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The Stand (2020)

Adventure | Fantasy | SciFi
Rayting:   5.5/10 12729 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

After the world is in ruins, due to a man made plague, a battle of Biblical proportions ensues between the survivors.

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Season 1

February 11, 2021Episode 9 The Circle Closes
February 4, 2021Episode 8 The Stand
January 28, 2021Episode 7 The Walk
January 21, 2021Episode 6 The Vigil
December 31, 2020Episode 3 Blank Page
December 24, 2020Episode 2 Pocket Savior
December 17, 2020Episode 1 The End

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User Reviews

jburtonprod-802-759029 8 February 2021

I was very excited to watch this miniseries. It should've been a slam dunk. All they had to do was cast the movie, properly, upgrade it with up to date special effects and you'd have a triumph deluxe. The story portion was already done for them.

But NO, they had to rewrite the story, miscast many roles and totally cheese out on the special effects. Almost all the story changes seem to be for the sake of change. None of the changes are improvements over the novel or '94 version. I doubt whoever wrote this ever read the book. What I think they did is watch the '94 version and read the novel's wiki page. The novel has one of the strongest story lines ever created. That's why it was a breeze to read at its formidable 823 pages. Why screw with that?

I was also excited about Greg Kinnear being cast as Glen Bateman but where Ray Walston came across at world weary but wise, Kinnear is just a cliche' 'whiny liberal'. James Marsden is only adequate as Stu. Amber Heard is atrocious as Nadine Cross. Alexander Skarsgård was a total dud as Randall Flagg. He isn't even the least bit frightening. What they did with Trashcan Man was just grotesque and a total waste of Ezra Miller's talents. Every performance in the '94 version is superior. Bottom line is none of these characters seem like real people. They all seem like badly fleshed out cliche' characters going the through the motions.

There was a real sense of unity in Mother Abigail's group in the '94 version. Here, they just seem like people stuck together by circumstance. In the original Frannie and Harold seemed to have affection for each other even though she had no romantic interest in him. Here Frannie is just plain mean toward Harold. Molly Ringwald was a much more human Frannie Goldsmith.

Finally, the one area where they could've made real improvement, special effects, seems to have been totally overlooked. They have Flagg hanging around on wire. His demon design is boredom incarnate. They also totally missed the point of the climactic 'finger of God' scene.

This was a totally wasted opportunity but the good news is the definitive modern version of 'The Stand' still hasn't been done, yet, so there's hope a better production will be made in the future.

starscream2k4 18 December 2020

Someone needs to edit this back into chronological order, it serves zero purpose to have it jump around all over the place. Whatever hack writer thought this was a good idea needs to slap himself back into sanity.

That's the only point worth making, everyone else has covered the show.

jbt1972 8 February 2021

That's it. I'm done.

I cannot watch this car crash of a show anymore. Iv never felt so frustrated watching a tv show like this.

The plot is all over the place but the thing that really mucks it up is the character development. By playing with the time, you aren't getting why they are like that or how they are like that with other characters.

And I don't get me started on the Nick Character. The creators should go work in a butchers shop whichh is more suited.

olovsimonsson 6 February 2021

I don't like making comparisons, but I can't help it in this instance. The 1994 miniseries had it's flaws, but at least it stuck to the main themes of the book; the human beings as pawns in a game of good and evil, who they are and become. Only one episode left of the 2020 version and I feel nothing for any of the characters, simply because I don't know them.

It is based on a massive book, but the 1994 miniseries managed to create a cohesively evolving story and characters. And that in a 6 hour long series. This version has 9 hours and yet the story is so all over the place that so many things don't make sense anymore. As if the writers were puzzling and piecing, cutting and pasting, until they just gave up, rather than working until it made sense.

This version seems to hope it can get by on chock value, but it completely misses the point when turning New Vegas into a Sodom or Gomorrah, rather than a fascist state, for example.

It's a hot mess, and if you're too lazy to read the book, then watch the 1994 version instead.

