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Merlin (2008)

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Rayting:   7.9/10 77K votes
Country: UK
Language: English

These are the brand new adventures of Merlin, the legendary sorcerer as a young man, when he was just a servant to young Prince Arthur on the royal court of Camelot, who has soon become his best friend, and turned Arthur into a great king and a legend.

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December 4, 2010star9.3 913 votesS3E13 The Coming of Arthur (2)
December 19, 2009star9.0 890 votesS2E13 The Last Dragonlord (2)
December 22, 2012star9.0 816 votesS5E12 The Diamond of the Day - Part 1
October 8, 2011star9.0 752 votesS4E2 The Darkest Hour - Part 2
December 24, 2011star9.0 664 votesS4E13 The Sword in the Stone: Part Two
October 1, 2011star8.8 893 votesS4E1 The Darkest Hour - Part 1
November 27, 2010star8.8 719 votesS3E12 The Coming of Arthur (1)
October 6, 2012star8.7 938 votesS5E1 Arthur's Bane - Part 1
November 5, 2011star8.7 737 votesS4E6 A Servant of Two Masters
October 30, 2010star8.7 722 votesS3E8 The Eye of the Phoenix
December 12, 2009star8.7 715 votesS2E12 The Fires of Idirsholas (1)
December 17, 2011star8.7 629 votesS4E12 The Sword in the Stone: Part One
October 13, 2012star8.6 724 votesS5E2 Arthur's Bane - Part 2
October 15, 2011star8.6 683 votesS4E3 The Wicked Day
December 15, 2012star8.6 610 votesS5E11 The Drawing of the Dark
December 13, 2008star8.5 863 votesS1E13 Le Morte d'Arthur
November 14, 2009star8.5 741 votesS2E8 The Sins of the Father
December 1, 2012star8.5 603 votesS5E9 With All My Heart
November 21, 2009star8.4 809 votesS2E9 The Lady of the Lake
September 11, 2010star8.4 761 votesS3E1 The Tears of Uther Pendragon (1)

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User Reviews

cecilyeb 26 September 2017

Oh Merlin. Four years since I finished my last re-watch and you're still breaking my heart. You are quite terrible in many ways, with some of the cheesiest special effects I've ever seen on television, and some of the cheesiest writing as well, but your story captured my imagination like no Game of Thrones has done. The friendship/romance between Merlin and Arthur is almost unbearably lovely and the characters of Guinevere and the knights still haven't left my heart. There were moments of absolute brilliance in this little family show elevated by beautiful acting that still resonate and stay with me after all these years. I would go through it all again.

katechunz 6 September 2019

I watched the 5 seasons in two weeks - I was completely hooked! I'm definitely going to rewatch soon as well! The secrets, suspense, magic and romance kept me hooked and on the edge of my seat! Merlin is the best character; he's adorable, beautiful, relatable and hilarious. The COMEDY literally gave me life. I LIVED and BREATHED for when Merlin did something weird or stupid! Arthur and Merlin were the best and I seriously wish there was a season six (would for real donate $2000 or my life for it).

I cried so hard when it finished and now I wish that I could erase all of my memory of the show to re-experience it again. The character development is amazing, plot is gripping and adventures are fun. The comedy is beautiful and the relationships between characters (especially Arthur and Merlin) is the best part of the show.


CAUTION: If you are really into the legend of King Arthur then you might not like how everyone is young and facts are a bit altered but if you can overlook all of that then you are seriously going to love "Merlin."

fairplay-81600 29 February 2020

Oh Please could there be a season6 and7 because I love this serie so much Its really a wonderful serie i love all of it maybe there are some others who think the same as I do

hobbitfan-2 15 November 2008

Okay, I feel like you have to judge this show with a grain of salt. I've actually found it very enjoyable and oddly addictive, though that doesn't mean I think it's good. Yes, there are plot holes, character inconsistencies, cheesy dialogue, etc., but I think because it doesn't take itself too seriously (like, for example, Robin Hood was prone to do) it can get away with most of these things. There are moments of genuine comedy that I really appreciate, and the rest of the time I spend giggling at the aforementioned flaws. I think the cast is quite good as well: Colin Morgan is charmingly dorky as the title character; Anthony Head milks a surprising amount of emotion from a ridiculously poorly written character; and the rest (except perhaps for Katie McGrath, who can be a little too emotional) imbue their roles with genuine humanity. I especially like the growing relationship between Merlin and Arthur-- the way the show is written, Merlin's only reason for helping Arthur is that 'it's his destiny,' and Arthur has no real reason at all to help Merlin, and yet you definitely feel that they are starting to care for each other.

So, yeah, it's no television masterpiece, but it is fun to watch, and sometimes that's all you need.

krisisnow1 4 October 2008

I've been watching Merlin since the start, and I've just finished watching the third episode of the 13 part series, made by BBC Wales. It's absolutely brilliant and it's made Saturday family viewing that extra bit special. The third episode has been the best so far, and I can't wait to see more of this excellent show.

