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NCIS (2003-)

Action | Drama | Thriller
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Country: USA
Language: English

The cases of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service's Washington, D.C. Major Case Response Team, led by Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

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Season 18

April 27, 2021Episode 18 Episode 18
April 20, 2021Episode 17 Episode 17
April 13, 2021Episode 16 Episode 16
April 6, 2021Episode 15 Episode 15
March 30, 2021Episode 14 Episode 14
March 23, 2021Episode 13 Episode 13
March 16, 2021Episode 12 Episode 12
March 9, 2021Episode 11 Episode 11
March 2, 2021Episode 10 Episode 10
February 23, 2021Episode 9 Episode 9
February 16, 2021Episode 8 Episode 8
February 9, 2021Episode 7 The First Day
January 26, 2021Episode 6 1mm
January 19, 2021Episode 4 Sunburn
November 17, 2020Episode 1 Sturgeon Season

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User Reviews

fjmetro 20 March 2019

Not much left in the way of talent - The Tim character is now flat and uninspired- the Abbey replacement is more a cartoon character- and the scripts are uninspired- too bad - no longer interested in NCIS.

brandiericks 13 March 2019

I've been a fan since the beginning and have watched every episode but with all the changes in the last year or two, the show has lost what made it great. The relationships between Tony and Kate and then Tony and Ziva added something special. Tony's and Abbey's personalities made it even better but now there's just nothing. They took away what made the show great and didn't add anything to make up for it. It also seems that Mark Harmon is tired of the show and it shows in his acting. He doesn't have the gusto he used to. Unfortunately , NCIS has gone downhill, become boring to watch, and I may not continue to do so.

wmelick 10 May 2005

I've written about this show before on IMDb --- but here I am months later in May 2005 and yet it still continues to be impressive. There have been a few shows that were "bleh" in the last season but the "SWAK" episode tonight really got a few great moments of emotion between the cast members. The writers (at least to me) were able to pull off the "suspended disbelief" and I got pulled into the moment as DiNozzo was about to kick the bucket. I sure hope they keep most of the cast in the next season, as they seem to play off each other brilliantly. The only cast member I could see losing (according to the season finale preview, they lose an NCIS agent) is McGee. He's great and believable for his role, but any of the others lost as regulars on the show would break down the core character interplay. The McGee character could be replaced...but the others would be much more difficult. But then again I guess this is all decided and in the can...we'll find out on May 24th. My comments to other viewers that have commented on the reality of the series --- yeah, it's not the real life NCIS at all. But real life would be mind-numbingly boring to fit in 60 minute TV show. You'd need the constant buzz of fluorescent lights in the background combined with pages and pages of forms being typed into the computer --- mostly about drug abuses by young 18 year olds. This is TV drama and a fabricated fiction. I appreciate the nod Bellesario gives to NCIS and like the show for the entertainment it is. Real life NCIS isn't a fun job, but we get an hour on Tuesday night to pretend it is.

BlackJAC 29 November 2003

Finally Bellisario got it right. Gibbs and his gang are first and foremost investigators, not hoity-toity staff officers who moonlight as stereotyped combat soldiers with thickly-laid-on patriotic dogma that would make Ward Carroll vomit with rage. At no time do they ever try to borrow an F-14 to go on some bombing raid over the international hot spot du semaine; they stick to their job descriptions the whole time. They also have personalities and eccentricities that make them a better ridealong than overstarched Harmless Rabbit and whatever babe he happens to be working with this season, such as Gibbs' coffee addiction, Ducky's intellectual ramblings, DiNozzo's attempts at being a cool womanizer, Abby's interesting blend of science nerd and goth grrrl, and Kate as the token vaguely normal neophyte thrown into the mix. Too bad this couldn't have been done with JAG in the first place.

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