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A Million Little Things (2018)

Comedy | Romance 
Rayting:   8.0/10 9094 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A group of friends becomes motivated to living fuller lives after the unexpected death of a close friend.

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User Reviews

basharah 8 October 2018

Honestly, I love this show. I loved it from the trailer. I dont understand why so many people are giving it low ratings. Honestly, this is how people talk. All the awkward poses, all the awkward writing... If you actually listen carefully to how people speak, you'll realize that this show catches that at best. I love it. Will continue to watch it. Hopefully it gets even better.

senak-134-637806 27 September 2018

But rather about adult depression, not feeling whole or enough, with emotions and thoughts and fears which you don't share even with the ones closest to you, pretending to be happy but feeling alone and hopeless inside. If you are an adult, not like legally adult but been through some stuff throughout your life, you will definitely find someting here. I would have definitely binged this one if there were more episodes.

kellyhwentz 27 September 2018

The first episode was as promised...an emotional drama. I was tearing up almost immediately. I felt compelled to write this review because of the negative reviews I'm reading on other sites. I think this show is deeper than it seems on the surface. It does focus on a touchy subject, suicide, but it is something for which we could all use a better understanding. I think too often we are caught up in our own worlds to see what's going on around us. There are many people silently suffering and living behind a facade of fake smiles and glitter. You never know what someone is going through. Hopefully this show opens peoples eyes, hearts and lines of communication about emotions and depression.

kellbelle232 6 October 2018

Went into this show expecting an updated version of The Big Chill. I grew up with that movie and soundtrack in our house and wanted to feel that connection my parents felt to that movie. The show is beautiful and tragic but I think the glue holding it together is James Roday. He gets it and he has "it". His scenes feel so real and grounded that I find myself wanting more of his storyline. I am excited to see how this show is able to carry over a whole season and I am hopeful Roday has some nominations coming his way.

chlil-23285 28 April 2021

Show was great when it started out. Me and my wife tuned in every week and enjoyed it. Now it is about a bunch of political nonsense like every other show out there.

Where is the originality it had upon inception?

JCCasual 5 April 2021

This was one of my favorites. It was about a group of friends dealing with real life changing issues. Now it is bowing to the recent political agendas. One political agenda after another lately.......... are there any decent TV writers left in the world that can come up with stories other than political agendas?

JCCasual 6 April 2021

Recent plot lines are awful. No longer a good show. Used to be one of my favorites but now the recent shows are just all over the place. Past episodes used to have real meaning but not anymore.

rebmarliz 29 September 2018

I thought this show was an accurate depiction of the fight with depression and how it really can touch everyone. Someone with depression may see this show and identify with it right away. Or, possibly see the effects of what they leave behind. Granted it is a dramatization but still for someone else suffering, very accurate. Gone is the cookie cutter families that have a perfect life. That's not real. People can have real discussions because of this show. I appreciate the hot mess mom shows, or the shows show adultery (including the guilt), the co-parenting shows, the Hispanic loud families, or even the new shows that portray the problem with the medical culture. That is real life. We need more shows to shine a light on it so we talk about it. Instead of shoving it under the rug and acting like it never happens.

wdjsmvjws 14 May 2021

Actors are paid to entertain us not spew their political views. I enjoyed their show until they started making a point of continuing to divide our country with their garbage rhetoric. I'll watch their ratings drop. I'm sure I'm not the only one who will be turning off this show.

bequialife 7 May 2021

I know I will not continue with this series after watching last nights episode, bringing up the nonsense of the news; as if George Floyd has not been thrown in our face enough? As if he was the only news item out there? A great conservationist of our endangered species in Africa was just ambushed by terrorists linked to Al-Qaeda a few days ago; you don't see the news covering that.

Too bad; the show was on a roll.

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