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The Mosquito Coast (2021)

Adventure | Thriller 
Rayting:   7.7/10 1352 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

An idealist uproots his family and moves them to Latin America.

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jdzacpt 3 May 2021

Action packed, well put together so far, lots of intrigue and suspense to hold your attention and want more. It's polished, well written ,and very good acting by the cast. I'm looking forward to the rest of this.

iconians 30 April 2021

So far, so good. Acting is good. Pacing is good. Def not boring. No clear answers yet. But, def a high quality production. Worth watching it, I think.

Will update later!

FelixOBrian 30 April 2021

Already in episode two, feels like we need to give some time to it for us to soak it in. No doubt the performance, with such a powerful cast. Kudos.

keywester-05337 3 May 2021

This series is really intriguing, sorta like Breaking Bad. The characters draw you in, the situations are compelling. Looking forward to ep 3 and you will be too when you watch.

flabob257-988-686151 30 April 2021

To me this is very interesting, unique, tv series so far. I hope it continues all series of this like the first episode.

rathduill 30 April 2021

Watched the first episode, took a while to get into but it has potential, fingers crossed im not wrong.

coolhandmo-700-198344 3 May 2021

Do you 1 star reviewers tire of labelling everything you don't like as "woke"? Do you have any other takes at all? Does every single piece of media have to fit your narrow framework of avoiding any topics that makes you uncomfortable? Well, I'm really happy that it doesn't... You guys have become hilarious at this point, a bit sad but really funny nonetheless.

Two eps in the show seems pretty interesting, we'll see where it goes from here but there's definitely potential here to be great.

Good acting and cast, pretty decent writing and direction.

urbanswami 1 May 2021

Three episodes in and it's already better than the '80s movie it's a remake of. The characters are toned down, more fleshed out. The acting is superb, no over the top shenanigans, just getting emotionally invested. The story is thus far the same, only more elaborate. In additon, Justin Theroux and Melissa George are likable by default, so there are plenty of reasons to follow this show. Get a taste of it and you'll want your fix week after week.

kums-80456 30 April 2021

Well if you are bored of watching the usual typical formulaic stuff again and again then this Series might be the one for you! I have seen just the first episode and all I can is that it was very different with a little bit of mystery and thrill elements thrown in!! Some reviews were negative about the attitude of the kids. Well how would they have handled it if they were in the same situation! The kids reaction were totally justified based on the current predicament of their parents!! The predicament is not revealed though except that they running from the law.

Will update the ratings and comments after I watch the complete series! I am hopeful that the whole series will match up to the first episode.

Update: Epi 1 - 8/10 Epi 2 - 9/10.

vitojunkmail 1 May 2021

Into the second episode and I finally petered out; decided not binge worthy. I may or may not continue to the end. There are some interesting aspects to the story, it can be fun and entertaining at times. However, starting to see some out of place rants in the story. Cliche's abound, starting to make the show insufferable. For example the business man is said to be a "bad word" for not giving Dad $100k for some prototype unproven invention, but his work friend is said not to be one for just setting up a contact for him? Also ironic to see them complain about being poor. The kids are dressed down and "dirty"; for example having the son running around barefoot and semi-rough looking. Meanwhile "blue collar dad", preaching anti-capitalism and anti-consumerism in a nice looking high quality soft shirt hoodie, timberlands, nice Carhartt jeans, trendy glasses. It's hard to take the preacher seriously when he's dressed like a salesman. Anyway, too many distractions to enjoy the adventure/mystery aspects. Who knows, maybe I'm just not the target market for this show.

heibeinh 1 May 2021

This is not what we expected, but we pleasantly surprised by combined ensemble cast.

It was also far grittier than we expected (from limited reviews) bordering (almost) on Breaking Bad.

Can't wait for the rest!

dano1330-970-266341 30 April 2021

These first 2 episodes are very good. Lots of dynamic interaction. It's well-paced and realistic, if you can allow yourself to accept the overall situation as "realistic".

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