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The Mosquito Coast (2021)

Adventure | Thriller 
Rayting:   7.7/10 1352 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

An idealist uproots his family and moves them to Latin America.

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aimee925 4 June 2021

What could have been a great show turned into a series that grew more and more idiotic as the weeks went by. Plot holes abound.

Normally, I really like Justin Theroux (Mulholland Dr. And The Leftovers especially). But this adaptation is just terrible all around. Bad writing and bad acting by the entire family. Man I've probably never wished so badly for a family member or 3 to get caught, or worse.

None of the decision making makes sense by anyone in this family. I find myself yelling at them throughout the show, "Hide, hide your van, die your hair, buy a wig, put on sunglasses, put on A FREAKING HAT! Hey how about a sombrero?!" Good god, anything to not stick out like a sore thumb. It's just simple and absurd writing, and how this show got a 2nd season I'll never know. It seems most everyone agrees this is an awful show. Maybe liked by the same people that find NCIS quality television? I think Apple is desperate for shows. 90% of their originals are ok at best.

Too bad. Another waste of good talent (Theroux). At least the last few episodes laid off the "Americans are awful" trope.

runemeijer 23 May 2021

That I watched 5 episodes so far. There's just not enough there to make this a series with substance.

The cinematography is great. The acting is ok in places but the mannerisms are getting on my nerves. The family are completely enstranged and disconnected from each other but are supposed to be this tight knit bunch who have no one but each other in this world. The wife resents and mistrusts her husband but is supposed to follow him blindly into each new venture where absolutely nothing is known or shared inside the family. They have managed to lay low for 10 years, have everything planned out but at every turn do the most reckless thing imaginable. The kids are kept in the dark and rebel without rebelling.

I'm still hoping it turns around, but about halfway into the series I'm skeptical at best.

Acid_Reflex 4 June 2021

Low rent MacGyver takes his annoying family to Mexico, and not just Mexico, the very worst parts. One character is more annoying than the next. Some Mexican tramp is supposed to be so lethal every cartel in Mexico is scared of her or something and a genius thinks Mexico is the place to hide when the United States is after you. Worst thing Apple has done so far by far.

kq999 4 June 2021

The first couple episodes had me thinking this is going to be a really good series. The problem began quickly as all episodes are the same...they follow the same format, battle the same problems and end in the exact same way all while the actors perform super-hero tasks that no human could. If you watch the first 2 episodes you've seen the whole series. There is no escalation to the plot, it is just flat and repeats itself leaving one hanging at the end wondering if there is yet another episode.

Also, there seems to be a new approach to writing where children/teenagers are involved in a family. The writer gives us no choice but to form a very strong dislike for the kids due to their actions and attitudes. I have seen this done with this show and 2 others that came out in the last year. I realize we are long past the perfect Leave it to Beaver family, and thank goodness we are...But this new idea is way over the top, you could not like the kids in Mosquito Coast if you were paid to do so....and for what reason? seems it is just a quick and sloppy way of adding to the story.

fgddpk 4 June 2021

It feels like the writers have no idea where they want this to go. There's a recurring moment where the family is about to say what's actually happening but then that conversation doesn't happen. It feels like either a lazy way to get you to keep watching or that the writers really haven't even decided what the history of the family even is.

I won't be continuing with Season 2 if they make it but if I did, I would be rooting for everyone to die. No likable characters at all. Character development is bland.

A main character in Mexico has a southern US accent and you can tell he barely knows any Spanish. His Spanish accent is terrible, terrible. How about hire actual native Spanish speakers to portray Spanish speaking Mexicans?

npvarley 4 June 2021

I have struggled through season 1, watching all 7 episodes. I don;t think I'll be bothering with season 2, which has just been confirmed by Apple TV. It's the weakest scripted show on Apple TV yet.

The biggest annoyance is the refusal to actual tell us why they're on the run. Hell, the parents won't even tell their own kids. It's just a drip feed of tidbits every episode. And I find that incredibly annoying.

Every episode just seems to be finding a different way to get out of a corner they find themselves in. Without knowing why they're on the run, other than that the father upset the NSA somehow, it's impossible to feel any sympathy for them.

Honestly, spend 7 hours of your life doing something more worthwhile.

zorroaca 23 May 2021

There is enough to keep you watching... and that might be the overall plan... reeks of the carrot and the stick. At this point... a snail could flash past it. Might be one those series that keeps you saying to yourself ... with every character... "give me a break".

Xavier_Stone 15 May 2021

Tons of politics when there shouldn't really be any of it. Rants about America and immigrants and kids on phones, yikes.

Then the actual story line gets backwards at times, I've quit after episode 4 as every time one of the kids actually asks the adults WHY they are running, the wife attempts to answer, the husband hushes her up and we're left hanging. Time and time again. I think it might actually be up to 5 instances now. Obviously the wife is the reason and the husband wants to protect her from the backlash from their kids.

In any case, it's just a puzzling drama where they enlist the help of others, then use them, and we're supposed to feel bad when things don't go as planned or times get tough. Borderline annoying and it's just dragging and dragging.

Had to stop after eps 4. Things just get way too unbelievable for me to continue.

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