia, Henry
January 14, 1973star9.0 777 votesS1E15 Tuttle
January 28, 1973star8.8 680 votesS1E17 Sometimes You Hear the Bullet
November 26, 1974star8.8 593 votesS3E11 Adam's Ribs
December 8, 1973star8.8 593 votesS2E13 Deal Me Out
September 12, 1975star8.8 588 votesS4E1 Welcome to Korea
October 15, 1979star8.8 482 votesS8E5 Good-Bye Radar: Part 2
February 28, 1983star8.7 3352 votesS11E16 Goodbye, Farewell and Amen
November 9, 1976star8.7 540 votesS5E7 Dear Sigmund
December 15, 1980star8.7 469 votesS9E5 Death Takes a Holiday
March 12, 1979star8.7 454 votesS7E25 The Party
November 26, 1979star8.7 452 votesS8E11 Life Time
September 22, 1973star8.6 616 votesS2E2 5 O’Clock Charlie
September 10, 1974star8.6 569 votesS3E1 The General Flipped at Dawn
November 3, 1973star8.6 553 votesS2E8 The Trial of Henry Blake
November 20, 1978star8.6 506 votesS7E10 Point of View
February 9, 1974star8.6 496 votesS2E21 Crisis
September 19, 1975star8.6 494 votesS4E2 Change of Command
March 24, 1980star8.6 433 votesS8E25 April Fools
February 24, 1976star8.5 529 votesS4E24 The Interview

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User Reviews

grendelkhan 29 June 2003

I've found many of the comments about this series to be quite amusing, particularly the ones bashing it for "shoving" a liberal agenda down viewers throats. Given it's success for 11 years, I don't think the audience seemed to agree with that assessment. Quite simply, the show was one of the best written, best acted, and most entertaining shows in television history. Yes, it wore out its welcome in the end; but, it is a masterpiece that later shows rarely measured up to.

I have no great preference for one season's cast over another. Each character was unique and had something to contribute. When we lost the bumbling, but loveable Henry Blake, we got the stern but loving Sherman Potter. Both were the C.O., but each was a different person, a smart move by the creators. The same is true for Frank Burns and Charles Emerson Winchester III. Burns was a neurotic, vindictive, childish fool; while Winchester was an arrogant blowhard, but one who could hold his own with Hawkeye. Burns was incompetent, while Winchester was an outstanding surgeon; just ask him. Characters were missed when they left; but, they were not replaced with doppelgangers. That is part of the reason this show lasted so long.

The show did take on a more serious tone in the later seasons, but not entirely. There are plenty of laughs right up to the end. Those serious shows were often some of the most memorable, and they kept the series from becoming stale. With that said, they did tend to resort to Hawkeye's mental problems a bit too much, especially in the farewell. You can argue that a character like Hawkeye, with his passion for preserving life, was ripe for mental breakdowns; but, in reality, he probably would have been shipped home by the second breakdown.

The show is not perfect (it lasted 8 years longer than the actual war) but it comes far closer than most. It seems to be fashionable to bash popular shows and movies after their days is over. Part of this is a new generation trying to establish their own identity and dominance. Well, I didn't like my parent's movies, shows and music when I was younger; until I actually watched them and listened to them. Some of it turned out to be quite good, some not. Real quality stands the test of time. MASH will be around far longer than most of what I see on tv today.

mango_man 22 August 2000

Without any doubt, this is the best show ever made. The writing is incredible, and the plots are very relevant to any society. Showing the worst of man to the very best of man, this show very well described the human condition. With deep drama, and good comedy, this show takes the audience through the ups and downs of life, while showing us the horror of war, yet leaving us with hope, knowing that there is good in humanity after all. The interaction between the characters is amazing, everyone becoming a family, and something wonderful being birthed in the midst of something horrible: war. Yet, even with the anti-war message, they refrain from bashing on soldiers (as most anti-war people tend to do) and they express pride in the bravery of them, while hating the need to fight.

All in all, this is the best show ever made, and I am deeply sorry that it did not run a few years longer.

simon.conder 12 April 2004

In the UK the MASH series has been released on DVD.

I know that this is just opionon but I think that the show was and still is just amazing. So many times people in the UK think that Amercian comedy is to sweet and syrupy.

