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Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013)

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Country: USA
Language: English

Comedy series following the exploits of Det. Jake Peralta and his diverse, lovable colleagues as they police the NYPD's 99th Precinct.

Episode Guide

Season 8

September 16, 2021Episode 9 The Last Day
September 2, 2021Episode 8 Renewal
September 2, 2021Episode 7 Game of Boyles
August 26, 2021Episode 6 The Set Up
August 26, 2021Episode 5 PB&J
August 19, 2021Episode 4 Balancing
August 19, 2021Episode 3 Blue Flu
August 12, 2021Episode 2 The Lake House
August 12, 2021Episode 1 The Good Ones

Season 7

Season 6

Season 5

Season 4

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1

Best Brooklyn Nine-Nine Episodes

Top 20 (Ranked)

April 1, 2018star9.6 6023 votesS5E14 The Box
October 17, 2017star9.5 4518 votesS5E4 HalloVeen
April 23, 2020star9.3 2658 votesS7E13 Lights Out
May 20, 2018star9.2 3108 votesS5E22 Jake & Amy
May 9, 2019star9.2 2822 votesS6E16 Cinco de Mayo
May 17, 2015star9.1 3344 votesS2E23 Johnny and Dora
May 16, 2019star9.1 2496 votesS6E18 Suicide Squad (2)
October 25, 2015star9.0 2981 votesS3E5 Halloween III
April 19, 2016star9.0 2659 votesS3E23 Greg and Larry
May 2, 2017star8.9 4049 votesS4E16 Moo Moo
March 25, 2014star8.9 3358 votesS1E22 Charges and Specs
January 14, 2014star8.8 3402 votesS1E13 The Bet
October 19, 2014star8.8 3135 votesS2E4 Halloween II
January 17, 2019star8.8 2888 votesS6E2 Hitchcock & Scully
December 13, 2015star8.8 2647 votesS3E10 Yippie Kayak
October 18, 2016star8.8 2576 votesS4E5 Halloween IV
December 5, 2017star8.8 2553 votesS5E9 99
April 16, 2020star8.8 1857 votesS7E12 Ransom
April 12, 2016star8.7 2299 votesS3E22 Bureau
March 18, 2018star8.7 2292 votesS5E12 Safe House

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User Reviews

ansonlam 3 January 2018

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is definitely one of my favorite ever sitcom. It's a show of pure comedy with humorous stories that are naturally delivered by the lovely actors and actresses, but also with a consistent storyline which a lot of sitcoms lack. The other thing I've noticed which makes this show better is the exclusion of laugh tracks. Although, laugh tracks do, to a certain extent, seem to make shows more hilarious and to a point where even if you don't understand a joke, you'd laugh. But no, this show has no cheats like that and amuses viewers with original content. The show also does not rely on one-liners or simple jokes, and instead, make use of the characters' personalities and actions to entertain viewers, which is pretty smart. Some might think that entertainment with personalities do not last as they stay the same and eventually people would get tired of them. However, with the ongoing characters development, their personalities and stories are often changing, which makes the show so fresh all the time.

nickferraro-29294 13 June 2018

Please please please don't cancel the show,this show is too funny to be canceled especially on a cliff hanger

jsmn-kane 20 June 2018

I just started watching this show after my daughter talked me into it. I was laughing so hard I was crying sometimes. I love the characters, they play off each other perfectly and I have no idea how the Captain keeps a straight face all the time. Some shows just have it-that chemistry, good actors, good writing. This is one of those shows. I was sad to hear they cancelled it, but hopeful now that I hear another company picked it up. All I can hope for is the same experience as the show goes on.

montez7679 19 October 2013

I respect that different people have different tastes in music, clothes, women, movies etc...but if you are saying that this show is bad I really feel like your sense of humor is lacking. I'm a detective for one of the largest police departments in the country and I will advise everyone that doesn't realize it but this show is closer to how real police go about their day than any of those CSI, or garbage procedural shows. Cops do all that stuff all day...pranking each other, busting balls, trying to have a little fun. The job gets a little heavy sometimes so if we didn't have some fun it would be long days. This show is hilarious and perfectly timed retorts by Braugher and Crews are classic. Its the low key lines that make I hilarious...the over the top cheap laughs are somethkng all shows have to do to please the masses...who are stupid. Pay attention to the underlying comedy...its priceless......."Terry does love yogurt"

faithfulgrace-330-50991 20 July 2018

Spoiler alert: this is one of my favorite shows. An incredible blend of lovable and hilarious characters. So much fun. So many laugh out loud moments. Even on a second full watch through I find myself laughing loudly in delight at this great gem of a show. It's a must watch IMO

kittykatoncloud9 19 April 2018

B99 is a rare gem among serial comedy duds. It's such a smart and fast-paced show that never fails to make me laugh, smile, and sometimes cry at very touching and human moments. This is a comfort show for me and I love rewatching for the running gags, callbacks to previous episodes, and to see the character development as they grow as people in ways that don't feel forced or contrived.

The characters start out fairly rough and jagged with their own individual struggles but grow as a squad after the introduction of Capt. Holt. This is a feature, not a bug! The point of the show is that they're flawed!

Do not listen to anyone who rates this lower than a seven, most of the people who do can't be bothered to spell names right (racist much?).

jasper-bielski 3 June 2018

This show is just good fun to watch good by yourself or with someone it's just enjoyable tv great stories and characters please do watch this show it's worth it

justadj00 13 May 2018

The cold opens for B99 are always hilarious. I love this show so much. It does a great job of balancing comedy with personal issues. It is the only show on that is consistently funny every single week.

prashantsaxena2790 22 October 2013

Brooklyn Nine Nine is a new age police procedural comedy with an excellent cast and spectacular production. But that isn't what makes the show great, rather its something very trivial. The show, being a comedy, peculiarly enough,doesn't use any laugh track or a live audience to record laughs. In fact, they just provide us with a sketch where the viewer can decide whether it was funny enough for him to enjoy (laugh) or not.The show should be credited for its humorous subplots within an episode.The cast also portray their characters in an outstandingly witty fashion. The writer's vision of a comic police station is right on the money. I may have been biased so i couldn't think of flaws. An Amazing show. One of 2013's best.

DiCaprio-HardyFan 1 January 2021

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is not only laugh out loud funny but it's one of the most underrated comedies of all-time! It's one of the rare comedies where every character on the show is almost as ridiculously funny as the others. It's also one of the rare shows where every season is just as hilarious as the one's before it. I can't say enough about how hilarious this show really is so just watch it for yourself!

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