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Pretty Little Liars (2010)

Drama | Romance 
Rayting:   7.4/10 152328 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Four friends band together against an anonymous foe who threatens to reveal their darkest secrets, while also investigating the disappearance of their best friend.

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secretsoaps 22 June 2010

From the first episode I was hooked. This became my new guilty pleasure and it sometimes hurts waiting for the next episode every week. I have never read the books, and I don't want to start now in fear that I'll spoil it for myself. Here are some reasons why you should watch Pretty Little Liars.

Great Cast! - The casting was really done well. Although Spencer does look a bit older than the rest of the girls, it still is great. They all have great chemistry with each other on screen, it really makes it believable. I believe every single one of these girls its crazy, and I am like on the edge of my seat wondering who is "A".

Great Story! - At the end of each episode i get mad! Its like damn gotta wait another week for another one. Its so addicting. It really is, just watch it.

Secret Life is a mess, This is A lot BETTER!!! This should be on Mondays instead of Tuesdays!

PixyStixi 22 January 2011

Pretty Little Liars is an interesting teen drama shown on ABC Family. The plot of the show involves a circle of four female friends who become engrossed in a missing persons case when the "queen bee" of their group, Allison, goes missing and the remaining friends find themselves being blackmailed by "A" who seems to know an awful lot of their secrets.

Unlike the other ABC Family teen dramas (i.e. - Secret Life of the American Teenager) I found that Pretty Little Liars has much better character development and the actors who portray them are all very believable and talented. Each character has their own interesting subplot which is what really drives the show. The initial idea of teenage girls being blackmailed definitely was not interesting to me but after the first episode I found myself hooked. I felt like I had to know what happened next to each character, even the ones that seem to have more minor roles.

This may not be a show that will win huge awards since it is definitely meant to appeal to a specific demographic, but it is refreshing to see a teen drama that is not completely based around sex and deals with other common issues too. This show is interesting enough that even if you are not a teenage girl it is still fun to watch and less feminine or religiously biased than other ABC Family series out there.

gtiff-97360 8 September 2018

I think the show was intense and very interesting with suspense. The show could have continued to tie up the rest of the loose ends. At times I was having dreams about being in the woods haha.

movie_buff37 22 July 2010

Pretty Little Liars is one of those shows that is not fantastic but drags you in and won't let you go until you find out what's next.There is enough mystery in the identity of A to keep you watching for more clues.

It keeps you guessing. The show has a touch of Gossip Girl, with the mystery texts and the high class rich kids who can buy their way out of anything. It's got a lot of clichés and some bad drama but it's worth a shot.

It is definitely not the best show out there, but it has it's moments. If you are having some withdrawls from your favourite dramas this summer, this may just satisfy you until September.

lestatlove19 31 August 2011

Ah, you Pretty Little Liars. You can't seem to get enough of me, can you? -A

This show is ABSOLUTELY ADDICTING! It was like a drug from the first episode. Love the characters, and have to say that either Aria or Spencer is my favorite out of the four girls. Their trials & tribulations concerning who "A" is, or who killed Alison, play out like an intense novel written by the one and only Dame Agatha Christie. One would think they know exactly who "A" is (I think either Jenna is "A" or they're in cahoots together somehow . . . ) but then are thrown in for a complete loop which keeps the viewer waiting in deep suspense until the next episode . . . Yes, Agatha Christie would be proud of the well-written interwoven plot lines of "Pretty Little Liars"

Well, don't you want to find out who I am? -A

chanylm 17 October 2020

I was addicted to this show from the first episode. I get that some people just don't like this show but when ur writing about season 5; how did u get that far?? Who watches a show u think is stupid for 5 seasons???!!!

Lila1104 19 March 2016

I use IMDb a lot. I very rarely watch shows or movies with a low rating and I can be persuaded if a film has a high rating. It is usually correct but this time the rating is so far of I have to write a review to warn the rest of you. I really don't understand what people liked about this show. By season 5 I was rooting for A and hoping they would all get killed. I can live with a few plot holes and I'm willing to use my imagination, but please, this is really stretching it too far. Apparently the writers thought we were as stupid as the characters. I hope the villain wins. And I hope the makers of this show never make television again. They're clearly not good at it. There is not one smart character in this entire show! It's really aggravating to watch, so do yourself a favor and don't, the teletubbies are better written. They are all whiney little bitches. Nothing ever really happens. Someone is trying to kill them. I hope they'll succeed as soon as possible.

andy_boo82 4 May 2017

I literally made an account just to express my anger over this series and its producers.

The first couple of seasons were good (or average), but the writers managed to ruin it with their many plot holes, inconsistent writing, conflicting timelines, and lies. They make more and more and more new characters and stories, while leaving existing arcs/mysteries unanswered. Roughly 80% of characters are nothing more than plot devices without any substance or redeeming qualities.

This show is literally in my top 5 of worst TV show *ever.* Each season the quality drops lower than the last. The way the girls are written also reeks sexism and transphobia (I am not exaggerating...).

The producer and head writer, Marlene King, is a rude and childish "adult." Not only did she single-handedly ruin the series, but she's so petty that she blocks people who tweet her anything negative about the show (even if the tweet is written VERY politely and VERY justified) because she does not know how to handle criticism and take responsibility. If you, as a creator, react poorly towards constructive criticism then that tells me you don't care about the fans and only care about REVENUE.

Will no longer be watching.

meowsibel 1 March 2019

This serie means a lot to me... It deserves a movie.

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