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NCIS (2003)

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The cases of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service's Washington, D.C. Major Case Response Team, led by Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

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Season 19

April 18, 2022Episode 18 Last Dance
March 21, 2022Episode 16 The Wake
March 7, 2022Episode 14 First Steps
February 28, 2022Episode 13 The Helpers
January 24, 2022Episode 12 Fight or Flight
January 17, 2022Episode 11 All Hands
November 29, 2021Episode 8 Peacekeeper
November 8, 2021Episode 7 Docked
November 1, 2021Episode 6 False Start
October 18, 2021Episode 5 Face the Strange
October 11, 2021Episode 4 Great Wide Open
October 4, 2021Episode 3 Road to Nowhere
September 27, 2021Episode 2 Nearly Departed
September 20, 2021Episode 1 Blood in the Water

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Best NCIS Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

May 17, 2016star9.3 1138 votesS13E24 Family First
September 22, 2009star9.2 1314 votesS7E1 Truth or Consequences
January 24, 2017star9.2 1025 votesS14E13 Keep Going
April 14, 2020star9.2 654 votesS17E20 The Arizona
February 12, 2019star9.2 595 votesS16E13 She
November 23, 2004star9.0 1491 votesS2E7 Call of Silence
May 10, 2005star9.0 1097 votesS2E22 SWAK
October 14, 2008star8.9 1037 votesS6E4 Heartland
November 6, 2007star8.9 1008 votesS5E7 Requiem
May 24, 2005star8.9 1002 votesS2E23 Twilight
May 20, 2008star8.9 287 votesS5E19 Judgment Day (2)
September 27, 2021star8.9 133 votesS19E2 Nearly Departed
May 15, 2012star8.8 875 votesS9E24 Till Death Do Us Part
January 6, 2015star8.8 737 votesS12E11 Check
March 15, 2016star8.8 707 votesS13E18 Scope
December 15, 2015star8.8 650 votesS13E11 Spinning Wheel
November 24, 2020star8.8 416 votesS18E2 Everything Starts Somewhere
January 7, 2020star8.8 403 votesS17E11 In the Wind
September 20, 2005star8.7 957 votesS3E1 Kill Ari (1)
September 27, 2005star8.7 948 votesS3E2 Kill Ari (2)

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User Reviews

wmelick 8 June 2004

This has become my favorite regular show on the main networks. The stories are good enough to keep me watching and the character interplay can be quite amusing at times. Gibbs is great...watching the others react to him makes me chuckle. Abby is perfectly believable, despite the goth overtones...she is strong, smart, yet still sexy and feminine. I think Pauley Perette was the ideal actress to cast. The writing seems to continue at an even keel...if nothing else getting better as more episodes are shown. I think the producers have a hit here. I go back each week. Definitely worth your time...even if it means taping or tivo'ing it (which I do)...something to look forward to when I can't make 8:00 on Tuesday.

shellemk 23 September 2004

and each episode speeds along all too quickly! I LOVE this show…! What is there NOT to like? Rich story lines, strongly portrayed (and very human) personalities you can really warm to who play off each other brilliantly, all with their own distinctive quirks and – above all – the always wonderful Mark Harmon as main character! What more could you ask for in a show?! There's not a single character I'd change – none that irritate – they're all excellent. I consider it a bonus that it's the one thing on TV that all our family equally enjoy for different reasons. Even my father-in-law likes this and we normally have totally different viewing preferences! I was delighted when I heard that there was a second series imminent. Only problem is that living in England, who knows how long after it's shown in the US we'll get to see it! Fortunately it's worth the wait!

JTBWRITER 16 June 2004

Easily one of the best shows on television today, suspenseful, humorous and real-not always pleasant or formulaic-but real! Just when I think Bellesario has gone too far in the "lets screw up Jag" sweepstakes (ok-2 episodes this year were actually good-the rest-terrible!)-he redeems himself with a show that is riveting, timely and funny at the right times!

The casting, the writing, the overall look of the show is first class! Starting at the top with Mark Harmon, the sexiest man on TV-he also sets the tone with his right on portrayal of the most conflicted man on TV today! His obsession with Ari (the terrorist), his list of rules, then his tendency to think out of the box just adds to the spice and pace of this show. (Plus his constant dueling with DiNozzo-priceless!)

An added plus is the inter meshing of the cast-David McCallum-funny, urbane- so hot! His stories are hysterical, then his sad commentary on the life or death of their latest subject-just gives you pause. His diatribe on the terrorist and what he did to his assistant alone is Emmy award stuff-don't mess with Ducky ever again! Then we have the reason for Rule 12-Special Agent Catlin Todd-the writers don't always have a clue as to her portrayal but she always pulls it off (and that humor of hers-the end lines alone are great!) I have to disagree as to the chemistry with Gibbs/Kate-it's there all right-hopefully we get to see something come of it in Season 2! The actors portraying Abby and DiNozzo-Pauly Perrette and Michael Weatherly are hysterical, yet right on in their portrayals-especially when DiNozzo thinks with his hormones and not with his brain-then turns around and saves the day-this show is a keeper! I can hardly wait for season 2!

katesgram2000 16 March 2004

At first when my husband would watch this show I wasn't really paying much attention and I would see this goth girl in the lab and think "what on earth is THAT?!?!?!" Then, one night I sat and watched along with him and now I am totally hooked. Mark Harmon's character appears to be annoyed sometimes by the other characters actions etc. but you get the feeling he really likes his coworkers. I like David McCallum's character and the way they tease him about going on and on. I get the feeling he knows they really do like him but his stories just get to be too much for them and he understands. My favorite though is Pauley Perrette's character. She is just a lot of fun. I hope the show stays on a long time- Tuesday nights wouldn't be the same with out it.

