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The Baker and the Beauty (2020)

Comedy | Musical 
Rayting:   7.4/10 3.8K votes
Country: Israel | USA
Language: English

A blue collar baker strikes up a relationship with an international superstar. US version of the Israeli romantic comedy series 'The Baker and the Beauty'.

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June 1, 2020star8.4 129 votesS1E9 You Can't Always Get What You Want
June 1, 2020star8.4 128 votesS1E8 May I Have This Dance?
May 4, 2020star8.2 141 votesS1E4 I Think She's Coming Out
May 11, 2020star8.1 129 votesS1E5 Honeymoon's Over
April 27, 2020star8.0 151 votesS1E3 Get Carried Away
May 25, 2020star8.0 107 votesS1E7 Blow Out
April 13, 2020star7.9 272 votesS1E1 Pilot
April 20, 2020star7.8 191 votesS1E2 Ruin My Life
May 18, 2020star7.8 115 votesS1E6 Side Effects

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User Reviews

jbrumfield-94914 15 April 2021

I watched this series on the ABC network and completely fell in love with it. I was so disappointed that ABC cancelled the show without a Season 2. It is now streaming on Netflix and I am enjoying watching it over and over again. It is a wonderful love story of a mega star and a baker combined with a beautiful family relationship and a little bit of comedy. It felt so good to finally see a series with virtually no violence, no profanity and tastefully done romance. All of the actors are wonderful and the chemistry they have with one another is quickly noticeable. I am hoping that the series does so well that Netflix will provide a Season 2.

xoclpxo 5 July 2020

I am so mad that ABC cancelled this show. I just binged this whole season and I am furious that this show is over!!! I WANT A SEASON 2!!!!!!

zahidbin-19256 16 June 2020

First shame on you ABC for cancelling this great show. This show had every element that you would want from a rom-com show. Great characters, good storyline. So it's disappointing, but the way they finished season 1 I will be okay if this show failed to find a new home.

tristamwhite 19 April 2021

This show is super cliche, but good feeling. It elicited emotions akin to those from watching Hart of Dixie, but with a Latinx cast reminiscent of Jane the Virgin. This really should've been renewed!!! Not all shows have to be super suspenseful or deep, sometimes we just need scratch the surface feel good shows and this scratched that itch. The characters are all likable, however Mari (the mom) is my favorite! Fun fact: Lisa Vidal can now be found on Gray's Anatomy. She's an awesome actress and needs more spot light!

Alabouteve 18 July 2020

Finally a show that represents the LatinX community as a strong family with great values. How fantastic to watch two parents raising three strong children. The show really resonated with me. It gave me such hope and optimism. A feel good show with great relationships. What a journey.

monicajoy-92407 2 June 2020

...During a pandemic. It's sweet, positive and quite clever. Shows are so trashy and filled with manipulative twists and over the top story lines. This is just an OG, sweet rom com. And who doesn't need that in your life? Covid or not?

Praying there is a Season 2! 🙏

coxpnw 14 April 2020

I just saw the advertisement for this show the day before it premiered. It is a really fun, cute and comedic show. I think my 15 year old daughter can actually watch it with me. Minus the threesome comment episode one. No language that I caught so far which is great! You can make a great show without all the crap in it. Actors are good hoping this is a keeper series!

sexyprotecgirl_17 14 April 2021

I was pleasantly surprised. Good cast good chemistry, good storyline, hoping for another season.

catdgrt 29 July 2020

This is truly the best show on TV!

It is refreshing, witty, sexy and heartwarming all at the same time. It's an excellent representation of a Latino family that we call all relate to. I truly hope we'll be able to see more of this ensemble cast who I believe the best cast ever!

It's got high marks on Rotten Tomatoes, The petition for renewal garnered over 155,000 signatures.

Why not a Season 2!!

powergamers 21 January 2021

It is a great show to show to binge on a friday night from like 7pm-3am. The show covers funny aspects needed in a show, comedy, drama and romance. I'm just sad there will never be a season 2. I think that the show is great and could be carried on for more seasons.

dlw-79870 27 May 2020

Wow! This show seemed like on the outside a very cookie cutter rom com tv show that was going to be similar to other shows. But this one was refreshing funny and great acting. I love all the characters and look forward to seeing them develop. The lines aren't cheesy and I love the Afro Cuban music played throughout the episodes. I had to Shazam quite a few they had me dancing in the living room. I got through half the season in one night. That's how good it was. It had me laughing and put me in a good mood. I love this show! I'm glad they didn't make the main female lead snobby and superficial, would have been hard to like. Keep up the good work!

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