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Money Heist (2017)

Action | Mystery 
Popularity 35
Rayting:   8.3/10 386K votes
Country: Spain
Language: English

An unusual group of robbers attempt to carry out the most perfect robbery in Spanish history stealing 2.4 billion euros from the Royal Mint of Spain.

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December 3, 2021star9.4 12068 votesS3E8 The Elegance Theory
July 19, 2019star9.4 8947 votesS2E6 Everything Seemed Insignificant
June 27, 2017star8.7 5812 votesS1E9 Episode 9
July 19, 2019star8.7 5385 votesS2E5 Boom, Boom, Ciao
July 19, 2019star8.7 5251 votesS2E4 It's Dolphin Time
July 19, 2019star8.7 5222 votesS2E3 48 Meters Underground
July 19, 2019star8.6 5380 votesS2E1 We're Back
May 9, 2017star8.4 6859 votesS1E2 Episode 2
May 30, 2017star8.4 5843 votesS1E5 Episode 5
June 13, 2017star8.4 5603 votesS1E7 Episode 7
July 19, 2019star8.4 5194 votesS2E2 Aikido
May 2, 2017star8.3 7987 votesS1E1 Episode 1
September 3, 2021star8.3 6230 votesS3E2 Do You Believe in Reincarnation?
September 3, 2021star8.3 5914 votesS3E3 Welcome to the Spectacle of Life
December 3, 2021star8.3 5676 votesS3E7 Wishful Thinking
September 3, 2021star8.2 7169 votesS3E1 The End of the Road
May 16, 2017star8.2 6385 votesS1E3 Episode 3
May 23, 2017star8.2 6093 votesS1E4 Episode 4
June 6, 2017star8.2 5646 votesS1E6 Episode 6
December 3, 2021star8.2 5549 votesS3E6 Escape Valve

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User Reviews

chkoliastasis 5 April 2020

Well, the writers and producers outdone themselves. They started with a good idea, intriguing characters and an elaborate plot. By the end of season 2 it became apparent they could not drag this anymore. Season 3 was just a "remake" of season 1 but, my God, season 4 is an awful soap opera...seems almost like a "filler" actual plot, no actual could skip straight to episode 7 if u want and wouldnt miss a thing. Hire better writers, because this cast is impeccable.

Thomas_Eogan 1 April 2020

I really only write reviews when I feel like a show is getting way too much of praise or way too little. I love heist movies/series. So it makes sense that I would finally end up watching this one. But let me warn you, other heist lovers, this is a soap opera not a heist story. I'm 6 episodes in now (probably wont be a 7th) and it's just annoying the hell out of me. The characters are unbelievably stupid, doing things that even people like us, who aren't actually career criminals, would never do. And what is the reason for this stupidity? LOVE! Or, maybe I should say crushes? Criminals loving criminals, criminals loving hostages and every other combination. These are people who have lost it all and want everything, and then drop the whole plan and do ridiculous thing when a girl/boy smiles at them sweetly. I know that I'm very late to reviewing this thing (as it already has multiple seasons) but if my words can save someone 6 hours of their life, it will be worth it. I sadly won't be getting that time back. it's a 2/10 stars for me (but I put 3/10 believing that people are more likely to ignore the very low score reviews, and I aim to protect you people) :D Take care! :)

sagar-30562 18 May 2020

The more u watch it.. the dumber it gets.. idea of the plot is good. Direction is just like a soap opera.

rocco-881-459726 3 April 2020

With a 100% positive critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes and with many of my friends going crazy for it, my opition might not be very popular. But I find La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) to be utterly ridiculous, overly melodramatic and just plain stupid.

arjunrajkss 11 April 2020

If they could have stopped in season 2, this series would have been the best ever heist series that's ever made. But they didn't do it and season 3 and season 4 is meaningless and boring. Not convincing and illogical.

nachiket-pandit 5 April 2020

Professor what are we robbing in season 3-4-5? Professor: People Will think we are robbing the bank of Spain, However wee are actually going to rob the viewers of their time, we will insult their intellect with every scene and episode, make them cringe and want to kill themselves with unnecessary gay drama, show them some of the most unrealistic action the world has seen. And that way we will rob them of their time. THE BIGGEST HEIST IN MANKID!!!!!

khalid_scol 6 April 2020

This series should have ended in season 2, season 3 and 4 totally unnecessary

viktor-hristovski 20 April 2020

This is a soap opera, looks like a smart tv show but it's a latin soap opera and you watch it like that(50% brain turned off, the logic part)

grantss 9 January 2019

A band of robbers, lead by a man known simply as 'the Professor', infiltrate and rob the Spanish National Mint. They appear to bungle it, ending up holed up in the Mint with 67 hostages. But it's all part of the Professor's plan. If it succeeds, they'll make off with over $2 billion Euros.

Entertaining, initially, and could have been a masterpiece. The initial plot - the plan to secure the Mint and make off with over $2 billion Euros - was very clever and intriguing. It was also engaging: you got to know the individual characters of the heisters, as well as who they were up against. From here on I expected a taught, gritty battle of wits and wills between the robbers and the police.

Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Instead of being tight, the plot diverged into silly escapades. One escapade lead to another: robber has to fix some error, fixes it, unwittingly causes another issue, now has to fix that, rinse and repeat. What's worse, the errors, solutions and escapades were incredibly implausible, just being antics for action sake.

In addition, having established their characters in the first few episodes, the robbers then do several things counter to their characters. It was as if the writers wrote each scene independent of what had happened before. It could not have been more random if they brought in a different writer for each episode, and told them not to read the scripts of the previous episodes.

The further into the series one went, the worse it got. During the first season the good, clever plot developments generally outweighed the random, implausible, stupid ones. By Season Two it was open season, with dumb stuff being the norm. The dumb plot developments became predictable, eg you have a situation where a character has a choice and the logical thing, the thing people would do 100% of the time in real life, is to do A. However, A would mean the series ends, so the character does B, and the series continues.

So the plot only makes sense if you're mind-bogglingly stupid.

By the end I just wanted it to be over, so my intelligence would no longer be insulted. And yet it still got drawn out, by about 2-3 episodes too many.

And apparently there's a Season 3 in the works. Considering how it ended, not sure how that's possible, but the producers did manage to turn what should have been a 8-or-so episode mini-series into a 2-season, 22-episode series.

RayJaywolf 22 May 2020

Hear me out, this show is awful, very awful, even season 1 and 2. This show gets about 90% of the things wrong. I don't know why this show has such high ratings. Maybe it's meant for those 14yo edgy kids who haven't watched any good heist movies. People has that the characters in the show are unique and the best part about it. For me they were utterly annoying and the worst part. Except Berlin, none of the characters are tolerable at all. The police are so dumb and the professor makes some very dumb decisions. I even like the character of Arturo, I know he's hated but atleast he's not forgettable. Tokio and Río are the worst characters for me. I don't know how come people even like this soap opera filled with nothing but unnecessary melodrama. And people compare this show with Prison Break? Season 1 of Prison Break slaps all 4 seasons of this garbage by a milestone so stop comparing please. I request you to stop wasting your time in this show and watch something else.

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