Movies__ 26 May 2021

I have watched it from the beginning and would many times rewatch the episode because I enjoyed the characters so very much. The replacements of the lead characters has kept the show going downhill. The replacement actors/characters for the 3 leads are flat and uninteresting. The dialogue is boring. Maria Bello was another loss. The addition of Mark Harmon's wife is the bottom of the barrel. The character and actor is flat and stiff. As for the character of Kasie...OMG she is obnoxious to the ninth degree. Instead of trying to replace Abby with someone weird, why not replace her with someone uptight and brilliant.

The character of Kasie.... Please Stop!!! I have to fast forward every time she is on screen. This not a Cartoon Show....right?

Why not bring back the MI6 agent Clayton Reed? Wouldn't be the first time a character came back from the dead. He was interesting and could open up all kinds of stories. Just a thought...How about some good writers???

I find myself ready to ignore this program and wish for a New Series to replace NCIS. SOON!

keithkrans-65502 28 February 2019

1st Zeva leaves, then Tony and finally Abby. The cast that built the legend on NCIS has been reduced to a couple now and the new adds (except for Maria Bello) are not providing the intrigue and drama that was the previous NCIS. As a devoted fan I am slowly but surely finding the show becoming a non- watch instead of a must see. We used to schedule our lives to make sure we never missed an episode.

miller_jayme 20 May 2018

As Ziva David, Tony Dinnozo, And Abby Have left the show, the show has become very lame and very uninteresting. Tony once said, "We need the Pa. Now I know what He was referring to.

All the PA's have left the show, and we are left with D- Characters. Basically kind of toward being a clear F in my opinion.

The TV Show has lost it's spark, which is very sad. When the show first aired it had a freshness to it and I really liked it a lot (Actually gave it 8/10 Stars) Now I would only give it 4/10 Stars.

We have decided not to continued to watch this in the following Season(s) to come.

I wish the Characters well in the future Season(s)

twylyght86 7 December 2004

When the show first started out it was a little shaky, but since then has grown into its own. The characters are believable, both annoying and enchanting, and the plots are wonderful. There's a depth and a comradeship that isn't often showed this well in television. It isn't forced or faked; it's entirely true to life and believable.

The underlying sexual tension between several of the characters is also intriguing and interesting to watch, the most obvious of these being the relationship between Tony and Kate, but there's also hints at Kate and Gibbs, McGee and Abby, and so on. It's a crime drama that's both serious and light-hearted, and a wonderful show for anyone who likes fascinating stories, good humor, and great character interaction.

BlackJAC 29 November 2003

Finally Bellisario got it right. Gibbs and his gang are first and foremost investigators, not hoity-toity staff officers who moonlight as stereotyped combat soldiers with thickly-laid-on patriotic dogma that would make Ward Carroll vomit with rage. At no time do they ever try to borrow an F-14 to go on some bombing raid over the international hot spot du semaine; they stick to their job descriptions the whole time. They also have personalities and eccentricities that make them a better ridealong than overstarched Harmless Rabbit and whatever babe he happens to be working with this season, such as Gibbs' coffee addiction, Ducky's intellectual ramblings, DiNozzo's attempts at being a cool womanizer, Abby's interesting blend of science nerd and goth grrrl, and Kate as the token vaguely normal neophyte thrown into the mix. Too bad this couldn't have been done with JAG in the first place.

brandiericks 13 March 2019

I've been a fan since the beginning and have watched every episode but with all the changes in the last year or two, the show has lost what made it great. The relationships between Tony and Kate and then Tony and Ziva added something special. Tony's and Abbey's personalities made it even better but now there's just nothing. They took away what made the show great and didn't add anything to make up for it. It also seems that Mark Harmon is tired of the show and it shows in his acting. He doesn't have the gusto he used to. Unfortunately , NCIS has gone downhill, become boring to watch, and I may not continue to do so.

hcalbina 23 November 2020

I miss when we have a Marine Gibbs,Tony,McGee,Kate & Ziva.Bishop is ok but not as good as Kate or Ziva.When Tony left it was a massive loss for the show,Gibbs may be the leading role,but Tony was the Center of the show.Its hurt to see Gibbs and McGee around a bunch of Cartoon.Please someone shoot that undercover macho or kick to NCIS LA where they are good at blowing up car, shooting people,he does not belong here.

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