Abrielle79 5 February 2021

What the hell was CBS thinking??!?? Who oversaw the making of this?!?! I'm so angry at the mess the created! They butchered what could have been brilliant. What a freakin disappointment. The editing, the stupid time jumps, the terrible writing and directing - all awful!! No storytelling, no character development, no emotional depth of any kind. Not even a soundtrack. The ONLY good thing were a few of the actors - Greg Kinnear, James Marsden and Alexander Skarsgard. They were brilliant and did the best they could with what they were given. One star for each of those amazing actors. But that's it.

azanti0029 21 December 2020

This new adaptation of The Stand was something I was really looking forward to but I haven't been let down this badly since the last season of Game of Thrones.

Something went seriously wrong with this production and whoever greenlight the badly misjudged decision to mess about with the running order of the story, should seriously be fired from their job. It just doesn't work and just because it's a cool trend right now, doesn't mean you should try be like bloody West World. I mean who decided this? Have you even read the book? Do you understand how storytelling works? Stop embracing a trend which kills all tension and eliminates any chance of character development or emotional connections with your viewing audience.

Now look, off the bat, I enjoyed the ABC 1994 version, it was a decent adaptation for the time, a bit cheesy sure, but it was fun and had good casting with characters who had solid arcs and it was enjoyable and at least watchable, but it was, as others have rightly said, very much of its time in terms of tone, style and content. A more up to date remake was most welcome, even timely considering the subject matter.

The plot follows various American characters as an unknown virus wipes out 95% of the human race while the remaining others are immune. The survivors gravitate towards two opposing forces - one side led by Mother Abigail (the force of good and cool hair) or Randall Flag (The force of bad, but with more drugs and swingers parties taken to eleven) and eventually things are set for a showdown between them. Good vs Evil, lots of religious symbolism, none of which I have an issue with. Mixed in with this are the lives of various characters on both sides of the equation some of whom cross from one side to the other.

This new non linear approach to the story is a classic example of: if it isn't broke don't try and fix it. None of the changes that deviate from the narrative of the book work here and the casting all feels off for some reason. Listen there's some good actors in this thing, but the tone, pace and story all fail because of the disjointed narrative and the constant jumping around of timelines destroys any chance of you becoming really invested in any of them. Some of the most important progression dramatic beats and character arcs are completely lost here and it just doesn't work, at all, on any level. So many roles feel so miscast and the actors performances don't really gel nor have any emotive impact because we don't feel nor see a sense of progression. One moment we're in the past, then present, then the future, then back somewhere else, by which time I was wishing for Gary Sinse and Rob Lowe to turn up from the original.

The production design feels off too. Yeah dream sequences, can feel weird and out of place, but some of the actual scenes do too. Either one person was given too much power on this show and no one thought to rein them in or it was the extremely opposite and it was too many cooks or pulling the narrative and design all over the place. the entire production lacks a cohesive vision. I mean you can literally hear the Producer meetings 'Oh we should do this with the timeline, it worked so well in that other show... people will love it." Well I've got news for you. Stephen King has been around a long long time, and his fanbase were brought up on productions like Salems Lot and Christine, which followed traditional storytelling modus operandi and you know what - it worked.

This doesn&#

heretic369 12 January 2021

Change the style, begin in the middle and tell all the story before via flashbacks,so to kill any suspense. Unnecessary character and story changes fill out the "how to" not to do it.

darincarroll-03263 18 December 2020

The director was so convinced that flashbacks flash forwards and flashes sideways were cool that the entire tension of the plague, the fear during the spread, and the horror of the collapse of the world were all completely lost. It like this was directed by a first year film student more concerned about seeming awesome and cutting-edgebin his use of distorted timelines that he forgot to tell a story that people can follow. I may skip all the other episodes.

james-90319 20 December 2020

Some genius took a great book and turned it into utter garbage. I am amazed. The other reviews were spot on. The Director/Producer should be fired. The actors are boring. The acting is boring. Wow, you took an incredible story and trashed it.

mzmereyes2001 12 January 2021

Such a shame to see King's novel turned into this hot mess!! The book's characters were either likable or you loved to hate them, but NONE of the characters in this mini-series are even interesting. I hate them all and couldn't care leas what happens to them. I couldn't even make it through the second episode - it's just not worth my time.

Save your dignity and watch something else - anything else.

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