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Night Sky (2022)

Adventure | Fantasy 
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Rayting:   7.5/10 1.9K votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Follows Franklin and Irene York, a couple who years ago discovered a chamber buried in their backyard which inexplicably leads to a strange, deserted planet.

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May 19, 2022star8.4 89 votesS1E8 Compensation
May 19, 2022star8.1 74 votesS1E6 Dear Franklin
May 19, 2022star8.0 99 votesS1E3 The Caretaker
May 19, 2022star8.0 78 votesS1E5 Driving Lessons
May 19, 2022star8.0 70 votesS1E7 Lake Diving
May 19, 2022star7.8 84 votesS1E4 Boilermakers
May 19, 2022star7.2 184 votesS1E1 To the Stars
May 19, 2022star7.0 119 votesS1E2 La Capilla

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bosporan 20 May 2022

JK Simmons, Sissy Spacek and space, what is not to like? Well nothing actually, this is not a clichéd, frantic lasers and technology sci-fi show, but rather a character driven story centred on family, relationships plus growth and decline over time.

The core focus is on the York couple in the final chapter of their lives, beautifully, realistically and sweetly played by Simmons and Spacek and the impact secret access to the stars has on their lives; a fabulous character study. They are seeking rejuvenation and meaning, and find it in a completely unexpected and surprising guise.

Byron (Adam Bartley) is an irritating character, though grit in the oyster does not always produce a pearl. His plotline distracts greatly from the central story without adding anything.

This is the second novel approach to sci-fi that Amazon has produced recently (Outer Range) which is to be applauded, and this one concludes in a more satisfying way and leaves room for a welcome season two.

Sunsphxsuns 21 May 2022

Night Sky isn't an easy genre, and after viewing the first episode, my guess is that it will likely infuriate some viewers, bore a few others, confuse many, but also delight people like me that thrive on "Interstellar themes." After only one episode I decided to roll the dice and gamble where this series is headed. I think the direction might be somewhere between "Cocoon" (1985) and "Contact" (1997). And while those aforementioned films were beautifully done, they didn't have two veteran Oscar winning actors: Sissy Spacek and J. K. Simmons. And this alone may be what affords this new series a significant opportunity to succeed.

From what I can surmise, Night Sky is about an elderly couple with a secret so outrageous and incredible that it would blow away even the world's brightest astronomers and scientists. The couple are both very ill with their own respective maladies. Yet, they nevertheless appear to be quite happy with their incredibly mysterious "toy." In essence, they've somehow acquired a galactic passageway which takes them light years away to a different planet. Indeed, this destination could even be a different solar system or galaxy. Too early to tell.

The bottom line here, of course, is what does this all mean, and in one episode, Night Sky reveals very little towards the intricate plot. But like many other commendable series to appear in the past few years, this slow-burn pace will be quite watchable because of its premise as well as its two superb lead actors.

My recommendation- Let's all get a few episodes digested before we inadvertently "belch" out our reviews. Like fine wine or Beluga caviar, it may take a little while until we fully embrace this very creative type of entertainment. But if it succeeds, it could end up being a very interesting adventure.

No spoilers here as usual, but I will reveal that when an interviewer asked the Oscar winning actress, Sissy Spacek, why she chose to tackle this challenging role, she replied: "You know, I do things like this sometimes. I am the girl who made Carrie. There's that side of me that goes, "Don't look before you leap." I loved the writers and creators of the show. They were very collaborative. But what really drew me to it was the relationship between Irene and Franklin, and the fact that I wasn't an alien. I worried that I wasn't going to understand and wondered what in my life was going to help me play this role. But Irene's just an ordinary human being experiencing extraordinary things."

leptilic 21 May 2022

This low rates are unbelievable. They are used to - pew pew death destruction - and they think that's a sci fi. They are new age kids who never watched Space Odyssey, Man on Earth, Lost, or any Steven King adaptation or capable for intellectual shows and movies... I would rate this 9, just because we got so little in season 1, but they made me rate it 10. Show is great, acting is 10, effects are not too often, just in right area - 10. Shows actually goodness in people, a mystery, story, vibes I felt from Dome and Lost. I guess that kind a shift on people who like action and violence all the time bang bang. QQ for them.

surfingnaked1 20 May 2022

The acting is very good. Production value is also very good. It moves a bit slow but is still interesting. Worth the binge. Sissy spacek is a 10 actress.

heratyplant 20 May 2022

Can't rate it yet as I haven't seen it all, but I do like it, even though it is purposefully slow.

