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The Mysterious Benedict Society (2021)

Adventure | Drama 
Rayting:   7.7/10 1200 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A group of gifted orphans are recruited by an eccentric, benefactor to go on a secret mission.

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wpfitchard 28 June 2021

Two episodes into it, and we absolutely love The Mysterious Benedict Society. A quirky fun mix of fantasy/reality. Excellent set designs and musical score to match.

Hopefully the remaining seasons episodes are equally enjoyable.

Highly recommended!

annlyelsfirst 25 June 2021

As a child, I read the first three Mysterious Benedict Society books religiously. Each book sucked me in and led me on this wonderful journey that I couldn't seem to put down. When I saw that there was going to be a live-action adaptation I was skeptical but the first two episodes have been so perfectly accurate it's scary.

The cast is perfect, the world feels like it's been pulled from the recesses of my imagination, and did I mention it was perfect? A must-watch Disney+ series already. Six more episodes (and hopefully two more seasons) to go.

Laquatus 26 June 2021

Reminds me of A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix. Fun, clever, great actors, incredible sets and compelling story. At this point my only complaint is the character of Constance Contrary. Not sure if the actress isn't great or if she is just that good at playing a particularly annoying character. Could go up or down as the episodes come out.

thedongwu 25 June 2021

Wow - the first two episodes were excellent. As someone who loved the books and read and re-read them over and over again as a child, this was everything I could have hoped for-a masterclass in capturing the wit and spirit of a book while making subtle improvements. This is probably the best adaptation of a book series I have seen since Season 1 of the Handmaid's Tale!

The four main kids are perfectly cast, with Marta Kessler being an excellent Constance Contraire. Although I was apprehensive about Tony Hale as Mr Benedict, the first two episodes settled most of my concerns and the writing does a lot to help him feel at place in the role. And of course, Kristen Schaal is pitch-perfect casting for Number Two, as is MaameYaa Boafo as Rhonda. And Ryan Hurst makes for a sad but hilarious Milligan.

The scenes feel lifted right from the book, with much needed adjustments like Mr. Curtain no longer using a wheelchair so as to avoid the Evil Cripple trope. The production design is vibrant and captivating, and the sets are as colourful and exciting as the books. Meanwhile, Theodore Shapiro writes an EXCELLENT and catchy theme tune.

I am VERY satisfied!

ToothlessAlphaMode 25 June 2021

As a huge fan of the book, I was super hyped to see this adaptation, and I can say it's everything Disney adaptations have done right. It's not a mere copy of the original but gives enough nostalgia to make it a perfect adaptation.

I admit I thought episode one wobbled a bit, but by the second I was perfectly hooked. The soundtrack by Theodore Shapiro and Joseph Shirley was the cherry on top, the theme/intro was amazing!

Since only two episodes have been released, I will have to come back and edit this to make a full review of the series, but this is my insight on the show so far. It's super fun and I had a great time watching it with my family and as a fan.

Yes, there are cliche moments, but by the end of the second episode I was very excited and I'm glad to say I haven't enjoyed a show this much in a long time, maybe two years. Watch it with your little ones or by yourself, but at least watch the first two episodes. Amazing.


pjhowellnm 5 July 2021

A series for children that suggests that a state of panic and fear driving people apart is being artificially created by people with ulterior motives in the time of COVID is genius.

applegrrls 5 July 2021

Despite older source material, this show is perfect to deal with scars of the psyche left over from the quarantine, politics, constant whispers of wars, lax resourses, and total stress overload. This is perfect for children, and your inner child no matter your age. Because the U. S. does not offer critical thinking courses to children like most western countries, Americans are proving highly susceptible to "the emergency" of constant hidden messages of division, aggression, judgment, hatred & fear of others. *Deep breath*. Life is sacred. Nothing is worth turning on others, especially over the illusion of ideology. While everyone else runs around frantically losing their way in the moment, you must stay centered. Despite urgent topics, this series is an absolute fun time, and a great tool to preserve or revive, your child within. I whole heartedly agree with the other reviews, a million stars just isn't enough. Bravo.

izzymellor-06005 25 June 2021

I was quite fond of this book as a kid and the attention to detail in this adaptation is mind blowing. Almost every little thing is book-accurate. It is truly mind blowing. I respect anyone who adapts a book with this much love and attention.

suzpom 26 June 2021

Just saw episode 1. Amazing. And PERFECT for right now when "The Emergency" has everyone wrapped up in fear, following every "governmental directive" to the letter but without any "spirit".

I'll go on to watch episode 2 shortly. Can't wait for all the rest!

traviata3100-138-280432 25 June 2021

Very well written and often funny. We're hooked already after 2 episodes!

magnussonborski 27 June 2021

I haven't read the books, but watching the movie makes me wanting to see the books as well.

The movie itself is reaallyy great almost in every aspects, such as cinematography, story line (even though it's just 2 episodes yet but I can tell that the story is promising), acts, and even its music background.

I want to shout out to its cinematography which has been really outstanding, you can tell that the ones who is responsible for this is a serious pro. I have learnt so much about cinematography techniques even from its 2 early episodes.

This series is really recommended for you who want to enjoy your weekend and please your eyes. I can't wait to watch the other episodes.

CriticBag 26 June 2021


This show so far is incredible! I read the book a few weeks ago because I knew the show was coming out soon.

I like how retro it is! It just feels so retro!

Acting is incredible, and how they adapted off the book was outstanding! Almost everything is the same.

I also like how they release 2 episodes per week, and how they are pretty long already.

Usually, like with WandaVision, they released 1 episode per week and the episodes started off short and got longer.

Anyway, highly recommended!

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