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The Terror (2018)

Adventure | History | Thriller
Rayting:   8.0/10 37499 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Supernatural, semihistorical, horror anthology series, where each season is inspired by a different infamous or mysterious real life historical tragedy.

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mohahaa13 10 April 2018

Going into the series with no expectations or impressions from the novel, and barely reading about the series at all before binge watching it, i was expecting a high paced master and commander type of series. And while it's set in roughly the same time period, it's unlike anything i was expecting. It's quite suspenseful and chilling. Much thanks to the great acting, casting and details. The ambient soundtrack (R.I.P Marcus Fjellström) is fantastic and really helps with the eerie feeling. There were some moments it made me feel really at unease. Right up there with the top series for sure. Well worth a watch.

interaxcontracts 30 September 2019

The first season was atmospheric, a constant sense of foreboding and hopelessness permeated by and air of creepiness. The acting and casting was spot on and the season evolved really nicely.

Enter season 2. BORING !!!!!

Slow paced, mediocre acting, shallow cast. The story line is a little thin, the supernatural element tries to communicate intended suspense, but comes across very bland. Even the limited make up and special effects are poor.

By the time they add a tragic element to the supernatural element, it simply pours water on an ember that was barely smouldering anyway.

It may be a wonderful drama to some and some will harp on about the books.....

30 minutes into episode 8 of season 2 and i don't think I can be bothered anymore!

abampi 23 August 2019

I really can't understand why AMC decided to use the same title for two completely different series without any relation between each other (new plot, new directors, new actors...) - it's confusing, misleading, totally pointless. Given the above: the first season is a masterpiece. One of the top 4-5 series of the year. This second season is a very average product, deserving 6, maximum 7/10. Pointless to rate them together with a shared vote.

anarky-85229 3 April 2018

This series just oozes atmosphere, the cast is phenomenal, the directing and script ...just everything

lquinlan-17636 4 April 2018

So when I describe this show to people, I can't help but throw it into the category of quality tv with the likes of Breaking Bad, Fargo, The Sopranos.... This miniseries is well written and developed with caliber acting. I will be quite surprised if this show isn't up for a ton of nominations during award season.

This is the fictional account of what happened to the crew of the Franklin Expedition- 2 ships of the Royal Navy that set sail to Northwest Passage in 1848 only to get ice locked for 8 months. This part of the story is true. Both crews disappeared and this is the fictional account of what happened to those men. The miniseries is based on a book of the same name written by Dan Simmons. Ridley Scott producers.

The first 2 episodes are a bit slow with the action but is meant to set up the story and tone. Though slow, I thought it was well done and pulled me in for more. There is something supernatural afoot and you get the impression that it goes downhill quickly once it gets going Episode 3 confirmed the previous notion and you know this is definitely not going to end well. The atmosphere is very reminiscent of The Thing. The stark location and unforgiven climate makes the inhabitants of the ships situation feel even more grim. The isolation is forever present as well as whatever it is that's hunting the men. This show is worth a watch.

alfredsmith 7 October 2019

The first season of "The Terror" is superb. I binge watched it over three nights and I regard it as essential viewing. There are many great reviews here so I won't bother with much detail but it is brilliant TV. Marvelous characters and a great story set in the eerie Arctic. However, I must say the second season is a completely different story that is poor viewing and is so bad that you should simply give it a miss. So as far as ratings go, season one deserves 10/10 and season two barely deserves 2/10, but the first season is so good it makes the average 9/10.

childers-3 27 March 2018

This miniseries about two crews looking for a passage from England to India and China through the frozen north is very promising. I watched the first installment last night and was impressed with the acting, story and characters. I will watch future episodes in the dark. My tv doesn't have the best picture and I feel I may have missed some very subtle moments. It is beautifully filmed and the acting is top notch! I just wish I had a better tv! This series deserves it.

a-alfstad 27 March 2018

This is a review for the series premiere: This is a strong start for a series based on one of my favorite books. The book was great, but it was longer than a Stephen King book and that's saying something, but the series has an efficient feel to it while still staying true to the book. You can tell that there is some true love for the source material and it really shows in every aspect, especially the cast. I love all the casting choices so far, but Adam Nagaitis as Cornelius Hickey is looking to be an amazing choice. His portrayal is spot on thus far and I can't wait to see his character dive further into the rabbit hole. I'm also impressed with how well they translated the atmosphere from the book to the series so accurately. I just hope the monster is given the same kind of love that every other aspect of the series has been given so far. Ultimately, if you've read the book, then you should love the series. If you haven't read the book, you just might find yourself wanting to.

tunafish-29717 30 March 2018

I'm a massive fan of the novel and, two episodes in, I'm a massive fan of this show.

They needed to spend A LOT of money on this to make it work, and I think they did. The actors are great, the costumes are excellent, the sets are mostly convincing and the pacing is just about right.

Although there are already some major differences to the novel, I think the changes were mostly due to the transference to a visual medium, so I am happy to forgive them.

I'm looking forward to the rest of this series.

cburgess-80067 29 March 2018

The show draws you in immediately. It feels a lot like the first Alien movie with its atmosphere and general sense of dread (it even steals a scene from the movie). After only two episodes it's the only thing on right now, for me, that's a must-watch. The characters are well-written and multi-dimensional. The story is intriguing. Really looking forward to see how it plays out.

chris-fussel 11 April 2018

This show is stunning. The acting, the atmosphere, even the music, it's all perfection. I cannot overstate the quality of this show. First episode and I was hooked, and it just kept getting better and better. If I could I would go into my own pockets to pay for a second season. Normally I don't write reviews, but this is hands down the best show I've seen in my life. Game of thrones, taboo, Vikings, Rome...Yes these shows are great. But the terror surpasses them all. This sets the new standard for television.

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