Regardless of the dissatisfied moaners and complainers on IMDb, this is by far one of the best British family shows the BBC has produced to date. It's that good.

Episode 4 looks even better and I have to wait another week to see it. I definitely recommend Merlin to everyone

More please! 10 Stars from me! Well Done BBC.

Kevin-42 4 October 2008

First of all, if you are a really big fan of the Arthurian legend, stay away from this one. Even I, with my superficial knowledge regarding those ancient stories, could tell that this show takes quite a few 'creative liberties'. This said, it is really a rather good show. The sets and costumes are nice (though way out of time for the historic era), the storyline is interesting with a good mixture of humor and suspense salted with some adequate special effects. After just three shows in the series it is hard to judge how much depth the main characters will be able to develop, but they are all so.....likable (My favorite being the young Arthur). There are probably better ways to spend your Saturday evenings, but if you're in front of the tube anyway, you can certainly pick worse.


I just finished watching the ninth episode. It is hard to believe, but what appeared to be another shallow if decently made series, turned into a respectable drama show. The humor from the first three shows is still there, but as the story unfolds so do the main characters, gaining depth and subtleties and opening interesting plot opportunities.

Die hard fans of the legends will still not like it, as much of the underlying mystery gets a complete work-over (and the presence of a dragon sure doesn't help there), but as a stand-alone show, it certainly got me hooked :)

If you haven't been able to see it, because you're not from the UK and have no access to internet sources: This is definitely worth waiting for!

EDIT2 (a few years later):

Five seasons and a couple of years later I can still say that it's been a good show. Even though it eventually fed off the chemistry between the main protagonists and was weakened by the sub-par acting of what was supposed to be the main villain and antagonist, it holds its own as a work of entertainment. Good quality family entertainment!

Soorena-Sedighi 11 September 2014

I'm at awe. Though I can't say that Merlin will be for all, but for me, it was a transformative experience. Somehow, I blended with the Merlin character and believed in him more than I ever have in any TV show or movie character.

I will miss it. There was humour, love, and wisdom in perhaps each episode. Some days, it was a thing I looked forward to when I woke up, and, other days, it was a thing I looked forward to (with great excitement) when I returned home from work.

Having been a King Arthur fan when I was younger, and a fan of the medieval world, horses, and magic...I loved the show Merlin.

But perhaps the greatest reason I resonated with Merlin was that one of the overall themes of the entire series is acceptance...self-acceptence that is. Acceptance of who and what you are, and the embracing of that.

Merlin has helped me be more accepting of myself.

Thank You! (Each and every person who contributed in creating Merlin) :) <3

steve-862 8 November 2008

There are many similarities between Dr Who and Merlin in terms of the way they are written. Like Dr Who Merlin features likable characters, moments of comedy and a little bit of tension that kids and grown ups can both enjoy.

There is good chemistry between the main characters. Good sets, decent special effects and each show works well on its own and as part of a series.

Don't pick too many holes in the factual details though. There are many ethnic groups in Uther's court, which probably wasn't truly representative of the population of England at that time in history. But hey, magic doesn't really exist so why not make a new TV show that has its auditions open to any actor regardless of ethnic background.

I think Merlin will run for at least another series. It would be a shame if it didn't continue. Whatever the future holds for the show the excellent Colin Morgan has a bright career ahead of him.

armstrongd_uk 3 December 2008

Everyone associated with this magnificent production deserve awards - the series is simply superb entertainment on every level. The cast is excellent - although when it started one wanted to see the traditional story of Arthur and Excalibur and Lancelot unfold, the sheer chemistry of the current cast are so enjoyable, that I now dread the demise of King Uther, as Anthony Head is absolutely compelling in this role - by far the best thing I've ever seen him do. Merlin, Arthur, even Richard Wilson as Gaius against all the odds, are all brilliantly cast and played.

In many ways this reminds me of the unexpectedly addictive power of the original Star Trek series when it first appeared - only this is far better acted, far better cast, and far better written.

In my opinion one of the very best new things to hit British TV screens for many many years.

harrisontipp 13 July 2020

The brotherly connection between actors Colin Morgan (Merlin) and Bradley James (Arthur) is unbelievable i get that the storyline and the characters are a bit goofy but what a lot of people don't understand is that IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE GOOFY sure the storyline is nowhere near as good as game of thrones but it's Merlin isn't a glorified highly sexual series it is the story of a young man meeting someone and the friendship between them and seriously the acting is unbelievable not in terms of the emotion and purity but the fact that you walk away from that series and if someone actually told you they were brothers you'd believe it. Please don't into this series expecting a game of thrones series because you will be extremely disappointed go into it knowing nothing but understanding the fact that it is supposed to be a goofy and comedic series

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