I mostly dislike those shows & films that are dramas with a thin veneer of scifi to trick the fans of that genre, but this doesn't feel like that, even though it is a drama with a tiny pinch of mystery.

The 2 leads, they're performances & the wonderful life they seem to have is really rather lovely & endearing. As to the setup, I've never seen this premise before & it is without doubt intriguing, it just depends where the writers decide to take them, and us, on their cosmic journey.

Special nods for the lovely soundtrack & thoughtful cinematography.

I'm in for the ride, fingers crossed.

grlym-46849 20 May 2022

I premise is so interesting. The acting is grade A

But the pace of the show is real life time based. If you hung out with your grandparents all weekend long, that's the pace. You love them dearly...but everything takes a long time

But man the acting is so good. I'm frustrated that the show couldn't have been 2 or 3 perfect episodes that were compelling. I'm frustrated as an audience member. I feel let down in something that could have been great.

lornak-18008 21 May 2022

I just sat and watched it all night in one sitting. So yes, I was fascinated. Did it occasionally get a little slow? Maybe a little, but even then the story was interesting. The acting was amazing-how could it not be with Sissy Spacek and J. K. Simmons leading the cast? All of the side characters were pretty great as well. There was plenty of action without it being an "action" movie. People do get hurt and some die. Mainly though it was the characters that were important, their actions and interactions with others that drove the story. Yes, it was science fiction, and to me really good science fiction, but I also enjoyed the elderly couple and their back story concerning their son, their granddaughter and their love for each other. And although we don't get all the answers, we do get quite a bit. The fun part? They left it wide open for another season! By the way, I didn't tell anything about the actual story on purpose. I loved going in with very little idea what to expect and I'm glad I did.

ztigr 22 May 2022

I don't even could get that far into fan theories because they really tell you very little about whats actually happened. The family drama takes up so much of the screen time you only get bits and pieces of the larger story. By the end of episode 8 you only know a littke bit more than you did in episode 1. Interesting but patience was growing weary by the end.

orchidami 20 May 2022

I love this story and who doesn't love Sissy Spacek and JK Simmons (personally Mr Simmons is like one in a century great actor) Hope it gets another season. Really good acting. Original story, great talent and chemistry.

kalibeans 21 May 2022

Night Sky has the feel of a Ray Bradbury/Rod Serling/Robert Heinlein tale. Which is high praise indeed!! From the reviews I've read it seems that the most frequent that the storyline moves too slowly. That is what makes it so refreshing and unique.

Nighy Sky is a rare jewel amongst the muck and mire of what's generally out there today - especially in science fiction.

No sex, very. Very little bad language, a couple of fight scenes (not graphic)

Sefardicus 21 May 2022

This gem of a Sci-Fi thriller is a unique telling of the possibilities of the universe. Carried by a stellar, award-winning cast, Night Sky tells a story of the redemptive power of love, healing and courage.

Our protagonists slowly shed their long-held beliefs that kept them earth-bound, wounded and stuck. As the series progresses, they realize that they must take a leap of faith to accomplish their destinies.

Sissy Spacek, K. K. Simmons and Chai Hansen are masterful at keeping on engaged. The pace was a tad slow, but the story is so good, you won't want to stop watching, wanting more!

Looking forward to next season...

plasmapilot-97398 21 May 2022

Finally an AMAZON series with excellent actors (SISSY SPACEK AND J. K. SIMMONS) who deliver an intelligent,, intriguing look at the unknown! Not for the "BABIES" who require nonstop action, CGI or a plot that moves along at high speed! Everything is fascinating for me & drew me in immediately! For intelligent adults it provides stimulating & ongoing fascination at a gentle, magnetic pace! Avoid this if you require constant stimulation, because this is a cerebral, thoughtful series for intelligent ADULTS 👌!

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