If that is the case MASH is the one that proves them all wrong. I used to watch the show as a teenager and loved it. At the end of series 3 Henry leaves and that is just so well written and well acted. That is one of the best testaments I could ever give to a TV show, you grow to love the character and personally I cried the first time and I cried again when I say it today.

It is a totaly fantastic show and it is clear why it ran for so long. I doubt that anything like this will ever be seen again.

Op_Prime 6 January 2000

M*A*S*H is truly a one of a kind show. It combines both comedy and drama to form a rare type of show that comes along maybe once or twice every decade. You know, the ironic thing is that the series itself lasted more than three times as long as the actual war. M*A*S*H will always have a life in reruns.

admj2004 12 December 2000

The TV show M*A*S*H proves that laughter really is the best medicine to cure any wounds. This movie provided humorous insight to an otherwise overlooked time in American society. Every character provided a different perspective on the evils of war with their uses of satire. The script writers use satire to provide a look at the evils of war. I have seen the re-runs of this American classic series and I still find them hilarious to this day. I am so pleased that television stations decided to re air this otherwise forgotten show. I am glad that the directors and producers of this show depicted an otherwise forgotten time in American history. And I am sure that the veterans of the Korean War are happy that this show was made to show their experiences in this war and made their trials known to the public.

Sargebri 10 March 2003

This is still one of the funniest shows on television, especially the first four seasons when they still had a broad sense of humor. To me the glory days of M*A*S*H ended with the departure of Larry Linville (Major Frank Burns). After his departure, especially in the final three years, the show became more and more issue oriented and pretty much lost me until the classic finale. Other than that, it was still a great show.

xara 20 June 1999

M*A*S*H is the best TV series ever made, it has really made an impression. Using black humour must have been the only way to get through the day for most soldiers, and it gave me an idea of how awful the war must have been. Definitely a great TV series filled with humour and jokes that makes you laugh every time.

jakesdad6299 9 January 2002

MASH is still remarkable - funny, poignant, moving, occasionally schmaltzy - but always well scripted, acted and often directed by the actors who really know the players. Alan Alda at his best, with a magnificent equal billing cast. Watch MASH often!!

AlsExGal 10 December 2010

That is, this series started out in 1972 to capitalize on the antipathy people had towards the Vietnam War, plus it blended well with the anti-establishment theme of the CBS prime time lineup as well. Then something horrible happened - that is for those financially backing the show - four months into production the Vietnam War effectively ended. Also, it was announced the draft would end. Poof. There goes the show's reason for existence. This is where the show "rolled with the punches". Rather than just dry up and blow away as an artifact of a time that had come and gone, it explored new avenues and ways to stay relevant. It explored friendship, maintaining family ties when far from home, and the shock of sudden death. At the end of eleven years, when the show called it a day, you had two characters that loathed each other in the beginning of the series practically declaring their love for one another, although they knew in peacetime it could never be.

If you ever decide to go whole hog and buy the complete series, have patience with it. The first three episodes are not that good - the humor is very forced and were it not for the laugh track you might not get that a joke had just been told. But it does get much better rather quickly. Back in 1972 network shows were allowed time to get better. Now some network bean counter just pulls the plug and drags out some reality show replacement.

bbq22 6 February 2020

I've read several recent (2019) reviews of MASH here on IMDB. Many of them take a political slant, calling the show "anti-war", "left-wing", or (and this is my favorite) an "Evil Mockery of all good things and American Values". Frankly, every word of those comments is partisan hooey, colored by the divisive political landscape we live in at present.

I'm a 19 year, career military member and am currently deployed to Iraq. I just watched the entire-run of this show at a rate of 2 episodes per night and thoroughly enjoyed it. You can want some of the topics it presents to be political, but they're not. The overwhelming majority of them are simply the musings of people who seem to have an incisive and witty understanding of what it means to be deployed far away from home.

Those insights are what keep the show watchable. Being critical of war doesn't make the show liberal. It makes it rationale. Broaching progressive subjects doesn't make it left-wing. It bases it in reality. Arguing that war should be the absolute last means of persuasion doesn't make it a mockery of American values. It makes it a commentary on what those American values have historically been.

The years have been rough on MASH insomuch as portrayals of sexism and alcoholism are concerned. Outside of that, the show holds up as a commentary on war at large-be it in Korea, Vietnam, or Iraq. Simply put, it's still funny.

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