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Creepshow (2019)

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Language: English

The fictional Creepshow comic books come to life in this anthology series of terrifying tales hosted by the silent Creepshow ghoul.

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callumr 4 October 2019

I recently got shudder so i could watch this series and the first couple of episodes didnt disappoint, i watched the original series when i was younger so was excited to watch the remake.

I would reccomend to anyone who loves horror and is looking for a series to binge.

BoringJoe 28 September 2019

When the original Creepshow movie came out I was just a child. Sure it was cheesy horror, but the stories were original and the comic book imagery helped bring out its creative appeal. These same sequences are still present in this new show. Will the stories be edgy, horror induced productions? Probably not, but when was the last time you saw a show or movie billed as a horror or scary movie that actually scared you? At least Creepshow doesn't regurgitate the same scary stories over and over. They actually flex their creative muscles and keep you entertained.

ButtonFilms37 28 September 2019

The original Creepshow is one of my all-time favourite horror flicks, but after the disappointment of the Twilight Zone reboot, I was a little nervous about this one. Thankfully this one gets the anthology format right. For starters, the episodes are short and sweet. They're well-written/acted/directed, with plenty of atmosphere and a terrific sense of fun and the macabre. For fans of the first two Creepshow films, and Stephen King in general, there are easter eggs galore! I enjoyed the hell out of the first two stories (especially the doll house ep) and can't wait to see what the rest of the season has in store.

jaytamplinwilson-95403 28 September 2019

I wasn't expecting much, but these first two episodes were actually quite fun; some cool practical effects, good casting, and some great little call backs and homages to the original 2 movies (Chief Woodenhead, Yellow mack of the hitchhiker...and more!). These episodes show that you can still entertain and dish out some creeps without having to chuck $$$$$ and endless jump scares (IT 2 I'm looking at you).

pengbarztv 4 October 2019

When i heard about this series coming out i was excited as i watched the original growing up, two episodes in and I'm hooked! Brings back some memories.

I got shudder just so i could watch this series so i hope it gets renewed for a second season.

charlesmarcum 28 September 2019

After i heard the tales from the crypt reboot got danned it was great to see this come out of left field. only one episode but looking very much forward to more. good production and great anthology style . just wish the stories could get drawn out a little longer maybe hour and a half or 2 for each episode . for any of the reviewers that gave this show a 1 star they are obvious shills.

derekaldous 3 October 2019

I get that it's a way lower budget with this one, but everything was generic, from the artwork to the music, to the cameos for cameos sake. It's lost its reference point from EC comics. It's no longer an homage to EC but an homage to Creepshow. Just really forgettable more dull than the dullest Tales From The Crypt episode. I don't get how someone can give this a 10. Is this really your ceiling? It doesn't get better than this cobbled together, terribly uninspired, fanboy Easter egg hunt?

ConqueringRuler 20 October 2019

What a shame. When I grew up, the original Creepshow movie was a huge part of my childhood, I fondly remember the story with the animal under the stairs, I was scared for months. So I had some expectations when I saw that they re-booted it as a TV show on Shudder, sadly it's a huge disappointment even if all the fake reviews here what make you think differently.

The first story "Grey matter" is very good, in terms of story and FX, but then it ends abruptly, the second one is just awful, boring and tedious, with very low production cost, they clearly used it all for the first one. And that (the very, very low production cost) with the horrible stories, not in a good way, and they get worse with every episode, kills the show.

Snabeldyhr 21 October 2019

I don't get all tbe high scores of 10 for this show. Like some other reviewer said; "is this really the best ever" when seeing all those 10 scores. I've now watched 2 episodes, which is 4 stories, and based on those I find the show very mediocre and the feeling I get from the two first movies are not present here at all. This is just well-produced but uninspired shovelware. I'll keep on watching though - who knows ... it might get better.

aceman_loner 2 October 2019

First episode reeled me in. Nostalgia is one thing that comes to mind. Easter eggs yes. Its definitely a throwback feature of the original first two. First half is meh. But the second half bravo. A perfect combo of childhood fear and Indian in the cupboard. No pun intended. With the brash overload of b movie horror movies. We now have a home on shudder with episodes to pop some pop corn and crack open some sodas and peel open the candy. If you don't like the original movies from way back dont write a review this is fanfare and hardcore horror film fanatics

underdweller-1 28 September 2019

Two stories per episode would be great so I hope they keep it up! I love that they kept the same feel if the movies while placing Easter eggs all over. The creep factor was there while still being Tongue in cheek, just like those old comics. Creepshow first then Tales From the Crypt, creepy, funny, scary. Honestly thrilled! But if you're looking for terrifying you won't find it here, that's not what it's about. It's a traditional horro comic lovers dream

Nameless_Dread 4 April 2021

I will start off by saying that at least it's relatively entertaining but is completely unrecognizable to the original two movies besides dabbling lightly in the comic book theme. I don't know how they would ever come close to capturing lightning in a bottle again, or why they would try. You will never replicate the magic of the first two. Whether by virtue of different camera technology, cinematography, acting style, writing, everything about this show is too glossy, too "video" looking. With that being said it seems closer to the Goosebumps TV show for kids rather than the original movies, albeit it with a little more violence and gore thrown in. The most egregious example of this that I've seen so far was the Nazi werewolf episode. Everything about the look of this episode looks like it was shot in somebody's backyard. At no point did I think I was watching something taking place in France or Germany, let alone the 1940's. They couldn't even bother to color grade it to something to make it look older. Further throwing off the realism was having a random black soldier in their unit, who wouldn't have even served in the same line during WWII. Everything about this show is just... goofy and low budget. It kept me entertained and I will probably watch a couple more episodes out of curiosity, but it shouldn't be allowed to bear the Creepshow name. My fav episode so far was the House of the Head, but the ending ruined it for me with the very rubber looking head.

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