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Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013-2022)

Rayting:   8.4/10 225818 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Comedy series following the exploits of Det. Jake Peralta and his diverse, lovable colleagues as they police the NYPD's 99th Precinct.

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Season 7

April 23, 2020Episode 13 Lights Out
April 16, 2020Episode 12 Ransom
March 26, 2020Episode 9 Dillman
March 19, 2020Episode 8 The Takeback
March 12, 2020Episode 7 Ding Dong
March 5, 2020Episode 6 Trying
February 27, 2020Episode 5 Debbie
February 13, 2020Episode 3 Pimemento
February 6, 2020Episode 2 Captain Kim
February 6, 2020Episode 1 Manhunter

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Season 5

Season 4

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1

User Reviews

Mcduff3601 11 September 2018

I tend to have to find things in between a kids show and adult shows so the whole family can watch and not want to pull our hair out listening to Peppa Pig's annoying voice. 99 did the trick for us. We watched the entire 5 seasons over many months and were entertained. I found myself wanting to watch the next episode before it was family time... so I ended up watching some episodes twice.

Generally it is a bunch of cops trying to do their jobs. It's less about the situation and more about the dialogue and how it's delivered. The do come out with some serious situations every once in awhile but even then it's handled with the same comedic dialogue as most of the other shows. Very well done, will be waiting for more seasons.

prashantsaxena2790 22 October 2013

Brooklyn Nine Nine is a new age police procedural comedy with an excellent cast and spectacular production. But that isn't what makes the show great, rather its something very trivial. The show, being a comedy, peculiarly enough,doesn't use any laugh track or a live audience to record laughs. In fact, they just provide us with a sketch where the viewer can decide whether it was funny enough for him to enjoy (laugh) or not.The show should be credited for its humorous subplots within an episode.The cast also portray their characters in an outstandingly witty fashion. The writer's vision of a comic police station is right on the money. I may have been biased so i couldn't think of flaws. An Amazing show. One of 2013's best.

justadj00 13 May 2018

The cold opens for B99 are always hilarious. I love this show so much. It does a great job of balancing comedy with personal issues. It is the only show on that is consistently funny every single week.

kittykatoncloud9 19 April 2018

B99 is a rare gem among serial comedy duds. It's such a smart and fast-paced show that never fails to make me laugh, smile, and sometimes cry at very touching and human moments. This is a comfort show for me and I love rewatching for the running gags, callbacks to previous episodes, and to see the character development as they grow as people in ways that don't feel forced or contrived.

The characters start out fairly rough and jagged with their own individual struggles but grow as a squad after the introduction of Capt. Holt. This is a feature, not a bug! The point of the show is that they're flawed!

Do not listen to anyone who rates this lower than a seven, most of the people who do can't be bothered to spell names right (racist much?).

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